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How to Pick Up a Waitress (Same Day or Later)

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how to pick up a waitressTo pick up a waitress follow the four “waitress pickup” rules. After that, you have to DECIDE: take her number for later, or meet up at end of her shift?

They’re attractive, they’re flirty (especially if you’re in a tipping country), and they’re already talking to you: every guy wants to know how to pick up his waitress, right?

The challenge of course is that she’s in a hurry… she’s on the job… oh, and also, she might just be being polite.

After all, she meets a lot of male customers every day.

She can’t go out with ALL of them!

So how do you court a waitress properly, in the limited time you have with her?

How do you tell if she’s actually receptive to you, rather than just playing a role?

And if you can court her, and she IS receptive… how do you pick a waitress up?

Making a Girl Trust & Feel Comfortable with You (Seduction Gambit)

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trust and comfort gambitBefore a girl will go to bed with you, you need to help her trust and feel comfortable enough with you to do so. How do you that? Use this gambit to begin…

Hey guys. Today, I’ll go through a gambit I love using in field lately. It is safe and low risk plus its effects are mind-blowing. It’s a two-parter, and you can use both in the early game to hook or solidify your hook or during late-game to escalate the vibe.

Before I get to the actual juice, I need to stress the points I make when writing about gambits:

  • You don’t need to know hundreds of gambits to get good results. It’s better to know some that work for you than many that work against you.

  • Ideally, you want a choice. Knowing many gambits is great so you can test different ones and select what works best.

  • Perhaps you have a bad memory or do not like memorizing gambits or canned material. In that case, these are still good for you because they serve as examples and templates for conveying attractive personality traits or set frames that make her compliant to ease the process.

  • Gambits can inspire you to create your own gambits or variations. I never deliver a gambit the same way twice. I likely deliver it differently every time because knowing the mechanism’s function and how to use it is what matters.

You can find the compilation of all gambits and related sex talk articles and guides in my compilation thread: Sex Talk Gambits Compilation (And more).

Tactics Tuesdays: Priming Women as a Seduction Tool

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priming women for seductionCan you shape the way someone views reality simply by priming her for what to see? Why yes you can – with this unique form of psychological flirtatious fun.

Earlier this month, a reader asked about ways to use confirmation bias as a seduction tool.

Confirmation bias is the phenomenon whereby people who expect to see something look for and take mental note of events that reinforce their expectations.

For instance, if I tell you, “Reading Girls Chase articles puts you in a stronger girl-getting mentality. Finish this article and go anywhere in public today and I bet you’ll notice girls are suddenly paying more attention to you. Why’s that? Read GC, girl-getting mentality.”

Now, if you do go out, you are going to have that in the back of your head. You’ll be more attuned, looking around more for women paying attention to you. That’ll cause you to notice more women who are looking your way, and your alertness will trigger other women to pay more attention to you, too, which you will also notice. So you likely really will get more attention from women.

Was it because reading this article gave you a stronger girl-getting mentality? You’re probably going to think so, because I told you it would happen and what evidence to look for, and you then saw the evidence – my prediction came true. Even if you know what I was doing, the part of your brain that makes connections between things is still going to believe it anyway.

See, what I did was to use something called ‘priming’ to prepare you to react a certain way to things I was fairly certain would occur.

This priming sets you up for confirmation bias to kick in later and reinforce my earlier primes – and you can use this effect with girls, too.

Advice to Stubborn Guys Who Do Not Get Results with Girls

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stubborn guys who don't get girlsHave you tried all the advice out there, but women stubbornly resist to do anything with you? There’s a reason for it – and it’s not the one you think.

I’ve been involved with seduction for 19 years now. That’s almost half of my life.

I have seen so many guys have such transformative results from this area, and been personally involved in helping so many guys transform their lives, that I consider it one of the most amazing, life-affirming endeavors a man can pursue.

In seeking to better himself with women, a man comes to better himself across the board.

This area of learning attracts a cast of recurring characters. Each guy is different of course, but there are patterns of behavior that you’ll notice tend to come packaged together. When you see one behavior pattern, you typically see the rest.

One of these is the stubborn guy who had been at it for years but just can’t get results.

Often he has tried all sorts of things: he’s read books, watched videos, tried different kinds of approaches, met women through cold approach, social circle, dating apps, gone through phone coaching or even in-field coaching. Yet his results remain stubbornly unimpressive.

