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Phone Coaching: Alek Rolstad

Even Timid Men Can Learn To Use Sex Talk To Turn Girls On In Bars And Nightclubs And Pull Them Home For Sex… Or Even Threesomes Between Two New Girls And You!

Alek Rolstad  Why would you choose Alek Rolstad as your coach and mentor?

  Well, for one, Alek has long been on of the “pick up artist” world’s true savants.

  He discovered the world of pick up artists at just 14 years old... And immediately went out to test what he learned on girls in the bars and nightclubs of Scandinavia.

  Since then, he’s traveled the world, meeting girls from Western Europe to East Asia.

  It didn’t take long for him to decide he was not a fan of the asexual methods the pick up artists used.

  Alek had no idea how asking a girl for a female opinion was supposed to make her want to sleep with you.

  But one day, he had a girl he met use sex talk on HIM.

  She was a smoking hot Danish girl, who whispered in his ear and talked to him about sexual technique… Right in front of her friend.

  And he got turned on. And he had an IDEA:

  If it worked on him, why couldn’t it work on girls, too?

  So he set himself off on a journey to perfect this “sex talk” method…

  He would make girls crazy turned on, in just a couple of minutes of conversation... By taking about sex in a very sexy way...

  Once he CRACKED this method, his entire life changed.

  No more boring conversations in bars that failed to turn him on and failed to turn the girl on.

  No more acting like he cared about things subjects he just wasn’t interested in.

  Instead, all he had to do was walk up to a girl and start to talk about his favorite topic: sex…

  Because, as Alek fast discovered, sex was also GIRLS’ favorite topic, too.

  And within minutes, he’d have girls saying, “Oh my God, totally,” and, “You are so right”…

  And getting more and MORE turned on…

  Not only did this start to get him a ton of sex, in a hurry (it’s not rare for Alek to take a girl home 30 minutes after he’s begun his night)…

  But it led him to stumble right into the easiest way ever devised to get hot girls to become total nymphomaniacs in bed... For no-strings, hedonistic, passionate sex... All the kinky sex you’d imagine, even threesomes!

  And he’s been teaching these secrets to the few men willing to listen (most guys just don’t even think girls like sex, or want in threesomes... Even though threesomes are among women’s top sexual fantasies) ever since.


What Makes ‘Sex Talk’ So Flexible (And HER So Wet)

  Sex talk is a topic you can transition to from almost anything.

  You could talk about her hair and comment about how nice it is when girls keep their hair down and free.

  And then about how unfair it is we can’t be free about ourselves all the time (then: onto sexual freedom).

  You could talk about how ‘liberating’ the vibe of the venue is.

  How people act wilder and more their true selves with strangers.

  Or any of a million other transitions. You don’t NEED an opening.

  You create one. Alek can teach you how to sexualize any interaction. He also has some canned routines for interactions that pose a challenge.

  And once you’re on the topic of sex talk, you use it to demonstrate four (4) things:

  1. That you are a sexually proficient lover

  2. That you are a sexually open-minded lover

  3. That you are a discreet lover

  4. That you ‘get’ her and are a part of the ‘secret society’

  The ‘secret society’ is a club every girl belongs to.

  In this club, sex is FUN, women LIKE hooking up, and sexy, anonymous men are TOOLS... Women value these men for their penises, and the good times they’re able to provide them.

  They meet a secret society guy, hook up with him for wild, dirty, raunchy sex…

  And then they go back all prim and proper to their regular lives the next day as if nothing ever happened.

  What Alek does with sex talk... And what he can teach YOU to do... Is communicate in no uncertain terms that you are one of these ‘secret society’ men to enjoy no frills sex with.

  Sex talk is when you share stories about past sexual encounters... Or climb onto your soapbox to tell her how unfair it is that society represses her sexuality. The main idea behind it is:

  • You liberate her sexually

  • Release her inner nymph

  • And make the most PASSIONATE sex happen... For her... With YOU

  If you’re more of a nervous guy, here’s the cool bit: you don’t actually risk rejection at all.

  That’s because you all you do is talk about your experiences and tell her how unfair society is to her.

