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Tactics Tuesdays: Fresh Stories to Tell to Girls

Chase Amante

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storytelling seductionYou should always have a few fresh, recent stories to tell about your life.

These don't have to be particularly amazing stories. But they should be a little interesting, they should be recent, and they should display some interesting trait about you.

For instance, do you ever get people run up to you with strange requests? Four days ago I was at a Starbucks, eating a yogurt cup and reading my Kindle. They have this low-fat yogurt at Starbucks that is horrible. I don't know who wants yogurt with the fat out. But if you get the mixed berry yogurt, you can scoop up some berry and granola with the yogurt so it isn't too awful.

Well, I'm sitting there at this table by the window by myself, and I notice some girl hovering nearby. She looks like she's looking out the window, but I think she wants something.

Anyway, I go back to my book and my slightly awful low-fat yogurt.

The girl suddenly appears again, right at my table, and interrupts my reading. She says excuse me, do you have WhatsApp on your phone?

I look at her. She's pretty. But her face is glistening like she's been running a marathon or has a gland problem or something. And she looks all serious and distracted.

I can't tell if she's trying to meet someone and lost her phone, if she's using this as an excuse to meet me, or if she wants to steal my phone.

"I need to log into my WhatsApp account to check my messages," she tells me.

"Oh, sorry," I say. "I don't have WhatsApp."

But she doesn't leave. She just stands there, with her glistening face and her serious, distracted look.

"Oh," she says. "Because I thought everyone has WhatsApp. I just need to log into my account."

I don't know if she didn't hear me or what. She's not even really looking at me now, just glancing around as if scanning for predators. I do a quick mental calculus of "Do I want to go out of my way to help this random sweaty distracted chick? Do I want to tell her she can download WhatsApp to my phone, then sit there and watch her like a hawk while she uses it to make sure she doesn't make a break to run out of Starbucks with it?"

Instead I just tell her "Sorry, I don't have it."

She stands there for another moment, still looking sweaty and distracted. Finally she says "Okay, thanks" and walks off.

I notice her 15 minutes later over at some long table in the Starbucks, texting on a phone, still looking sweaty and serious but now laser-focused on whatever she's texting. So I guess she found someone to lend her a phone.

I dunno, what would you do in that scenario? I might've been more inclined to lend her my phone if she'd used a napkin first and wiped all that sweat off.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



jensen's picture

Hey Chase,

I have an unrelated question to this great article. What should your reaction be when your girl tries to normalize checking out other guys to you. Sometimes specific guys not just celebrities or athletes.


Like for instance if you two are texting and you ask how her day has been and she says she and her girlfriend have been hanging out trying to move stuff and this guyfriend of her friends comes over to help move stuff and she mentions him taking off his coat wearing only a wifebeater that shows a lot and how he is cute and all that.She puts smiley faces in text. What should the reaction be on text? How should I react in person?

It sucks cause then they can just hide behind their behavior and say you are jealous even if you just don't want to hear about such things about other men and sometimes you feel she is testing your reaction to find out what your limits are just so she can feel she can get away with things that would be disrespectful normally.

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Thanks for this article. I want to ask you about something.

We have talked about giving the impression that "he gets what he wants in life" is sexy to women and demands respect from men. This is mentioned in your sexy walks article and many others.

So my question is what happens when we don't get what we want in life?

Times when people turn us down when we ask a compliance request.

Sometimes it might even be friends or family members and we feel completely indignant because it's something we rightfully deserve (I'm not talking about the entitled mentality where we are special and the world needs to give us things, but something we feel we deserve because it is a basic right or standard of yours, such as with friends you expect them to not be rude and a jerk, or girlfriend where you expect her to respect you, or a younger family member who you believe should respect you as an elder because you are indeed their senior)

And let's say people don't give us those basic things we want, how do we act toward this? (Audience or without audience).


Secondly, when people do reject us (in general, so for anything), how should we act? Yes, if someone was watching, they would see us get rejected and of course not see us "as someone who gets whatever they want in life" anymore, not sexy. But what is a high status man supposed to do in terms of social grace in this situation?


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