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Tactics Tuesdays: How to Do a Street Stop

Chase Amante

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street stop
There are four (4) ways to meet girls walking on the street: the side stop, the circle stop, the wave stop, and the policeman stop.

You’ve gone out for a stroll on your city streets.

The sunshine’s shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re feeling grand.

Then, you see her: Venus incarnate. A remarkably beautiful woman headed down the street, right to you. You know you have to meet her. There is a pull inside of you that insists on it.

Yet, you can think of no good way to say hi.

She’s striding along, mind on whatever it’s on, not having noticed you one bit.

How can you reach her in a natural, attractive way?

The way you do this is with something called the ‘street stop’; that is, you will quite literally stop her on the street to meet her. There are many different street stops you can use. Today, I’ll give you the four (4) most effective stops I know of. Once you have these at your disposal (and don’t shy away from using them), you’ll be able to meet those stunning girls you see on the street... rather than let them walk on by.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



JasonH's picture

Hey Chase,

Fairly recently I asked a question re taking a girl as your girlfriend(gf) when you're not her type. You mentioned you've done this in the past and you've had success with both girls(when you're their type and not)

I ultimately decided not to take a recent girl as a gf. I've been in this situation a few times over the past year now where I've slept with girls who have stated they like tall guys, white guys etc but have slept with me nonetheless. Mostly due to my improved fundamentals and charm (not much game).

What I'm struggling with however is finding someone who is really into me. A couple of these girls have stated that I was the most attractive option on that night or out of these guys..but I feel like this is not good grounds for a r/ship as someone her type could come along. One of these girls seemed like a real quality girl but nonetheless I decided not to pursue further as she was not head over heels into me like she stated she has been in the past with other boyfriends.

While it's true almost all girls have been universally warmer after sleeping with them, I sense they don't value me as highly as they would someone their type (I feel like I've charmed my way into sleeping together but they didn't feel that strongly at first). It's great that I can do that, but what's the best course of action for someone who's fundamentals are tight enough to sleep with a variety of girls but not good enough for them to be really excited about, attracted to and really want to sleep with?

The only thing I can think of is improve my fundamentals further, date younger girls and lower my standards. But perhaps I need a mindset shift...


Chase Amante's picture


Shouldn't be a need to lower your standards, I don't think. Although dating younger girls, I'll never object to a guy doing that ;)

My primary suggestion for where you sound like you're at is to train yourself to look for (generate?) love at first sight:

Another aspect is usually going to be to figure out how well you match the types of girls you prefer, and tweak your persona as needed:

The closer you are to her type, the more likely you are to hit it off with her quickly.

Better fundamentals will of course always help too. But if yours are already tight you're probably close to or at diminishing returns on those. At this point, you'll get a lot more mileage out of training yourself to look for girls you click with instantly, and tailoring yourself better to match the kind of girl you want.


Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Great article on street stop!
From reading bits here and there on the site, I usually do the side walking and chatting one since back then, you said you prefer that one. But great stuff to see an article of its own :)
Thanks Chase!

Re: Seeing Auto rejection / Girls gone silent again..unexpected

So I always thought girls who gone silent are auto rejection...not sure if that's true.
Getting that thought out of the way first with you.

Back in the days (actually just a year), I would set dates but I cancelled them (aha! good ol lawliet), and no duh... they stop replying. One actually said I'm messing with them. Thankfully for myself and for women sake, I've changed that long ago. But recently, I came across one of them on campus again.

Not go in too much details, because I want to address the general concept rather than a solution for one situation... but she ended up as my class teaching assistants...
Anyway, point being, she doesn't remember me.
I approached her and when she did, she was pretty excited. "Oh! You're from that place! Right!"

So I thought, huh...where's the hate? Where's the aloof?
Thinking it would be a new leaf and new chances, and she was smiling and all. After I left, I went home and texted her.
Even called her. No reply. No callback.

Now I wonder what could we do in a situation where we see a girl who gone silent or auto rejection in the past, in person coincidentally... what could we do in sight of the opportunity to respark the attraction given they forgot about whatever made them upset.. or at least warm her up out of whatever made her aloof so she's open to communication with us again and allow further development into lovers?

Perhaps apart from attainability...something else I'm missing in the equation..

Bottom line: I believe that if we rekindle the fire...even auto rejection 60 years ago in midst of world war 1 may still be an open door to us...getting together as lovers... Question is...how? given with the obstacle of "She's a teacher now" set aside momentarily for a concept discussion?


Chase Amante's picture


Silence can be auto-rejection. It can also just be she wasn't that interested. Or life intervened. Different things this can be. You may not always know, either.

If it is auto-rejection, and you know the cause, the technique to overcome it is here:

If you don't know what it is, sometimes getting her on a few phone calls and rebuilding attainability will do the trick.

