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Raw Dogging: The Truth About Unprotected Sex with Women

Chase Amante

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unprotected sex
There are two big downsides to going bareback on girls: pregnancies and infections. But nobody talks about the upsides. What’s the truth about unprotected sex?

In my article last week on how to best please women, I mentioned having unprotected sex as a pleasure booster and devotion inducer. When you shag a girl raw, and especially when you cum in her, all other things being equal (i.e., the sex itself, and the experience of it, are also just as good), the experience for her (and for you) tops anything you can achieve with a condom on.

I also mentioned this was not an endorsement or a recommendation, and that you’d better know the risks. And that the risks for it aren’t minor (diseases and pregnancy being the Big Two).

We had a few readers ask for more on the topic in the comments of that article, however. One comment was:

How are we having sex with these girls raw with no consequences? Lol

How do we get girls to have sex raw with us?
How do we know if she does this with everyone or not? How do we know we’re special ?
How do we know she’s clean
How do we not get her pregnant
How many girls would you advise we do this to?

I’m really curious, I love raw sex, but my safety is more important

Another reader requested a proper article on having sex raw.

So, I’m going to give you the politically incorrect truth about raw dogging women – including women you’ve just met. Because there’s a lot of good information in the sex education you’ve had, but it had one problem: it went heavy on the fear, and light on the benefits.

We’ll talk both today.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Kaelos's picture

What's your response when after you have sex with a woman raw she asks you, "Do you always have sex without a condom?"

Chase Amante's picture


"It's pretty rare for me. Only if I REALLY like a girl."


Waldo's picture

Hey Chase, what about blowjobs without condom? Is it less risky to catch STDs?? And which ones i can get from blowjobs? And i've heard that cunninligus is easier to catch STDs than blowjobs, is that true? Thanks!!

Chase Amante's picture


Anything you can catch from a woman's nethers, you can catch from her mouth. That includes skin-transmitted STDs like herpes, HPV, and molluscum, but also bacterial infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

The CDC has a page dedicated to oral sex STD rates here worth checking out:


Main conclusion: it's tough to figure out whether STD risks are lower or not for oral than vaginal/anal... since the folks who do oral also tend to do vaginal/anal, too (so hard to say where you got something from). There just isn't the data in place to say for sure which sex acts are definitely more/less risky.


Waldo's picture

Thanks once again Chase, very helpful link :)

Annonymous 's picture

Hey Chase I like the article, but Bro...that source you cited for black women contracting gonehrerra and syphillis sounds fishy from what I saw...Yea black women aren't above scrutiny when it comes screening for STDs, but 30x? Even with social factors like mass incarceration and poverty that seems abnormally high...the Center for Disease Control (CDC) did a study in 2014 saying the contraction rate for gonehera was 10x higher than whites not 30x (that study was done in 2006 from what I saw)...The syphillis contraction rate among black women was 9x higher than white women. It's higher, but not as high as you said. I'm a fan of the site and it's helped me a lot, but if I see something I think doesn't seem right I say something.

Chase Amante's picture


Updated with this CDC report you've shared here too! Thank you for the updated data.

The paper by Farley draws from CDC data as well. According to that data the gonorrhea rate was 788 per 100K in 2001 among blacks, vs 28 per 100K in 2001 among whites. The CDC data you linked up now says the rate is 405 per 100K in 2014 among blacks, vs 38 per 100K in 2014 among whites.

Not entirely sure why there's such a big disparity. Farley's paper is well-cited and I've double checked his data, and it lines up with what the CDC was reporting in 2001.

There've been steep drops in the African American gonorrhea rate before, notably between 1990 and 1993, when it fell from around 1,900 per 100K to around 1,300 per 100K:

Here's what the CDC was reporting in 2016:

The rate in 1997 is less than half what it was in 1982, 15 years earlier. So it may well be the case the rate dropped by half again at some point between 2001 and 2014 (although it'd be nice to find a graph showing continuity between the first graph and the second; I did about 10 minutes of digging through CDC reports but didn't find it... I'm sure it's in there though).


Sz's picture

1. What about pre cum? Even if you nut on her belly, wouldn't you have to worry about that ? How safe is pull out anyway?

2. The 19 year old girl scenario, how do you feel comfortable approaching, going out on public dates, and sleeping with young women like this? Can I even do stuff like that as a black man with a different race girl (Asian, latina, white)?