He may begin to fault women, the mating market, or the dating advice industry, one at a time or even all at once, for his lack of satisfactory success.

I write this article as an attempt to reach out to such men, to pierce through the normally unbreakable, impenetrable barriers around their minds.

Approaching Girls in a Half-Assed Way

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half-assed approachDo you approach girls, have it go a bit well, then eject without that great a reason? That’s a “half-assed approach” – and it’ll slow your learning curve.

A lot of my early failures as a novice seducer I reflect on now as stemming from a particular problem I had back then, one endemic to most novices but largely devoid from experts. This problem is what I’d define as making half-assed attempts.

A half-assed attempt is one in which you try to do something with a girl, but you don’t REALLY try – you just kind of try. You half-ass it.

  • “I’m going to approach that girl and try to get a conversation going,” you say. So you approach her, kind of talking to her a bit, she isn’t really receptive, so you shrug and tell yourself, “Hmm, well, I tried,” then you bail, never to see her again

  • Perhaps you’ve got a girl in a good conversation, but it’s hard to read how into you she is. “Let me test to see if she likes me,” you think to yourself. You try to escalate touch a little bit, but she just sort of ignores this. “Seems like she isn’t feeling it,” you say, so you back off and start escalating down, until eventually you leave or she does, never to meet again

  • Maybe you’ve even brought her back to your place. “I should try to kiss this girl,” you tell yourself. You try to get closer to her but the way she’s seated doesn’t really permit you to get close enough to kiss. You figure she must just not be comfortable enough for that, so you chat with her a bit until she decides to go home and you never see her again

If you’re honest, you can probably look back through many of the interactions you’ve had with women, especially early on when you were more clueless (or right now if you’ve still got your training wheels on), and catch yourself half-assing it.

You get out of it what you put in, of course, and if you’re putting a bunch of half-assed approaches in, guess what… you’ll get a bunch of half-assed results, too.

Tactics Tuesdays: 6 Ways to Minimize Rejection by Girls

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minimize rejection by girlsNo guy likes to get rejected by girls. So, use these tactics to slice your odds of rejection by making things casual, asking before big moves, plus 4 more.

I’m going to talk in this article about a handful of tactics you can use to minimize rejection the odds of a girl rejecting you.

Is it important to minimize these odds? Do you want them shaved down as low as possible? Well it depends:

  • For beginners it can be fairly important. You want to get those positive experiences up so you feel confident to do more

  • As you gain in experience, you can start to go in bolder, being more resilient and not as easily shaken by rejections, IF you want (you may not always want to). You’ll also tend to be smoother in general, and will have more tools to avoid or minimize rejections aside from those in this article

Still, even if you’re more advanced, rejection never feels GREAT, so anything you can do to reduce the odds of it (so long as it doesn’t derail anything else you’re doing) helps.

2022: The Year in Review + a Look Ahead

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2022: the year in reviewWe take a look at the prior year’s content and changes in the dating market. Plus, we look ahead to what we can expect at Girls Chase and in dating in 2023.

It’s that time of year again.

Actually I’m a bit behind on completing the year’s review.

Technically, the minute hand on that clock in the image should be past the 2023 mark.

Regardless, complete it now is! We’re going to dive into where we were last year, which pieces were the most popular (or were personal favorites of the writers), and take a look at what we covered and where we’re going.

Seduction According to the Tao of Steve, Pt. 1: Be Desireless

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tao of steveThe Tao of Steve gives men 3 rules to seduction. The first of these is “Be desireless.” But just how does being desireless help you hook in girls?

In the early days of the seduction community, a little-seen romantic comedy became a hot topic of discussion among seducers.

That film was 2000’s The Tao of Steve, about an overweight male kindergarten teacher who routinely beds new women following a simple formula:

  1. Be desireless
  2. Be excellent
  3. Be gone

The film (which won an award at Sundance) isn’t something cooked up from nothing in the brain of a Hollywood scriptwriter.

It’s actually a biopic of a man named Duncan North, who the scriptwriters became intimately familiar with (pun intended – he slept with one of the writers & actresses when she was in her early 20s – the one who plays his counterpart Dex’s main love interest in the film, Syd. Another fun note: Dex’s house in the movie was actually Duncan’s house in real life).

