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I have gone on this journey and recently have had my share of success but I find that dishonesty is killing the community. Guys have abused the hell out of the phrase "don't put pussy on the pedestal" and manipulated to rationalize being lazy value sucking leeches.

I feel like that is the new cop-out to not take any action and for men to be dishonest with others and themselves.

Not getting results with women? No worries, more to life than pussy!

Other guys wanting top tier results? Hey brah more to life than pussy!

Guys talking about their ambitions, desires and even some struggles after trying in the game?  Hey its just pussy brah!

Guys wanting hot girls? Its all the same when the lights go out man!

I mean get real bro, you're on a fucking pickup forum, the shit is about pussy you dummy! Guys are lying to themselves and running away in fear of aiming higher. Always easier to bash the Dan Bilzerians of the world for being spoiled party animals or attack other men having success but Chase it is so fucking dishonest. You are on a fucking pickup forum, you  are here to get laid, you are here to learn how to be better with women and you are here to succeed in that particular thing! 

You are not here to talk politics and definitely not here to act high and mighty because you decided you're the cool kid on the block for lying to others and yourself, denying that you are attracted to hot women and want to get laid. 

At some point, the community turned into a haven for losers who found the game too tough but were addicted to making posts on a forum as well as the validation of earning internet points or sounding like a voice of authority that they stayed. These guys should have left the forums as soon as they gave up on pursuing hot girls but they stayed, becoming a virus that made the whole ordeal into crabs in a bucket.

Their self-esteem was so touchy that they could not admit they sucked, hence not improving and then rationalizing that somehow they are better than a Dan Bilzerian because they decided to talk politics and social science on a Friday night while the natural was getting laid. 

The community lost its focus and guys who should have been booted and told to look for other pastures and hobbies were allowed to stick around. Now the discussion became about politics and world news, not how to get better with women.

Then the guys who talked about wanting to climb to the top and looked for discussions on getting social status were attacked for obsessing over pussy and game by dudes talking politics and offtopic shit on a fucking pickup community. Its fucked for sure but that is what happened....

The weak yet selfish too blind to see their own flaws killed PUA.