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Hi Hector,

thanks for a cool article. I have a question. You wrote:
"Unfortunately, in our age of pseudo-intellect, you need philosophical justifications for everything. And I write these long apologies (in the philosophical sense) so that you guys have the information to know that what we teach you is not only legal, but defensible if you ever do get morally shamed by someone for your actions (has happened to me countless times).... Never be ashamed of your sexuality."

This philosophical comments are useful for only for legal issues or situation when you are shamed by other people, but as well for internalized shame that you already have. Sexual shame is a big issue for me, I feel a lot of shame when expressing sexuality or feelings (touching, asking a girl out, complimenting her, even talking about sex or attraction to a girl with my male friends) even if other people do not shame me. I would like to ask, have you ever had to deal with shame and inhibitions around sexuality? When I read especially your articles I wonder how can you not to have it?

It is really interesting to read most articles on Girls Chase. Sometimes I do not agree with the author, but often is it eye opening. However, sometimes reading those articles, and especially your articles, feels like I live on a different planet. The described behaviour, interactions and mindsets are so far from reality I live in that it is difficult relate to it and imagine myself doing it. I wonder whether do they really do that? Do they really think this way? Do women really react or think this way? Although I have (usually) logically no reason doubt it.

Thank you