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What you're saying it's true not only in pick-ul but in all areas of life.


I am a lecturer who is very passionate about programming, studying in his spare time, but who also does cold-approach socializes a lot and applies to the best of his knowledge what he learns here on GC.


Here is what I got to notice: Programming: I see less and less people who can do what I do. This applies even to older professors who, in theory, should be more skilled than I am. I also can see very quickly which of my students has potential or which has not in this area. The percentage of students who really have a chance of making it from computer programming is extremely low, from what I saw. 1% maybe?

Socially: I have no authority problems with my students, I can motivate them to study hard before the exams, I can assess them real quick and raise the bar high enough to stir them into curiosity and wanting to know more. Also, I get lots of practice gaming my female students (I stop at this. I don't go sexual or do something stupid) so my success with them goes through the roof. I get those results while some young(er) colleagues whine about their students not liking them for (in my view) basic social mistakes:

  1. one of them stutters once in 5 words and speaks very slowly. He also speaks 100% only about what he teaches and nothing else. How can he be seen anything else than a shy, weird nerd who cannot bond with people?
  2. two young female colleagues are so afraid of not being able to impose in front of her students that she gets extremely cold and dismissive with them (sometimes bordering rudeness), despite the fact that her students did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. Weird enough, after I managed to impose my frame in my interaction with them, they became two pussycats with me. I also had to cool down two of these Che Guevaras who had this behavior towards their students, despite the fact that I was there and I controlled them myself very well and easy;

I even hear from younger and older professors not to befriend students, because one day I'll be stabbed in the back. If they behave like this, no wonder they do. Because I have completely different results, all I can do is smile, nod and do my way.

As a result of reading the material here and applying it, I also get away with some things that in other contexts could seem creepy or inappropriate:

  1. sometimes, while teaching, I play with a female student's hair (not only she wasn't bothered, but she loved it);
  2. same goes with touching and (rarely) hugging. Of course, I am not forcing any girl and I see who is OK with it and who is not;
  3. sometimes, students ask me if I have lunch with them, or some KFC fast food. Not healthy, but I do not refuse;

I am really thinking of quitting my job at the Uni (although I love it very much) because I feel I'll waste my programming talent by standing there and I begin to get bored of these antics and these high, thick walls who aren't benefiting anyone.

Yes Chase. The higher I climb, the lonelier (but more beautiful) it gets.