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Hey Chase,

Thanks for this article. I want to ask you about something.

We have talked about giving the impression that "he gets what he wants in life" is sexy to women and demands respect from men. This is mentioned in your sexy walks article and many others.

So my question is what happens when we don't get what we want in life?

Times when people turn us down when we ask a compliance request.

Sometimes it might even be friends or family members and we feel completely indignant because it's something we rightfully deserve (I'm not talking about the entitled mentality where we are special and the world needs to give us things, but something we feel we deserve because it is a basic right or standard of yours, such as with friends you expect them to not be rude and a jerk, or girlfriend where you expect her to respect you, or a younger family member who you believe should respect you as an elder because you are indeed their senior)

And let's say people don't give us those basic things we want, how do we act toward this? (Audience or without audience).


Secondly, when people do reject us (in general, so for anything), how should we act? Yes, if someone was watching, they would see us get rejected and of course not see us "as someone who gets whatever they want in life" anymore, not sexy. But what is a high status man supposed to do in terms of social grace in this situation?