And of course, there is always the 100-pound stick of dynamite:

It's the only 100% guaranteed girl re-interester. Let her see you with another cute girl, and whatever reason she had for ignoring you before suddenly melts away ;)


brandoan95's picture

Hey chase,
Im a big fan and love to stop girls at the mall. Unknowingly I have used the side stop and a similar version of the wave stop. Me being a more polarizing guy with my appearance I find the policeman approach very fun. Can these 4 stops all be used the same way at a shopping mall?

Brandon Welch

Chase Amante's picture


I went to high school with a guy with your name. Seems like ages ago though...!

You can use these in shopping malls, yes. But you need to be a little more careful. Particularly with the bolder ones. Do a couple of policeman stops in the mall and you may find yourself promptly escorted out by mall security, told never to return.

Usually you are better off being a bit more subtle in your in-venue opens. I have some detail on approaching girls in the various shops within malls right here:

Of course, if you see that once-in-a-week knockout stunner and have to open her as she walks down the mall hall, then probably go for it. But in general, in malls, try to make things look more natural/organic, and don't stand out as much... lest you lose that mall as a venue!


SZ's picture

1. You have any tips on how to have daygame conversations and pick up for beginners?

Besides just hi, what is a simple thing I can remember to have a good conversation and get a good number of instadate if I never did daygame in my life? I'm already not at that talking a lot level, but I want to start somewhere and hi just seems useless. I would like beginners tips on getting success with daygame.

2. After reading your conversation in this article, I think saying I hustle would sound stupid. I workout and play sports, I'm going to school, I'm bettering myself, and I do tech support, idk if that sounds good or not, but that's all I got on what I do if they ask. What do you think I should say out of those? "Tech support"? Or should I just stick to "I hustle"?

3. Why do you think it's good to go to tough bars and clubs alone ? That shit would drive me crazy because even when im with people, it makes me go crazy.

4. I read your last comment about a novel. I would like to know how I could do that ? Like how much do I have to write? I would want to keep it on the low and not have to show myself, it is like tips on how to get started and make a big career out of it. I would do fiction because I have a good imagination. This isn't my main focus, but id like to see what I can do.

5. Any tips on how I can stop being depressed as I age?

6. Speaking of your novel comment, you said you might leave in 2018 :( once you get everything sorted here. I've been here so long I can't believe it. You teach so much stuff that goes beyond girls, you teach life lessons, I relate to everything you say immensely, that's why I only follow your advice. I might not have been a pro at this, but I never was a lame, I never felt the need to pay for dates, I never felt the need to supplicate, I felt that you have to be a man and put women in their place at all times. I literally can't wait to read a new article from you. It won't be the same; who would you have to replace you? Like I said you teach way more than just pick up, you go into super detail with everything you do, and I have not seen that from anyone else anywhere from all the years I've been reading this stuff. Anyway, I'm glad to have found this site, wish you the best. Do you know how I can be more self-reliant when it comes to this stuff? I ask because I try to do it on my own, but when I ask it's something that I totally didn't think of, so it's like it would take me so much longer to learn, but I want to still get better.

Thanks my man

Chase Amante's picture


I'll see about doing an article on day game conversation. Seems to be a topic guys have interest in. My general recommendation though is keep it short, and either get her number, or move her somewhere to talk more (if it's going great and she has time). Long conversations where you stand in the middle of the sidewalk talking for 7 or 8 minutes are not ideal.

If you do tech support I think I'd just say, "I fix computers for confused old people who think the CD tray is a coffee cup holder," or something witty about it. Just describe it in a clever way.

Going out alone: so that you can reach the point where it DOESN'T make you crazy.

Novel writing: pick up a copy of Stephen King's On Writing. Do everything he tells you in it. Especially the "write 2,000 words a day minimum" part. You will have a novel.

Depression: How to Overcome Depression (you've probably seen it, but do you use it?)

As for replacing myself... I have some ideas about what we can do. Last time I tried to step away (in early 2015), it did not go so well... but I learned from it. I think we'll be able to do no-Chase with proper writer training for guys, and having a proper publisher in place managing what content goes up and when. Going into deep detail is totally learnable. There's nothing unique about what I do; it's just a skill set, like everything.

As for learning on your own... I strongly, strongly suggest you start cultivating (real life) mentors. Being around guys who are good in the areas you want to excel at is vital. These are the guys who give you the shortcuts and ideas you did not even know were there.

The articles on mentor-finding:


Bw's picture

In one of your above example conversations, you tell the girl you're a "social media hermit" and get her number. How effective is this? How often do girls hesitate to give their number vs Facebook? Because I too am a part social media hermit - I have a Facebook account but don't post anything, so not very impressive when the girl comes across it. Should I invest more time into FB? I really don't want to get sucked into the black hole that is social media.

