Tactics Tuesdays: Fresh Stories to Tell to Girls | Girls Chase

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She's doing it to make you jealous.

The way I react to things like that:

HER: Cate and I have been trying to move stuff. Peter came over to help and took his coat off. Nothing but a wife-beater on underneath. Whew, what a smokeshow! :)

YOU: Awesome. Sounds like you should ask him for a ticket to his gun show. Just send Cate my way and Peter's all yours ;)

If she didn't have a female friend with her, it would work just fine without the jealousy-inducing line in there too, and you could leave it at "ask him for a ticket to his gun show" with no smiley or anything (so she has no idea what your emotion is -- if you're angry, or teasing her, or insecure, or what).

Later she'll ask you about it: "How did you react when I sent you that?" and you just continue to test/troll her.

My general philosophy is, if a girl wants to troll me, just troll her back harder.

Makes everything a lot more fun, too.