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This article may have cleared an important sticking point I came across many times.
Since I live in a semi-conservative country and usually all the girls I meet are from the career type or highly educated. So most of them may be fitting the distracted and repressed type although they are from the more open minded end of the spectrum but still.

I noticed that anytime they ask me about my job and I follow the standard way of brushing it, it backfires and they turned off. Seems like they think that I'm ashamed of my work situation, which I'm not. So I ended up just answering the question anyways and feeling guilty about it. Although I made the process better by first making her guess a little bit then giving her the answer and from there following with story or deep dive back to her. This gives me the best of both worlds.

This was especially a turn on online dating apps. The moment I brush too much fo this question the girl investment become less.

Also, I now know why my attempt at sex talk was unsuccessful, beside of course my inexperience with the tool. For now, I just stick with good conversation, some tease and when the opportunity comes I can segue int a sexual theme but on the more intellectual side of it.

Thanks for this article it was enlightening.