How to Attract Your "Type" of Girl, Part 2: By Race | Girls Chase

How to Attract Your "Type" of Girl, Part 2: By Race

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how to attract your type of girl
In Part 2, we go over some girl types (by race) and their general preferences in men. We also lay out the fundamentals you’ll want to develop in order to get with them.

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about how every guy specializes in certain kinds of women as they get better in the game. We discussed the key ingredient to specialize in women (your fundamentals): how you stylize your appearance and behavior. Your image to others will attract or repel particular types of women. Therefore, changing this is the key to a successful specialty.

Of course, guys also want specific types of girls. Maybe you’re a foreign guy who longs for a western blonde woman, or you’re a white or black guy who wants to experience a foreign, exotic beauty.

Either way, there are two groups of women: (1) the women who are attracted to your current looks and behavior, and (2) the women you want. Combining those two groups into one is the crux of successful specialization.

Guys hit a slam dunk when they successfully modify their fundamentals and appearance to be naturally attractive to the same women that they seek! In other words, you can change yourself and your appearance to attract the women you want in your life.

Even better, a girl’s preference is only a part of what she wants. Game is dependent on building a girl’s desire with you in the moment. You can get plenty of girls for whom you are not their preference, simply by instigating and creating their desire through the use of game.

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.



Risenin2019's picture

Too vague of a post man.

Even with White American women, it depends.

WASPy or Northern Euro descent white girl? Usually not that big on race and social factors, loves handsome cool guys with good looks and open to going for all races if the guy is hot.

Eastern Euro descent or Jewish white woman? Not as big on muscles, partial to ethnic and black guys, and much less fake social.

Italian American or Southern Euro descent white woman? Full on Neo-Nazi when evaluating men, need not apply if you are not white.

Same with European women. Northern European, Eastern Euro, and Central Euro are cool and chill. Southern Euro women are uptight and yeah, practically ungameble if you are not white.

Varoon Rajah's picture

I don't disagree that it's vague; unfortunately to cover the topic of race factors in detail would be around a book long to cover all the nuances, culture, considerations, etc... I do want to cover that at a later date, but not yet.

That being said, some of the distinctions you've mentioned about white girls I completely disagree with, and guys have all had very different takes on this. Have an article coming up on this topic soon - how to shape a girl's tastes in men.


Love black babes's picture

Hey I live in Finland, met the hottest African black woman ever, je adore.

We kissed, made out had several intimate moments but mo sex.

Last time we met it was brief, she called but on a day where I wasnt able to commit. I thought it was good date, I kissed her cheek, made her kiss mine, she said she will see me on Wednesday just so that she could ghost me.

No idea what the hell happened, why cant I be the hit sexy guy for once...I took her for granted apparently, sent like 4 casual tect on different intervals? Should I move on or call as I have never called her? I am afraid that I look already in a weak position, wish I would have called in the beginning.

Varoon Rajah's picture

Usually if you fail to escalate with a girl all the way to sex once you start your escalation, she'll backwards rationalize it that it wasn't meant to happen, and will move on.

Once you start escalating, always make sure you escalate to sex, to avoid this.


Robert Patterson's picture

Brother Rajah,

Thank you for doing your level best to provide something of value to the lives of many men who are in need of help learning how to transform themselves. That's very cool of you, and I'm happy that you see value in such things, and that your quest has brought you to a place where you would wield some power and influence.

Some food for though...cooked up and set on the table. Consume according to your appetite:

*What is "black"? Many South-Asians and Pacific Islanders are darker than many Sub-Saharan Africans, but they aren't referred to as black. Why do only people of SSA descent only get to be "black"?

*What is latino/a? You go to "Latin America", you're going to find people of all shapes and sizes. Is a blonde, blue eyed, cream-skinned Costa-Rican/Dominican/Colombian or a dark chocolate skinned, wide-nosed, thick-lipped Mexican/Argentinian/Puerto Rican any more or less latina than a gal who looks like J LO?

*Asian? Sri Lanka is Asia. Iran is Asia. Most of Russia is Asia. It's all Asia! Need I say more?

Mr Rajah, telling dudes to game based on some labels the US Census Bureau created so they could execute political and economic agendas, is dangerous, irresponsible, and not seductive, or sexy at all. I'm not sure if you've gotten the memo, but race is a tool for greedy governments and their partners to divide large populations of people within or around nation states. That's it. Telling guys that it's a metric to cruise for pussy by is dangerous, because it makes those who would do so agents of racism. Let's keep it 100, racial categories don't make sense or hold up to any thorough stress test. So-called white people created and forced these labels on other groups....and on other so-called white people. This isn't something that should be validated as a social metric to get laid by. Race is a tool for used by greedy people to fleece resources.

You want to give guys the game? Tell them the truth. Maybe it goes like this: "It's always helpful to be able to game according to a woman's (actual and not perceived) cultural and economic background. Women of all different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds are all just women at their core. They have the same needs. Peel back the layers of cultural and social nuance, and seduce them based on what they all have in common as women; the human need to be desired, seduced, and be led on a journey of self and social discovery by men who see them as valuable people." Wouldn't you agree that this is a better way to go about your goal? Let me know. Thank you .


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