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How to Treat Ghosts, Flakes, and Rejections from Girls

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By: Tony Depp


ghosts flakes and rejections
Do you get WAY more rejections than dates? Well, it’s the same for even the best seducers. Here’s how treating rejection differently can help.

Violets are blue, roses are red, without many options, seduction is dead.

I’m a true poet.

How familiar is this day-game situation? You approach a girl, give her a compliment, talk for a few minutes, get her number, text a few times, ask her out, and… nothing. She just answers “lol”, changes the subject, or flitters away like a pretty ghost.

It feels like a diss, doesn’t it? After all, you had the guts to approach her. You spent months, perhaps years, learning how to do this – to overcome your shyness, your approach anxiety. To improve everything from your appearance and body language to your worldview and lifestyle!

And she doesn’t care. Not one bit. She didn’t even ask you a single question about yourself. How dare she. You spent thousands of dollars on self-help, seminars, books, and online courses. You learned to meditate, increase your income, and build world-class social skills.

And she flakes. It’s like you’ve reverted to a San Francisco street turd.

Just last week, I went to a gay pride parade and met this lovely creature. Long, black hair down to her bum. Wide, full lips. Big, expressive eyes. I reached out my hand and she placed hers in it. I pulled her in and said, “You’re something, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she nodded, her body pressed against mine, eyes staring straight into mine. A minute of conversation, and we kissed. Approaches don’t get much better than this.

It was “you had me at hello” game.

We were going on separate paths, so I got her number. I got home, still a bit giddy from that post-flirtation high. That evening, I texted her. Nine hours later, she replied with “Haha.” The lowest investment reply possible. So, I waited eight hours and texted her again. No reply. No “Sorry I’m not interested” or “Maybe another time.” Just annoying silence.

And I still haven’t heard from her.

Do not waste yourself in rejection; do not bark against the bad but chant the beauty of the good.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


“But Tony, you’re supposed to be a Grand Master Jedi Puuaah! No girls flake on real Pooooass!”

Yeah, girls flake on me, ignore me, diss me – just like you and every guru, coach, and player I know. No matter how tight your game is, most women just won’t be interested or available. They might humor you or amuse themselves at your expense, but they won’t go home with you or ever see you again. That’s just the cold reality of the game. Sniff.

But there’s some girl out there who’s down. She’s very down. It’s your job to find her. That’s why numbers matter. The more leads you have, the better your odds.


Damien1's picture

I like the positivity advice! If you stay positive you actually can never be rejected for real because you don't care. And girls will give you more chances (especially true for social circle where they can re-observe you later). But yeah, good mood wins! 

Marcel's picture

Tony, you've been crushing it with these articles, and I've already learned so much from you even though you've only been here for what, a few months now? You're a great addition to the GirlsChase team.

As a newbie to the game, I really appreciate your insights. Many thanks for your work! 


Tony Depp's picture

They don't call me Captain Amazing for nothing! 

Honestly I'm stoked to write for GC. Good times all around. 

mrtn's picture

Great article and very timely given I've been ghosted this week after what I thought was a good first date. I'm trying hard not to be annoyed and understand that she has rejected the idea of me and not me personally.

In this era of "me too" etc. what is your opinion on approaching women? At what point is it harassment? e.g. I pass many women on my morning walk along the local break wall and parks. I have approached a few and got a phone number and coffee date with one. At what point do you think it's acceptable to make an approach with someone who has been nodding a cheery "good morning" every morning?

Tony Depp's picture

It is acceptable when you decide it is. 



Gus's picture

Cool articles and thanks!

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