As always, I loved your article. Huge fan, you've changed my life. Cheers!

Chase Amante's picture


If you're confident/forceful in how you say it, girls will give you their numbers. Most roll right along with it, but occasionally you will see a half-second blip... kinda like she's thinking, "Oh. Erm. I didn't plan to give this guy my phone number." However, since she's already agreed to give you something, she's more or less hooked in already. Can't walk away now!

In my experience, if you see the blip, the odds she moves forward with setting up a date with you go down a lot. But they're still not zero. And since it takes very little time to fire off a few texts, it's worth running through your process, even if you only get 1 out of 5 blip girls out on dates.

I will leave Facebook investment at your discretion. My general recommendation is "don't use it if you can avoid it." Even when I've seen guys use it to good effect, the girls they use it with would mostly still have given them their phone numbers. And actually the biggest problem I have with Facebook is the time and focus sink. You have to be really dedicated to building an awesome Facebook page if you want an awesome Facebook page. That means living behind the camera, collecting Facebook friends like nobody's business, and basically living for the glory of your FB page.

It's a lot better to enjoy talking to those cute girls at the bar because you like them and maybe will try to pick one of them up than it is to see a couple of cute girls and be like, "Ooh! They'd look great on my Facebook page. Better go chat them up and then snap a photo." That lifestyle completely sucks.


AdiS's picture

After being in the game for quite some time now, I learn a few things:
- Never approach from the side on the street, 90+% of the time it will not work. The girl will continue to walk and then you will have to re-open again. Always get in front of her. In malls, shops it works.
- Why apologize ? Why say "Excuse me"? You are apologizing for your action. Not an alpha king of approach.
- During daygame in the street always say your intentions clear, do not do indirect approach "do you have any idea if there’s a good place to grab a coffee and get on the Internet around here?". It works in malls, shops etc... where the girls is not moving.
- I also don't give compliments in the initial approach, but this is just a personal thing I do, it's not a rule. Just say something: You got my attention, and I had to stop you.

Keep up the good work, thanks to you I'm now in a one year relationship :)

Chase Amante's picture


Nice tips! I've had good luck with indirect street stops over the years, but could just be stylistic differences. They work well if you weave in signs of interest, compliance, and/or compliments fast after the opener.

"Excuse me" is great! It's a bit nuanced though. Usually I leave it out of posts since most guys reading it on text are not going to get the delivery right (probably was tired when I wrote this and left it in). Tonality has to be correct; regular guy "Excuse me" will come off like hedging/apologizing and is better off without it. When used slowly and forcefully, it puts 100% of her attention on you for the open, which avoids any of the, "I'm not sure about this guy, maybe I'll just ignore him and walk on by," stuff. Which is nice not to have to deal with.


Jack Mitchell's picture


I know you’re a busy guy but this article is just screaming for a follow up. What to say during those 30 or so awkward seconds after the initial opener but before the hook point where she’s comfortable.

Personally, I can charge out of the landing craft and make the approach. It’s the 100 yards of open sand I have to cross before establishing a beachhead and getting her participating in the conversation in a meaningful way.

Any chance of a follow up?

Chase Amante's picture


Sure thing. I'll put it on my to-write list!


Anonymous 's picture

Hey Chase,

I know you're not an encyclopedia haha, but I know you know a lot, so I figured I'd ask.

But on a more serious note, I literally looked at all of my options immensely to get a lot of money in the future, and I'm beyond depressed. There's nothing worse than feeling you have no options for a great living when you can't learn something ( math for me). They say it can be genetic or something, I don't know.

I did everything I could my whole life for this math problem I have, which it really is because I even saw a professional for it. My whole life I tried to fight through it, I had this problem since I was a kid, I had tutoring, I stayed after school, I went to tutoring sessions on the weekends, I had my own personal tutor come to my house. I even tried to learn myself and teach myself, I kept taking classes and classes over and over. All to no avail.

I said I can't get a stem degree, ok fine, I'll look at this degree, pretty much every degree that I looked at you had to do some type of math. I said ok fine, let's look at trades, yet again, I read and heard you need to be good at math for that as well, if you want to be a plumber or electrician.

I looked up programming and even IT certifications, math in that too. I read all over the net and all people say is that you're supposed to know this, this is basic, it's easy, if you want to get money then you have to be good in math, at work I do math, if you want a career with no math, you'll be broke or barely making it.

You think someone wants to hear or read that? I have heard that my whole life and worked my ass off to get even half way decent, I even took a big chunk of time which was years to learn this stuff, it costed me time, and I still didn't learn it.

I got so lucky to be where I am now, but my only options are to get degrees where people say it's worthless, like art, history, English, writing. I exhausted all options.

I just want to know what is one to do in general with a situation like this? I really am lost and feel I'll be a failure because of this.

