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Why Are So Many 'Pick Up Artists' Uncool?

Chase Amante

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pickup artist wannabes
If you meet many 'pick up artists', you may realize the majority aren't very cool. There's a very good explanation as to why (and it's not that talking to girls doesn't work).

Over on the forum, one of our members, Ree, asked a provocative question: "Are pick up artists losers?"

He notes:

"Man i have to ask a very tough question.

when i got into seduction,i imagined a seducer is a guy like james bond.

someone who knows how to handle any social situation,someone skilled,well off,charming and with super tight fundamentals.

yet I am in a whatsapp group with a bunch of seducers and only a few satisfy this image.

most puaz that i have had the misfortune to meet,are guys who have read every article of gc but still have victim mentality,entitlement ,bitterness ,very poor fundamentals,meagre results and when i point this out to them,the reactions are usually very hostile and explosive.

something else i have noticed,the few guys who are good and normal would never react like this

for example, say you walk up to me and say, "ree : your girls are ugly"

i would either try to do something about my purpotedly ugly girl,or i would shrug and ignore you,both ways,nothing anyone can say would make me explode with rage.

however in my experience most people take any criticism very badly,
and this just does not affect their seduction only,most puaz i know are jobless or they have very low value,on top of that ,after reading countless articles,they walk around life with a "i know it all attitude"even though they have no credible achievements.

what is your experiences for those of you who have hang around puaz?is the same true for you guys too?"

If you've met many guys into seduction, you've undoubtedly noticed what Ree has: many aren't so good. Many carry around a lot of negative mindsets. The majority aren't so open to criticism. And by and large, many aren't cool.

But why should this be so -- aren't PUAs, by definition, supposed to be babe magnets?

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



omondi ouko's picture

wow amazing article as always,very eye opening,a little bit sad that most big dreams wont be achieved because of the costs

Journey for sure's picture

I have gone on this journey and recently have had my share of success but I find that dishonesty is killing the community. Guys have abused the hell out of the phrase "don't put pussy on the pedestal" and manipulated to rationalize being lazy value sucking leeches.

I feel like that is the new cop-out to not take any action and for men to be dishonest with others and themselves.

Not getting results with women? No worries, more to life than pussy!

Other guys wanting top tier results? Hey brah more to life than pussy!

Guys talking about their ambitions, desires and even some struggles after trying in the game?  Hey its just pussy brah!

Guys wanting hot girls? Its all the same when the lights go out man!

I mean get real bro, you're on a fucking pickup forum, the shit is about pussy you dummy! Guys are lying to themselves and running away in fear of aiming higher. Always easier to bash the Dan Bilzerians of the world for being spoiled party animals or attack other men having success but Chase it is so fucking dishonest. You are on a fucking pickup forum, you  are here to get laid, you are here to learn how to be better with women and you are here to succeed in that particular thing! 

You are not here to talk politics and definitely not here to act high and mighty because you decided you're the cool kid on the block for lying to others and yourself, denying that you are attracted to hot women and want to get laid. 

At some point, the community turned into a haven for losers who found the game too tough but were addicted to making posts on a forum as well as the validation of earning internet points or sounding like a voice of authority that they stayed. These guys should have left the forums as soon as they gave up on pursuing hot girls but they stayed, becoming a virus that made the whole ordeal into crabs in a bucket.

Their self-esteem was so touchy that they could not admit they sucked, hence not improving and then rationalizing that somehow they are better than a Dan Bilzerian because they decided to talk politics and social science on a Friday night while the natural was getting laid. 

The community lost its focus and guys who should have been booted and told to look for other pastures and hobbies were allowed to stick around. Now the discussion became about politics and world news, not how to get better with women.

Then the guys who talked about wanting to climb to the top and looked for discussions on getting social status were attacked for obsessing over pussy and game by dudes talking politics and offtopic shit on a fucking pickup community. Its fucked for sure but that is what happened....

The weak yet selfish too blind to see their own flaws killed PUA.

Zanardi's picture

Long term, the guys who get successful with girls leave these forums because they are too busy shagging and living their awesome life. Guess who remains.

Alek Rolstad's picture

What a breath of fresh air. Could not agree more.

I always, and will always have respect for people no matter their choices, but on pick up websites it has to be all about getting better with women, whether we are talking about hot girlfriends or just random hook ups.

If people do that, then I have major respect for them, and that includes struggling beginners wanting to learn more. I have their back. Always will. But keyboard jockeying is indeed cancer to this community, and same goes for off-topic posters. There are other places to discuss politics.

Want a good place to start for politics? RealClearPolitics.com

Want to troll? 4chan is the place to be!


Russell 's picture

Hey chase great article, 

I have a questioan.

What qualities do top high value men expect from a women ? 


Zanardi's picture

What you're saying it's true not only in pick-ul but in all areas of life.


I am a lecturer who is very passionate about programming, studying in his spare time, but who also does cold-approach socializes a lot and applies to the best of his knowledge what he learns here on GC.


Here is what I got to notice: Programming: I see less and less people who can do what I do. This applies even to older professors who, in theory, should be more skilled than I am. I also can see very quickly which of my students has potential or which has not in this area. The percentage of students who really have a chance of making it from computer programming is extremely low, from what I saw. 1% maybe?

