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Hi Hector,

First of all, amazing, daring post!
I'm a big fan of your writing. Right now, I'm experimenting with you Genuine Man articles, and I'm on the first one. As I'm trying to adopt the arrogant mindsets like knowing a girl wants your dick before you approach. But the thing is, I know deep down my value is not as great. It's kinda hard for me to stay congruent to a mindset of" I'm the fucking best" when I have not got any prior experience. Any idea how I can nevertheless adopt such mindsets?

I have made it a must to stick to the genuine man series cause by the end of the day, I wanna change. I realize that applying this knowledge is not easy. In a few of your posts, you mentioned that you have failed and got rejected way more than the majority of guys. I used to think that once I would get started mastering skills with girls, I would just have to bear with the failures and look for success. But it's not that easy. Today is the first time I approached and it did not go well. I wonder, how did you bear with rejections and kept moving forward? Did you know that you'll break through one day?
I know that I can't base myself on just one approach, especially the first time. But me wanting to quit already made me wonder whether I'm built for mastery or not? I've got to say, your articles are my favorite and that''s because your writing inspires me for becoming a legend or close to that. My last question is : How can I do to stick to the Genuine Man series and come out another man?