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Tactics Tuesdays: Attraction Stories

Chase Amante

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attraction story
Need to show off a few attractive qualities to a girl who's curious but not hooked? The attraction story is your great and useful friend for this.

An attraction story is a story you tell that makes women listening feel more interested in, excited about, and comfortable toward you.

It does so by showing a girl attractive qualities about the ways you think, act, and live your life, via the story you tell. These same qualities that entrance women also make other men view you as cooler, higher status, and more dominant... so attraction stories really work to make everyone like you more. In the old seduction community they used to be known as a 'display of higher value' (DHV).

Here's an example of a quick attraction story:

So a few weeks ago I was at this bar in another country I was in for a marketing conference. And you know when I go to these things I always go to the lectures to hear what people are doing right now in marketing. I never go to the networking part. I used to do it but I never got anything worthwhile out of it, just got a bunch of business cards I'll never use.

So I went out to a bar on my own and honestly it's a lot more fun than hanging out with a bunch of business people trying to trade business cards who are either bored to meet you or treat you like a piece of meat, depending on what they think they can get from you.

You go to the bar with the locals and you get to have cool conversations with local guys and get random local girls grinding up on you. You have to go by yourself if you do this though because if you go with friends people you intimidate people and they'll stay away. Go solo and it's 10x easier to meet people; you're just some random friendly person anyone can meet.

There's a bunch going on in that story (which I'll break down for you later), but the net effect is you probably end up feeling like the storyteller is a pretty cool, authoritative, knowledgeable guy. If that's congruent with his appearance and behavior with this gal, she is going to feel more intrigued and excited about him when he tells her this tale.

You'll use attraction stories most during the most pivotal times of a seduction:

  • When you've first met this girl, and she's open to learning more about you, but not quite hooked

  • When you've just transitioned somewhere else with a girl (like to a seated position, or to another venue), and you need to get the conversation going again and want to make her feel like she made the right choice in going along with you

  • When you have a little dead time while you're waiting for something else, like for her or your friends to return, or for a bus or taxi to arrive

Used at the right time, the vibe gets more intimate, and you spike a woman's interest in you. She will cozy up more to you, get more comfortable, and open herself up more.

Of course, there's a wrong time to use these too, so let's look at timing first.


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