Do I just say fuck it and give up to work in places I hate like retail or be a blue collar worker and not make a good living like my peers who don't have this problem?

I want to fight, but it seems everywhere I look it's math, this and math that. I have been fighting this for my whole life, but to no avail.

I don't know whether to just give up and expect I won't be where I want to be in life and do what I want to do, or... the impossible, which is to make the money i want, with the living i want. I want to go with the latter.

I just want to beat this depression and win my man. I want to win. I want to be successful, I want a lot of money, I'm working my ass off, I want to win!

Chase Amante's picture


Millions of things you can do to make money that don't involve much math. Painter, writer, musician, salesman, plumber, electrician, carpenter, promoter, DJ, restaurant manager, franchisee, entrepreneur... there are myriad things you can do. Use Internet search and open the first 10 articles, you'll have literally 100-200 different jobs to pick fromjust on the first page:


Look through them all. If there is nothing at all in any of those lists that excites you, then pick 10 jobs that sound 'okay'... then go meet people who actually do those jobs and ask them to describe them to you.

In my experience, jobs you think will be terrible or miserable can end up being pretty cool once you get acquainted with them. Often the biggest barrier is unfamiliarity; once you're familiar with a profession is when you're able to become excited about it.


Anonymous 's picture

Hey chase, so I read this article from blackdragon that deals with FRAs. He said to not have a same day lay or a first date lay to avoid FRAs. All of his other points pretty much matched yours. Text her after, treat her nice, have sex with her more than once. Pretty much, he's saying fast sex increases the chance of it.

I'm sure you know what FRA means, I just hate that word so much is rather not type it.

But I know the two points he said not to do, you advise we go right after 1st date sex, which I agree with, I just wanted to know your thoughts on it.

And chase, when you have sex with a girl only a few times, like twice, how do you stop messing with her after that without it back firing? It seems like it would be a very useful method to have to keep women nice to me after we only had sex a hand full of times, so how do you just stop having sex with her or stop any contact after you have sex with her with no hard feelings.

Chase Amante's picture


Well, to be clear, I did not advise fast sex as a false rape accusation defense (which it sounded like you were saying I did from the comment... had to go back and double check my article to be sure):

On slowing things down to avoid FRAs... sure. A girl you take 2 weeks to sleep with is less likely to hit you with an FRA than a girl you do it with the first night. And, along the same lines, if you slow game her for 4 years, she's probably less likely to hit you with an FRA than a girl you only court for 2 weeks. Guess it depends how 'safe' you really want to be.

But think about it like this: fast hookups are more impulsive, spur of the moment things. It's not so much that slowing things down makes a specific girl less likely to hit you with an accusation, as it is that the only girls you will get will be the ones who are willing to go slower with you. Girls who were being impulsive, who were drunk, who were cheating on a boyfriend, etc., you'll already have missed the window with if you try to slow things down. There's a higher percentage of girls who will regret sleeping with you, get caught cheating by a boyfriend and decide to throw you under the bus to save their relationships/reputations, etc., among girls who engage in impulsive fast sex.

I give my thoughts on avoiding getting caught in the FRA dragnet in my article on it. Mainly not banging drunk girls, and not banging crazy girls. (the weirdest thing is how in some societies, girls can get drunk and hook up and are never like "Oh no, what happened, I must have been raped!" Instead they are just like "Lol, another drunken hookup." But in American society they do this "Musta been rape!" thing... I guess due to all the feminist propaganda. So just don't open yourself up to that risk factor; leave the drunk girls alone and go for soberer ones)

If you're super paranoid about it, then use date compression. Even that won't totally eliminate risk; I've heard guys who took girls on a bunch of dates before sex, had sex, and then the girl ghosted them, then hit them with a rape charge, and they were horrified and mystified because they really liked this girl and thought she'd be their girlfriend. But in cases like that, it's always that the guy's cray-dar is broke. Know the signs of crazy chicks and you should be fine.

As for how to end things with her after you've slept with her once or twice... I'll do an article on it!


Mia's picture

Don't grab her arm. Don't get in her face. That's just creepy. A woman does not want Some unknown man on the street grabbing her arm, or getting in her face. Really.

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase,
Brilliant article which gives a great overview of daytime stops. I struggle with eye contact before approaches like these and I hope you can clarify some points about this.

The cases which I'm referring to is when the girl is walking towards you. Should you make eye contact as an initial gauge of her attraction in that case? What I feel is that if we make eye contact and she breaks it say to the side and doesn't re-engage (sign of low attraction) I find it weird to then approach her. In cases where I've made myself to that I've also found the approach to be going nowhere. Is it then better to not make eye contact till just before stopping her, or maybe not make eye contact and follow her to do a street stop after she passes?

I hope you can help me with this, because I think that by avoiding eye contact before approach, currently I might be failing to use a potentially powerful tool during the approach.

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