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Hey Chase, 


This is Rafif, it’s been quite a while since i talked to you but I wanted to talk briefly I wanted to say thanks man, for a lot of different thigns but mainly for really being the best mentor ever through all my teeensge And early 20s years (I’m 24 now).


I thank you man so much and am glad I followed your advice and stayed in school and didn’t drop out. I switched to sociology  in my third year and loved it and graduated college in my 7th year (Lol.  ... but I finished!!)


I have a great entry level job now, and a ton of experiences I had throughout college. This year I’ve had 8 new lays and have a friend with benefit girl who I see every 1-2 weeks or so!!


I’ve done well and had great success with powerlifting and personal training and really love both ... and am working on growing a little online social media based business on the side now while working. 


I’m glad I listened to you and followed the rules and stayed in school all the different times I wanted to drop out. I’ve learned so many lessons from you and they to this day pay off for me enormously .. seriously man like a lot of the ideas and perspectives and goals I got form things I learned or was exposed too from you, add up to as much or more influence on my life in many ways than stuff I learned from my parents or from anywhere or anyone else


I’ve been able to pay it forward and been able to help and mentor and teach a lot of differnt people the last year plus, who are younger and older than me and in differnt fields and different walks of life. 


Thanks a ton man great deal of love  and I hope I get to meet you in person one day and hang out and chat.


I have goals of making great money, traveling countries, banging beautiful girls in differnt countries, having high quality girlfriends, meeting great people, building meaningful and life changing high value businesses, and a great number of other things too .... but thanks for everything chase and for being the best mentor, teacher, and early friend that I’ve had yet. I’ve gotten to pay it forward a lot to others and hope I get to a ton in the future. 


But it’s not every day that you get to say thanks and how grateful you are... I am massively grateful and have learned sooo much from you over the years so thanks from the bottom of my heart and stuff man :) -Rafif 


All the best and glad to see how girlschase has grown, matured, and blossomed as well.