Socially: I have no authority problems with my students, I can motivate them to study hard before the exams, I can assess them real quick and raise the bar high enough to stir them into curiosity and wanting to know more. Also, I get lots of practice gaming my female students (I stop at this. I don't go sexual or do something stupid) so my success with them goes through the roof. I get those results while some young(er) colleagues whine about their students not liking them for (in my view) basic social mistakes:

  1. one of them stutters once in 5 words and speaks very slowly. He also speaks 100% only about what he teaches and nothing else. How can he be seen anything else than a shy, weird nerd who cannot bond with people?
  2. two young female colleagues are so afraid of not being able to impose in front of her students that she gets extremely cold and dismissive with them (sometimes bordering rudeness), despite the fact that her students did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. Weird enough, after I managed to impose my frame in my interaction with them, they became two pussycats with me. I also had to cool down two of these Che Guevaras who had this behavior towards their students, despite the fact that I was there and I controlled them myself very well and easy;

I even hear from younger and older professors not to befriend students, because one day I'll be stabbed in the back. If they behave like this, no wonder they do. Because I have completely different results, all I can do is smile, nod and do my way.

As a result of reading the material here and applying it, I also get away with some things that in other contexts could seem creepy or inappropriate:

  1. sometimes, while teaching, I play with a female student's hair (not only she wasn't bothered, but she loved it);
  2. same goes with touching and (rarely) hugging. Of course, I am not forcing any girl and I see who is OK with it and who is not;
  3. sometimes, students ask me if I have lunch with them, or some KFC fast food. Not healthy, but I do not refuse;

I am really thinking of quitting my job at the Uni (although I love it very much) because I feel I'll waste my programming talent by standing there and I begin to get bored of these antics and these high, thick walls who aren't benefiting anyone.

Yes Chase. The higher I climb, the lonelier (but more beautiful) it gets.

Anonym's picture

Hi Chase,

thanks for an interesting article. I have some comments here.

You mentioned you bet everyone want to be a bilionaire, date a georgeous girl with tiny waist and DD breasts, have expereines like trekking through jungle or climbing a mountain, and would like to be famous and be loved by millions of people.

A lot of men want it, no doubt. But not really everyone. I want to have enough money for my life, but being billionaire is not really necessary (I do not really need a private jet or something like this). I would like to date  a georgeous girl, though these exact parametres are not necessary. It would be cool to have adventurous experiences like this and share it, but it is not really something I dream about. I like to have some recognition for my work, but I do not want to be super famous and known by everyone, I like my privacy.

More importantly, you attribute this success only to doing the necessary work for getting it and that anyone willing to do it can achieve things you mentioned. Of course, doing the necessary work is prerequisite for these successes, but it is not enough. You do not mention there are structural limitations, many of those things are not that abundant as they seem to be. Imagine what happens if a lot of men actually do the necessary work?

  1. Billionairs – take size of GDP in any country (or globally), size of population and calculate how many billionairs can be there. Economic growth is relatively slow. You can succeed, but it will in some extent (or in some cases mostly) at the expense of someone else. You can expand your wealth to another country, but it will be also at least partly at the expense of locals. Theoretically any person can be billionaire, but most of people cannot be since the economy is not that big. Even if everyone works hard and smart as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos in their respective fields, they cannot all of them make billions.
  2. Girls with DD breast and tiny waist. While based on what you write anyone can learn the skills, if they do it, having the skill give you no advantage since everyone has it. Moreover, there are relatively few girls with these parametres (not mentioning other traits like values and personality) so demand for those girls cannot be satisfied regardless skill level of the guys.
  3. Being famous and loved by millions of people. There are not that many people in the world with that level of fame. You can get it, but largely taking attention from someone else, since space in big medias is limited and people cannot love hundreds of people.

I guess you understand my point. For example in politics, number successful people is limited by constitution and other laws (head of state, members of Parliament or Senate etc.), so no matter what are their skills and how much they work, their number is given. Also number of people with university degree depends on capacities of higher education systems, not only on work ethics of people.

I know you are focused on self-help so you write about what people can do. Also you have conservative US upbringing, so you may have bias in favor of American Dream ideology. But you should take in account these limitations as well.


Rafif's picture

Hey Chase, 


This is Rafif, it’s been quite a while since i talked to you but I wanted to talk briefly I wanted to say thanks man, for a lot of different thigns but mainly for really being the best mentor ever through all my teeensge And early 20s years (I’m 24 now).


I thank you man so much and am glad I followed your advice and stayed in school and didn’t drop out. I switched to sociology  in my third year and loved it and graduated college in my 7th year (Lol.  ... but I finished!!)


I have a great entry level job now, and a ton of experiences I had throughout college. This year I’ve had 8 new lays and have a friend with benefit girl who I see every 1-2 weeks or so!!


I’ve done well and had great success with powerlifting and personal training and really love both ... and am working on growing a little online social media based business on the side now while working. 


I’m glad I listened to you and followed the rules and stayed in school all the different times I wanted to drop out. I’ve learned so many lessons from you and they to this day pay off for me enormously .. seriously man like a lot of the ideas and perspectives and goals I got form things I learned or was exposed too from you, add up to as much or more influence on my life in many ways than stuff I learned from my parents or from anywhere or anyone else


I’ve been able to pay it forward and been able to help and mentor and teach a lot of differnt people the last year plus, who are younger and older than me and in differnt fields and different walks of life. 


Thanks a ton man great deal of love  and I hope I get to meet you in person one day and hang out and chat.


I have goals of making great money, traveling countries, banging beautiful girls in differnt countries, having high quality girlfriends, meeting great people, building meaningful and life changing high value businesses, and a great number of other things too .... but thanks for everything chase and for being the best mentor, teacher, and early friend that I’ve had yet. I’ve gotten to pay it forward a lot to others and hope I get to a ton in the future. 


But it’s not every day that you get to say thanks and how grateful you are... I am massively grateful and have learned sooo much from you over the years so thanks from the bottom of my heart and stuff man :) -Rafif 


All the best and glad to see how girlschase has grown, matured, and blossomed as well. 

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