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Tactics Tuesdays: Confusion Game (for Disinterested or Difficult Girls)

Chase Amante

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confusion game
Some women are a lot harder to get than others. But if you keep them on their toes, in the dark, and following your lead, you can yet get them.

This is for more advanced practitioners of game. If you still ride seduction training wheels, don’t worry about this yet. You can circle back to this article and its contents once you’ve progressed a bit further.

Confusion game is the term I’ve long used to refer to a style of game focused on befuddling answers and high uncertainty. This style of game only works if you have strong fundamentals; and, in particular, it only works if you have a strong sexual presence. Women you use it with must be sexually interested in you.

The underlying premise of confusion game is this:

The mating process involves having a woman overcome or set aside her logical reservations, that she may indulge in her physical / sexual / emotional urges. By triggering the latter with good fundamentals and game, and disarming the former with thought-entangling confusion, you give her the ability to set logic aside and indulge in her desires.

Further, by keeping her in a state of confusion, you establish yourself as the unambiguous leader. You are the one who knows what’s going on and leads the way. She is in the dark, and must trust you and stick by you as you lead.

Confusion game is not a girl-getter in and of itself. If you are not too attractive yet, and you go around confusing women, all you will end up with is a bunch of confused women.

However, when coupled with an all-around solid seduction skill set, confusion game allows you to bypass too-logical reservations women have. It is a way to throw a wrench into a woman’s objection machine. And on top of this, it allows you to build and maintain a firm, unshakeable lead – you are, after all, the only one who actually knows what’s going on.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Sz's picture

1. what do you think of speed dating Chase?

Think it's an effective way to get many lays?

They say "professionals" while I'm not there yet lol.

I'm guessing they would be asking what I do and what not.

Think I'll do ok as a black man there? I never really heard about anyone going to these types of things.

And do you think they'll ask about my occupation with more detail? I think they would because this to me is more of a girlfriend boyfriend qualify type thing, but hey what do I know? Anyway , I don't want to disclose what I do for a living. What advice do you have for me with probing of my occupation with a speed date?

Do you know what questions girls ask? How to respond and get a same date lay?

If you know anything about how I can work this in my favor to get many lays, let me know!

2. What can I do to do a complete 180? I want to change my habits. I want to go from a lazy dude to a hard worker.

I need to change this in order to get money and to just be successful in my life.

Whenever I get up, I'm just so tired. I can't explain it, I went to the doctor too and they say I'm good, but my body is just super tired. I do try to go hard and work harder, but I burn out very easily, then after that I go to sleep or I just lay in bed.

I have a lack of energy for some reason, it's so bad that I can sleep for either 15 hours straight, or I sleep for around 6 when I don't want to sleep all day, then I get tired and go to sleep again for more hours.

A. Do you know what steps I can take to change from being tired all of the time and want to lay in bed all day, and turn into someone with energy and wants to work and keep working, so I can make some damn money and skills!

I don't want to be lazy or tired anymore, I want to enjoy working, instead of just hating it.

Every time I'm about to do work, I just lose energy and I'm like, "fuck this I don't want to do this".

I wanna start loving putting work in!

Chase Amante's picture


I have not tried speed dating. I had a friend who did though. He said it was very easy; most of the men in attendance were not attractive men, and the women were for the most part more attractive than the men. However, the top women were only in the "6 to 8 range", in his words.

I've also hit a few venues where a speed dating event had just ended, and there are sometimes cute girls leaving them. Usually disappointed. So it might be worth a shot.

I wouldn't worry about the 'professionals' thing. You see that for lots of things in the city. And yet you go there and you have everything from professional lawyers, to professional window cleaners, just about.

For occupation, see my previous replies to you on this.

If you're always tired, could be a health issue. Check out this website:


It's run by a guy who had a major fatigue problem and eventually fixed it with health hacking. This is apparently a growing problem in the West... I'm not sure why.

As for talking... if you don't like talking, I don't advise you try to force yourself into being a talker. Instead, work on vibe, work on nonverbal communication. Work on dance floor game; read Cody Lyans's article on this, as he is a quiet guy / non-talker like you. Also check out Alek's dance floor game series.

If you are not a talker, and don't want to talk, and try to force yourself into being one, you will be unhappy. And probably unsuccessful - you likely won't be more than a mediocre talker.

Instead, I suggest you focus on nonverbal game, physical game, and getting girls with fewer words, rather than more.

(and before you write a comment asking me, "Chase, how do I get girls with fewer words? How do I do physical game? How can I have really good nonverbals?" --> read all those articles / article series I linked you to above [as well as the articles we recommend you check out inside those articles])


Sz's picture

So I just went out last night and this isn't a field report so much. I had a good night; had a whole lot of dances and laughed at whatever rejections I had. I talked to the staff a little, not whole convos, but I said what's up and what not.

The thing that's bothering me is me not talking enough. I felt that I really didn't talk enough, I just pulled chicks to me and danced.

I want to get passed this so bad. I had an extremely hard time even trying to talk to girls because there were no off the dance floor, they were just on it with the music super loud, so I had no idea what to say, I felt dancing was the easier thing.

Anyway, after realizing that I didn't talk enough or get numbers because of it, I started to think of the past. I'm at where I'm at now because I hate talking, I'm always usually so quiet and that's why I'm not where I want to be.

I try to talk, but I just can't, maybe I say one word.

Is there an article that helps with making a person want to talk more? Or do you have tips?

I want to learn how to love talking to people, then things will get much easier because I can approach anywhere.


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