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Hi Chase,

thanks for an interesting article. I have some comments here.

You mentioned you bet everyone want to be a bilionaire, date a georgeous girl with tiny waist and DD breasts, have expereines like trekking through jungle or climbing a mountain, and would like to be famous and be loved by millions of people.

A lot of men want it, no doubt. But not really everyone. I want to have enough money for my life, but being billionaire is not really necessary (I do not really need a private jet or something like this). I would like to date  a georgeous girl, though these exact parametres are not necessary. It would be cool to have adventurous experiences like this and share it, but it is not really something I dream about. I like to have some recognition for my work, but I do not want to be super famous and known by everyone, I like my privacy.

More importantly, you attribute this success only to doing the necessary work for getting it and that anyone willing to do it can achieve things you mentioned. Of course, doing the necessary work is prerequisite for these successes, but it is not enough. You do not mention there are structural limitations, many of those things are not that abundant as they seem to be. Imagine what happens if a lot of men actually do the necessary work?

  1. Billionairs – take size of GDP in any country (or globally), size of population and calculate how many billionairs can be there. Economic growth is relatively slow. You can succeed, but it will in some extent (or in some cases mostly) at the expense of someone else. You can expand your wealth to another country, but it will be also at least partly at the expense of locals. Theoretically any person can be billionaire, but most of people cannot be since the economy is not that big. Even if everyone works hard and smart as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos in their respective fields, they cannot all of them make billions.
  2. Girls with DD breast and tiny waist. While based on what you write anyone can learn the skills, if they do it, having the skill give you no advantage since everyone has it. Moreover, there are relatively few girls with these parametres (not mentioning other traits like values and personality) so demand for those girls cannot be satisfied regardless skill level of the guys.
  3. Being famous and loved by millions of people. There are not that many people in the world with that level of fame. You can get it, but largely taking attention from someone else, since space in big medias is limited and people cannot love hundreds of people.

I guess you understand my point. For example in politics, number successful people is limited by constitution and other laws (head of state, members of Parliament or Senate etc.), so no matter what are their skills and how much they work, their number is given. Also number of people with university degree depends on capacities of higher education systems, not only on work ethics of people.

I know you are focused on self-help so you write about what people can do. Also you have conservative US upbringing, so you may have bias in favor of American Dream ideology. But you should take in account these limitations as well.