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Why You Should Grab Her Ass More

Chase Amante

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Hector Castillo's picture

grab her ass
When’s the last time you grabbed a girl’s ass? There’s a good way to do this – and you needn’t wait till she’s your girlfriend, either.

She doesn’t see me immediately as she walks out of the metro. I’m laughing to myself as I stare at her, waiting for her to recognize me. But she did get lost a few times trying to find me, so I’m sure she’s a bit disoriented.

It’s when she is about to pass me that I speak up.


She looks at me, shakes her head in surprise, then laughs. “Oh, hey!”

Silly girl. She apologizes again for going to the wrong coffee shop the first time. I tell her it’s no biggie, and we walk to grab coffee. After we order, we sit and wait. I blatantly look her up and down, and she smiles curiously at me.

“You look so sexy,” I say to her.

“Thank you!” she says, giggling.

She’s an alternative girl – piercings, tattoos, and a super independent attitude. She’s also German, so stoicism is standard for her. Our first interactions at the hotel she works at involved a lot of teasing and me kind of dominating the room, but that’s only the penultimate strategy for a girl like this. They love to be challenged by cocky assholes, but with every woman on the earth, there is one strategy that reigns supreme – the lover.

“If I get distracted during our date, it’s because I’m staring at you, just so you’re aware,” I say, smiling.

“Okay!” she says, laughing. Girls never know how to respond when I make statements like that, and it’s great. They have no reference point to draw from, because I’m unlike anyone they’ve ever met.


Bond's picture

When I saw the title of the article, I immediately thought: "This one HAS GOT TO BE from Hector!".
Ok, back to reading now...


Jimbo's picture

Haha, same here

Yovan's picture

Hi Hector,

First of all, amazing, daring post!
I'm a big fan of your writing. Right now, I'm experimenting with you Genuine Man articles, and I'm on the first one. As I'm trying to adopt the arrogant mindsets like knowing a girl wants your dick before you approach. But the thing is, I know deep down my value is not as great. It's kinda hard for me to stay congruent to a mindset of" I'm the fucking best" when I have not got any prior experience. Any idea how I can nevertheless adopt such mindsets?

I have made it a must to stick to the genuine man series cause by the end of the day, I wanna change. I realize that applying this knowledge is not easy. In a few of your posts, you mentioned that you have failed and got rejected way more than the majority of guys. I used to think that once I would get started mastering skills with girls, I would just have to bear with the failures and look for success. But it's not that easy. Today is the first time I approached and it did not go well. I wonder, how did you bear with rejections and kept moving forward? Did you know that you'll break through one day?
I know that I can't base myself on just one approach, especially the first time. But me wanting to quit already made me wonder whether I'm built for mastery or not? I've got to say, your articles are my favorite and that''s because your writing inspires me for becoming a legend or close to that. My last question is : How can I do to stick to the Genuine Man series and come out another man?


Diary's picture

Why do you have to be somebody else? Just do you and have a little more confidence. Unless you're trying to be an award winning actor then do this.

Jack's picture

Awesome post Hector.

This is inspiring to try this more often. It was encouraging that if she is receptive to keep doing it as much as possible (usually someone might think if they put their hand on her butt once that was enough). I'm an ass-man (a man who really likes the ass of a sexy woman), so we might as well go for it and in a seductive way try to grab ass a lot more often.

A calibrated way to gradually start out with the butt of a new girl could be, "That's a nice skirt," and then when going to feel the fabric on the back side just happen to lightly brush your hand on her butt and notice her reaction (then if she's receptive next time such as when kissing grab her butt more).

One of the best pick-ups I've seen is when a guy was having some playful fun with a girl for a few minutes (they were doing some playful games with just their hands while standing and just goofing around), then he kissed her (he might have said something like that was fun now you get a kiss before he slowly went for the kiss), then he put his hands on her butt as he continued to kiss her, and then like making out kept kissing her and really grabbed her ass firmly with both hands and pulled her into his "front area" (and all of this was done as basically one continuous kiss in around 12 seconds).

Grabbing her ass is an advanced level way to screen for DTF. This post is a helpful reminder to put your hand(s) on her butt more often. Thanks.

anonomyos's picture

That was an awesome article. Now please write one about women with big boobs, They intimidate me and i LOVE big boobs. I dont know what to do? Also I am far below average in skills and I so want to know how to put myself in competition with girls in demand? IN other words how to attract the Sexy girl.

Anonym's picture

Hi Hector,

thanks for a cool article. I have a question. You wrote:
"Unfortunately, in our age of pseudo-intellect, you need philosophical justifications for everything. And I write these long apologies (in the philosophical sense) so that you guys have the information to know that what we teach you is not only legal, but defensible if you ever do get morally shamed by someone for your actions (has happened to me countless times).... Never be ashamed of your sexuality."

This philosophical comments are useful for only for legal issues or situation when you are shamed by other people, but as well for internalized shame that you already have. Sexual shame is a big issue for me, I feel a lot of shame when expressing sexuality or feelings (touching, asking a girl out, complimenting her, even talking about sex or attraction to a girl with my male friends) even if other people do not shame me. I would like to ask, have you ever had to deal with shame and inhibitions around sexuality? When I read especially your articles I wonder how can you not to have it?

It is really interesting to read most articles on Girls Chase. Sometimes I do not agree with the author, but often is it eye opening. However, sometimes reading those articles, and especially your articles, feels like I live on a different planet. The described behaviour, interactions and mindsets are so far from reality I live in that it is difficult relate to it and imagine myself doing it. I wonder whether do they really do that? Do they really think this way? Do women really react or think this way? Although I have (usually) logically no reason doubt it.

Thank you

trilegius's picture

Yeah I have some sexual shame too! I'm curious to know if you Hector had this issue and how you got over it? Just like with approaching? Going for it,expressing your sexuality more? Giving compliments?


Diary's picture

You did a post about grabbing ass now write one about tits.

Dud's picture

> You did a post about grabbing ass now write one about tits.

Don't do it.
For some reason it freaks girls out far more.

What you do instead is follow the ass-grabbing route and as she gets warmed up hold her at an angle of about 90 degrees in front of you and she's very likely to start rubbing her tits on your arms and chest herself...
You still don't grab but if you like you can make it clear you've noticed and approve.
The most you can do in public; if she's rubbing hard, is to raise your arm and weigh her breast on the back of your wrist, not your hand, and only for a moment before making a complimentary comment or pulling her close. Follow up by pulling her home NOW.

You get to grab in private later.

The real expert's picture

Congratulations, you had a fling with a whore who probably lied to you about her anal virginity. Now try hooking up with a real woman by using that tactic.

Try this instead guys. Kiss on the first date, but not too much. Caress her neck and make out once or twice. Save the ass grabbing for a later date, unless you are only in the business of having brief flings with complete sluts that give themselves up to anyone who grabs their asses ;).

Ben's picture

You must be a virgin or have a low lay count with basic bitches being the one girls you had if you think that the girls he grabs asses are "sluts". You're the definition of one of those white knights,male feminists,cucks he mentioned who would be against ass grabbing. Idk why your comment got approved. Yeah I know it was in 2017 and its 2019 now,but I feel like someone needs to say something and cant let you think that what you're saying is right.

Bella's picture

Thank u for saying this I feel discusted with the way this man talks not every girl wants their ass to be grabbed and no girl is going to sleep with you for grabbing their ass

Diary's picture

You spoke about grabbing ass but what about tits? I don't get it? You've done articles no?

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