I figured people would look at me crazy and their families too, I would most definitely sleep with them if their fine. But the social aspect I'm extremely nervous of, is feel like a creep and I woudlnt want to look like one either. Plus it would make her feel bad too. Can you imagine a white family hearing about their young daughter dating a older black man? I don't even wanna think about it, it goes for other races too.

Since you're white it might be better, but as a black men how much should I do different, if I should at all?

3. Would you suggest against going raw in other race women? Specifically white girls? You already know what bad thoughts I'm thinking already, my semen all over her, unprotected sex. Etc. I don't think I would ever dare do that with those types of girls, no way. I'm just curious on your opinion.

4. I'm in the south and I'm really wondering, do you think I should stay away from white women, You can include the other races too, except black of course. I'm super paranoid and with the news stuff going on and everyone always believing the white girl makes me feel I shouldn't. I don't want to live life like this, but if like to know your opinion since all I am around is white women.

And if you say yes, how can I be safe and get rid of the paranoia?


Chase Amante's picture


Short answer: yes. There've been various debates about this, and the research has reached various conclusions, but there's a 2010 study that found 37% of men tested produced viable, motile sperm in their pre-ejaculate fluid. So precum can knock her up.

There's debate on the effectiveness of the withdrawal method (pulling out). According to a 1995 review of the literature on withdrawal, two studies carried out after other forms of contraception became popular "had high use-effectiveness rates."

The 19 year old girl scenario, how do you feel comfortable approaching, going out on public dates, and sleeping with young women like this?

I think you're in a smaller town, where everybody knows you and has their nose in your business, right? My main recommendation would be to move to a larger town! When you're in a big city where nobody knows you, nobody cares who you're with or what you're doing. If you're fighting off legions of busybodies who want to tell you how to run your life, there's not a lot you can do other than develop very thick skin... which means just doing the thing and getting used to nags and prudes riding you (and just ignore them).

Can I even do stuff like that as a black man with a different race girl (Asian, latina, white)? ... Can you imagine a white family hearing about their young daughter dating a older black man? I don't even wanna think about it, it goes for other races too.

You're talking hypotheticals.

I'm a "cross that bridge when you come to it" sort of guy.

Maybe if you were living in a time/area where you'd get lynched for doing it, then yeah, use a little more caution. But if you're just talking about some chick's dad scowling at you because you're a bad influence on his rebel daughter, I mean... that's a role men have occupied throughout history. Just be cool when you meet the parents, be an upstanding gentleman around them, shatter their expectations of you, and you'll stand as good a chance of any of being accepted into the family. Race is always an issue with these sorts of things, of course... but hey. You live in America. Interracial dating and marriage is almost a devotional, pious act to certain segments of white America. For every two sets of conservative white parents who will freak out about their daughter dating a black guy, there's at least one set of liberal white parents who will brag to all their friends about how progressive their family is, where one of their daughters dates a black guy. And when you meet them, just follow this guide.

Would you suggest against going raw in other race women? Specifically white girls? You already know what bad thoughts I'm thinking already, my semen all over her, unprotected sex. Etc. I don't think I would ever dare do that with those types of girls, no way. I'm just curious on your opinion.

Sure, I agree... while the overall risk of false rape accusations is still not that high, it's higher as a black man with a white woman than a white man with a white woman. Higher possibility of sex regret; if her white boyfriend finds out he may freak out even more / she may find it even easier to pass it off as rape; etc. Some discussion of FRAs and race here. Statistically, black-on-white rape is significantly more common than the reverse; it's anywhere from 30x to 100x as common, depending on the study, and some studies find black-on-white rape in some areas accounts for 40% of all the rape happening. Which means you are dealing with people even more willing to jump to conclusions than if a white guy is accused, since in general a lot more black guys are committing that crime. Which also makes it even easier for a girl to get away with a false accusation... which makes your position dicier ("Well of course he's guilty... he's black... and look at how many black men we already know are guilty!").

So I guess that's the thing: on average, you're not super likely to run into a false rape accusation. However, if you do, and it's interracial, the odds are stacked more against you as a black man than they would be if you were white (and especially if you were Asian)... simply because there are more black men committing that crime, so people are more likely to assume you, too, must surely have committed the crime you stand accused of.

That said, I've known plenty of black men who slept with plenty of white women and never faced an accusation like this. I do feel like I have some distant memory of one of my black friends claiming some white girl was threatening to accuse him of raping her... I think in that case because she didn't want him to stop seeing her. The memory is hazy at best though. Maybe it wasn't a friend, but a commenter on Girls Chase? It was a long time ago, regardless.

