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Articles by Author: Alek Rolstad

What to Do When Women Resist Your Charms

resistance from womenA frequently asked question by our readers concerns resistance. In the comment sections of my articles, many readers have pointed out that when they make a sexual move (in the form of talking about sex or escalating physically) their women often turn cold or react directly negative to their moves.

This can be classified most of the time as resistance; however, in some cases it can also be a rejection we are talking about. This is what this post will be about:

  • The different causes of resistance
  • How to handle resistance
  • Resistance vs. rejection
  • Handling rejections


By the end of this article, it is my intention that you will be much better armed to deal with resistance when you encounter it, overcome it so that you and your women can continue to enjoy great times together, and even reverse rejections in some cases to continue to build your interactions with women.

How to Physically Escalate in Public with Girls

physical escalationPhysical escalation is how you take things from platonic to sexually loaded and heaving with desire and anticipation with a girl, often in a short span of time. Escalation is often all the difference between being a girl’s friendly guy pal and being her lover.

We’ve covered physical escalation in various forms on this site before:

... however, what I want to focus on in today’s article is a comprehensive look at physical escalation in an interaction with a girl, while out, say, in a bar or on a date. How do you get her aroused, horny, and sexually excited in public with you?

That’s the question I’m answering today.

Last Minute Resistance from Sexy Women: Treating It and Beating It

last minute resistanceLast month I shared a report that doubled as a how-to on getting threesomes ("Threesome How-To: Step-by-Step to Get Two Girls") that was a big hit, in which I covered one of my real-life interactions leading to a threesome. What people really liked about it were all the details and the analysis following the tips given in the report. Written this way, the report served as a guide to doing what I do with sex talk and getting threesomes.

I’d therefore like to keep up with the concept of combining reports and how-tos, but I will cover different elements in each of these so as not be repetitive. Today we will mostly cover:

  • Logistics (more interesting than you would expect)
  • Physical escalation (you will love the parts on escalation)
  • And how to handle last minute resistance (LMR)

The point of including this in a report is to show you not just how to deal with last minute resistance, but also how to avoid it entirely, since this resistance is most often a case of you either not screening properly or not handling things properly, although sometimes you really cannot handle things perfectly due to the circumstances you meet a girl in.

My plan with my writing will often be focused about sharing material, but also sharing material within a context. This way I believe it gives you, the reader, a broader perspective about how to use the material in real life situations, and more properly shows and tells how it all works together.

How to Use Sex Talk to Set a Sexual Tone and Mood

sex talkToday, I wanted to make a quick introduction to using sex talk in sexual framing after reading many requests from our readers. It seems sexual framing is a popular topic around here, and since there’ve been a number of requests for more information about this, I'm happy to oblige.

I thought that an introductory post into my methods for using sex talk and sexual frames, like this article, was in order.

Of course there is a lot more to say about the topic (oh man… so much more; you have no idea how much!) – so consider this just as a starter.

The purpose of this post is to give you an overall idea of how this all works. This will make it simpler for future, even more detailed pieces concerning this topic.

Threesome How-To: Step-by-Step to Get Two Girls

As promised in Chase’s announcement 2 weeks ago about the updates on Girls Chase (especially about the new writers), here is my detailed report, from meet to threesome, about a very recent event that I feel deserves to be covered.

Chase mentioned to me high interest in how to get threesomes from some of the readers here. It’s my belief that sharing a detailed lay report on threesomes might not only be an exciting and fun way for me to kick off my series on these, but also very educational, as you can get an overall idea of how you can pull this off. Throughout this report, I will breakdown everything I do, show the stages and explain the overall vibe of the interaction.

threesome how to

This article chronicles events that took place a few weeks ago. I noted down every step in the interaction immediately the morning after while it was all still fresh, though the explanations of “why things are so-and-so” and what works and why I fleshed out later on.

On with the report.

Assumptions as Tools of Attraction

assumptions about girlsNote from Chase: this is Alek's first article with Girls Chase, but he's been writing on dating girls, sex, and seduction almost as long as I have. Alek – whom you may know by some other names (I'll let him share those with you below) – is a guy who makes a habit of pushing the sexual boundaries as far as he can take them with girls. His material is going to be most useful to the advanced seducer interested in pulling off more challenging sexual feats with women. Here's Alek.

Not so long ago, I received an email from our dear Chase, asking me to be a contributor here. Could I say no?

So here I am. I am Alek Rolstad, also known as Teevster, and originally known, for those of you familiar with the late, great mASF, by my old handle there, “TVA_Oslo”. I have been in the community since 2007… and I started at the age of 15! Having a high level of testosterone back then, I was deeply focused on taking part in wild sex stories. Years later, I've matured up – not that I started disliking having wild sex (I still indulge a little here and there), but my purpose in pickup and seduction has become deeper in its nature.

My purpose with studying seduction is to get a deep understanding in female sexuality and figure out ways to release women's inner beasts. Believe me or not, but female sexuality at its purest is beautiful, dirty and deep.

I will post a lot concerning these topics – how to release her inner beast… easily translated into “how to make her wet and sexually open at the same time”.

However, as this is my first post here, I would like to share something very quickly, so you can get a feel and a taste of what is about to come.

I would like to start off on a high note.