Here’s how they described Duncan in an interview:

He’s a good-looking heavy guy. You wouldn’t suspect him of being any sort of lothario. One friend of his told him if he lost a little weight maybe he could get some women. And he said, dude, I’ve had more women than you’ll ever have in your life. Another time, Duncan had this really good-looking roommate and they ended up liking the same woman. The good-looking guy said, “You’ll never get her.” And of course she went for Duncan.

Jenniphr Goodman, the lead scriptwriter, lived with her husband and Duncan for 1.5 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and while there she picked his brain on his approach to life and women.

The result was The Tao of Steve, and Dex’s (Donal Logue’s) three rules for success with women, a sort of boiled down, structured approach to Duncan North’s method.

Many guys have gotten a lot out of the movie. One online quote about from a now-deleted Reddit board reads

The first time I saw the Tao of Steve, it had a major effect on my game. In fact, it was the first time I had really thought about game and why and how it works. I had always been vaguely aware of the fact that some people simply held more attraction than others, and that this attraction didn’t neatly correlate to physical appearance. But the idea that a person could actually learn and perfect the art of attraction, regardless of their physical appearance, was a new, and captivating, concept for me.

What’s so great about the Tao of Steve?

I’m going to put the Tao of Steve under a microscope in this series.

It’s a fun, different method from most of what you’ll find in modern game styles – but actually had quite a bit of influence on the early seduction community.

Seeding the Pull: Plausible Deniability

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plausible deniabilityInviting a woman home with you is an art of itself. One part of this art is giving her plausible deniability. And one part of THAT is in seeding the pull.

Hey guys. I hope you are doing well.

Today I’ll discuss a technique that will increase your odds of having her say yes to going somewhere with you—whether it’s back to your place, her place, or another bar or location.

We call this extraction or “pulling.” It’s when you move a girl from one place to another. This differs from isolation and getting her away from her friends, usually within the venue, often in night game. Isolation can be challenging because you want to move her away from her friends. And extraction is difficult because you want to leave the venue and go somewhere else, often to your place, which she may not be comfortable with for many reasons.

Note: Isolating a girl and get getting away from her friends by bringing her back to your place counts as isolation and extraction (you can isolate through extracting). Both are crucial to master.

What’s cool is that the technique shared here is useful for both isolation and extraction. However, due to isolation’s slightly different nature, I will elaborate on how to use the technique in a future post.

The best part: this technique is deadly efficient and easy to pull off. It isn’t complex or risky; even beginners can and should use it.

Let’s begin with a recap (to go straight to the technique, skip the first section and start at “Seeding the Pull”).

This post is suited for everyone, irrelevant of skillset.

If Your Girlfriend's Jealous, Should You COMPLETELY Reassure Her?

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reassure girlfriendMost guys want to reassure a jealous girlfriend that she has nothing to fear. Yet if you do too good a job at this, her attraction for you will wane.

Commenting on my article about how to handle girls grilling you over other girls (e.g., jealousy fears), Ambiance asks:

How do you feel about throwing in knowing looks or hinting at a girlfriend's jealousy when replying? I did this a lot in my most recent relationship, teasingly framing these kind of questions as my girlfriend being jealous and zealous in guarding her "prize". If she gave into these frames, I'd build her back up with physical and verbal displays of affection.

Is this overkill?

Feels like a fine thing to do, right? There’s her acting jealous… there’s the threat of other women… there’s using being flirtatious… could be a good combination, right?

But this works a little differently than you might think.

It’s actually not so much that it’s overkill, as that it suggests the man is harmless.

Why is that?

Because if she actually has anything to fear in terms of you taking other women, you’re probably not going to joke about it (unless you are just an ABSOLUTE dick). Instead you will just remove her concerns in a one-on-one basis. She’s concerned about that girl? “That girl’s not my type.” She’s concerned about you going out late? “I was with [some friend in a committed relationship] the whole time.”

You’re not saying I would never; you’re just saying, “In that particular instance nothing happened,” and moving along.

But how about if you get jokey about it? “Someone’s a little jealous, I see!” Or you give her a smirk. Well, when you do that, you signal that it’s actually silly for her to be jealous – and if it’s silly for her to be jealous, the implication is that she in fact has nothing to fear.

That is: you’re not a guy who’s going to be out taking other girls. You’re faithful. Totally. Without any doubt.

However, whether that is ACTUALLY what you want to signal to a woman is a bit of a question.