I don't know. I don't want to give you off-base advice, since I'm not a black man and haven't had to deal with exactly this. But if I was, I think I would just be more careful around white girls / other non-black girls, and screen them harder for craziness / mental stability / boyfriends, and stay away from any other-race girls who come packing issues, insanity, or significant others.

Again, we're talking probability. As a black man dating interracially, you're at higher risk. If you screen more carefully and stay away from chicks who are nuts or have partners, you lower your risk by a lot. You never get to zero risk though, unless you go full MGTOW and refuse to have sex. So long as you are putting your penis in a woman, there is always some risk - however remote - she uses it against you. All you can do is screen out the highest risk women, and follow the steps in the false rape accusation article to further limit your risk.


Anonymous 's picture

If I'm not special, how can I not be bitter ? If we pick a girl to be with us, aren't they special?

It seems to me if we're never special to any woman, we shouldn't care for them. We are just a regular dude right?

Why would I wife up a girl if I wasn't special to her, and if I'm not special to her then why would I have feelings then? Sound like we should not having loving feelings for women because they are like this with different men.

Hearing this makes me feel like any girl I'm with doesn't like me for me, it's just that I happen to make her like me more, but she acts like this with a lot of people.

Seems like if I'm not special, I might be bitter because she doesn't think of me like I thought.

Chase Amante's picture


You are, of course, your own unique individual. At a micro level, you are special to the people in your life, and those people are special to you. When you find a girl you like and start a relationship with her, you will become special to her, and she will become special to you.

However, when you are still strangers with her, you are not special to her, even if you consider yourself a very special person. Until you are her lover and companion, you are just another guy on the street - not special. 'Specialness', therefore, is earned. (I should probably do an article on this, actually... ooh, that's a good topic!)

So it's not that you are not special to anyone. Just that you are not special to anyone until you've formed that deep, real connection with her!


Moon's picture

Very strong analysis of pros and cons!!! What about birth control pills usage? are they effective in preventing pregnancies

Chase Amante's picture


In general, yes... if used properly. Big "if"! They aren't 100% though...

Results from a 2004 study on the failure rates of different contraceptive methods:

  • Perfect use: 0.3% chance of unplanned pregnancy per year
  • Typical use: 8% chance of unplanned pregnancy per year

That is to say, if she uses the pill perfectly, the odds you get her pregnant are very low.

But most girls don't use the pill properly. They forget to take a pill, or skip a few days, or they aren't looking forward to the hormonal effects so they put it off. And as soon as they're doing that, you introduce a big fudge factor.

Which is not to even mention the girls who 'forget' to take a pill because they really like you and want to hang onto you, and figure a baby might be a good way to do that. Women become especially 'forgetful' when the relationship is in turmoil, in jeopardy, or seems like it might end soon. I've known plenty of men whose girlfriends magically got pregnant despite allegedly being on the pill after their relationship hit the rocks and it looked like the guy might break up with the girl soon.

So, the pill works, so long as she's perfect with using it and you haven't given her a reason to want to have your baby. But if you want to be perfectly safe, combine it with a method you control (such as wearing a condom every time. That said, typical use failure rate is 8% for the pill, but 15% for condoms - so the pill is safer than condoms... unless you are a perfect condom user and she is not a perfect pill user).


KVG's picture

My girlfriend is on the pill and takes it everyday at generally (+ or - 30 min) the same time. Is this precaution enough to warrant cumming inside her every time we have sex?

B's picture

I had what most guys would call a 10/10 for a girlfriend when I was 18; she was 17. We dated for 8 months and had sex every other day. We would have some seriously passionate sex almost everytime. I was insanely lustful for her, she was obsessed with cock. Obsessed.

She was on the pill. We had many, "Let him impregnate you now!" scenes through our relationship (many is an understatement).

Never a missed period.

I know her mother was extra careful when picking the pill, though.

BE SURE you do your research... I've heard horror stories of specific prego pills being absurdly ineffective compared to what the advertising claimed.

Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, like B, I'd also say you're probably pretty safe. See my comment to Moon just above yours for stats. Your girl sounds like a 'perfect user'.

That said, keep an eye out for scenarios that might mess up her pill use. I'd class those as anything very emotionally distressing to her (personal tragedy, gets fired from work, chihuahua dies, etc.) and/or your relationship getting on the rocks / hovering near breakup / entering 2-year drop territory. As soon as you're in those waters, you may want to take further precautions (like wrapping up, or pulling out).


