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Hey Chase,

I have an unrelated question to this great article. What should your reaction be when your girl tries to normalize checking out other guys to you. Sometimes specific guys not just celebrities or athletes.


Like for instance if you two are texting and you ask how her day has been and she says she and her girlfriend have been hanging out trying to move stuff and this guyfriend of her friends comes over to help move stuff and she mentions him taking off his coat wearing only a wifebeater that shows a lot and how he is cute and all that.She puts smiley faces in text. What should the reaction be on text? How should I react in person?

It sucks cause then they can just hide behind their behavior and say you are jealous even if you just don't want to hear about such things about other men and sometimes you feel she is testing your reaction to find out what your limits are just so she can feel she can get away with things that would be disrespectful normally.