JasonH's picture

Hi chase,

Cheers for the tips and insight in this article gave me things to think about! I've generally stuck to condoms until I'm in a relationship and if she's happy to be on the pill then I raw-dog from there onwards. Also cheers for the response to why women get off on feeling desired. I operate much better when I understand women on an empathetic level so I'm always keen to understand the psychology behind actions and that explanation was f*cking great! ;)

Something I've been struggling to differentiate between is sexiness and good looks/being handsome. I've read the articles on here and I know a lot of it is fundamentals such as voice tone, mannerisms etc, fashion & style, haircut etc but am still struggling.
Could you explain it from a behaviour/vibe point of view? How does the average/ not dashing good looking guy exude sexiness? What vibe does he have, what are his mannerisms what is it about him and the way he converses and carries himself that makes him sexy?

I can see Ryan Reynolds style of sexiness(infused with sarcasm and humor) and it's different from say George Clooney's or Sean Connery's and I've noticed these guys being desribed as sexy. But I can't see past the good-looks and pinpoint what makes them sexy(So I need an example of an average looking guy being sexy) .

Times I have been described as sexy - When I'm conversing one on one and I'm complimented on having a sexy voice
When I'm in great shape and am described as having sexy torso/arms/XYZ
When I'm confident, leading a group conversation, on stage performing - sexy for what ever reason
So there are things that I do that I'm unaware of that are described as sexy by women or perhaps I can only see sexiness in women and cannot see it in a man but can see things like mens good looks/being in shape/ sense of humor as being attractive.

Basically I want to focus on sexiness for a few months and see what results I can get so understanding this better can help me and would love your insight! Ironically I can tell when a guy is being unsexy with his behaviour (acting feminine, needy, trying too hard)..sigh..


Chase Amante's picture


Happy to hear the explanation helped!

On good looks vs. sexiness... well, first, let's clearly define them.

I recently had a girl tell me "You are not that handsome. But you are very attractive."

The word 'attract' means to draw one thing toward another. If an individual is attractive, he draws others toward him. A man who is sexually attractive draws women toward him, with these women feeling sexual interest in / desire for him.

Good looks positively impact your overall attractiveness and your sexual attractiveness. However, they are one piece of the attractiveness puzzle, and there are many potential pieces.

Sexiness is a feeling you create through a combination of appearance and behavior. For instance, somewhat messy hair is sexy. Parted lips are sexy. Lingering eye contact is sexy. Certain body language and facial expressions are sexy. All sexiness is is a set of signals that someone is sexually primed/aroused. Your hair is messy when you've just had sex. Your lips are parted when you want to kiss. Your eye contact lingers when you are thinking about shagging someone. Etc. Sexiness is just "I am horny and I want to climb on someone (or climb on you)."

Sean Connery is an interesting example. I've heard many people describe him as "not good-looking, but very sexy" (I can't tell myself... have never been able to tell a good-looking man from an ordinary-looking man, for some reason. But that's what I hear about Connery's looks). Marlon Brando is another one I've heard described as "not good-looking, but sexy." I'm sure there are other examples in Hollywood... I can't tell what guys are good-looking and which aren't myself, though (minor disability there, I guess). You might try asking for examples on the boards; I'm sure other guys will have ideas.

Anyway, just get in the headspace of "I am sexually primed and in search of a partner" and convey that in non-needy ways, and you will give off sexy signals.


SZ's picture

One date looks great Chase! I just saw the first look.

What was the name of the song you used for the video? Where can I find it ? Sounds like a nice jazz tune. If you don't remember, how would you describe the song so I can find that song and other songs like it?

I really liked the song you chose, it sounds so mellow, chill, and relaxing.

Chase Amante's picture


Song's name is "Joon", by Jonathan Rickert.


Meekster's picture

I know this is a old post but came across it. From my experience most females are open to unprotected sex. I tell females I love to have unprotected sex but i need to see paper work. Get tested together or exchange recent paper work. Most females are okay with that and respect it. If she can't produce it don't go there. There is no need to guess or take chances on this matter. But i don't have unprotected sex with females i know for a fact seeing other men. Was having sex with a female last weekend. She told me to take the condom off. She beg me for it and said she was clean and have paper work. I told her bring it to me and we can discuss it. Real easy like that folks.

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