  This is not the nerve-wracking “direct method”... Where you walk up to a girl, say something naughty, and HOPE for a good response...

  At no point do you actually SAY, “Hey, I want to do these things to you.”

  You don’t have to.

  Instead, you talk about sex like as if it was a totally ordinary topic.

  We are grownups after all, right? :)

  Follow Alek’s approach to sex talk, and before long she will say to herself, “God, I want him to do this to me.”

  And then, at that point, all you have to do is ASK.


How Alek Got So GOOD

  Some say Alek’s “regular” childhood stopped at 14. The seduction community quite literally “raised him up”... And today, we see the results.

  Yet as smart and determined as Alek is, he didn’t get there all on his own.

  Alek knew from the get-go that if you want to excel at something, you find someone way ahead of you at it... And you convince him to train you.

  Alek learned the Art of Seduction the Old School way, just like Chase. That is, he joined the old pickup community, went out extensively, and learned from the best minds in the field.

  His youth and dedication attracted other members of the community to mentor him, and soon Alek had attracted a number of veteran mentors.

  And after a long period of going out, trial and error, and plenty of failures... And with the guidance and inspiration of the masters, and the formative experience of that hot Danish girl who’d whispered in his ear... He at last discovered his magic bullet: sex talk...

  In addition to sex talk, Alek also developed his physical abilities, including:

  How to get girls doing crazy physical things with you on the dance floor…

  How to make a girl sexual in as short an amount of time as possible…

  Even how to turn girls on with body language alone…

  All this training put a young Alek on course to become one of Europe’s legendary seducers.

  Without the early mentorship from the best minds of the old pickup community, he might never have reached the heights he has.. Where he effortlessly peels girls off of their groups and back to his apartment or hotel... Or just brings both girls back with him for a little three-way fun...

  And while all those old mentors of his have retired from the game and retreated from teaching, Alek has decided to open himself up more, for a limited time, to sharing what he knows how to do with students.

  This is for guys who want to be able to talk about sex and turn girls on...

  Guys who want to not only get hot girls, but liberate hot girls sexually and get the sex both parties desire...

  It’s for guys who want to pull girls home from nightclubs with them...

  And make two female strangers join them in having a raunchy, fluid-flinging threesome...

  (And Alek’s not just a nightclub guy, either. His methods work on dates, during day game [which he does too]... You name it, this stuff works there)

  If you’re a guy who wants to do any of those things...  Or all of them...  Now you can call on Alek for help to learn how to do just that.


Alek’s 4 Steps To Unlock Her Sexuality

  Can a normal guy go from being “just a dude”... Into becoming THAT GUY women want to play out their fantasies with?

  And become the guy women USE for sex?

  The guy women want to experiment sexually with?

  He can, of course. However, first we have to ask him:

  Is he ready to explore her deepest sexual being?

  If yes, then sex talk and sexual framing is THE ticket to wild nights... Filled with beautiful naked bodies, fluids everywhere, and moans of pure delight.

  Alek can give you abilities that allow you to explore a the entire world of female sexuality:

  • Wild sex the first night you meet her

  • Women who explore their sexuality with you

  • Women who grow curious and willing to experiment with extremely kinky stuff... With YOU…

  • Deeper sexual bonds with women you have just met... And relationships based on sexual openness

  • Threesomes

  In fact, Alek is the single most KNOWLEDGEABLE instructor on threesomes alive right now.

  No one else teaches them to the level of step-by-step detail and go-out-and-do-it repeatability Alek does.

  All you do is just cut-and-paste his method.

  The first step to becoming THAT GUY women act out their fantasies with has to do with understanding.

  Alek will give you his best mindests, views, and realities – all the mindsets, views, and realities you must have to become a girl’s secret fantasy.

  You will also come to understand women... And their needs.

  The second step is awareness of DYNAMICS.

  This awareness gives you a deep grasp of how a seduction needs to unfold.

  This way you will be able to know what to do or say, and when to do or say it.

  Dynamics are what make the whole system almost REJECTION PROOF.

  The third step consists of the mechanics.

  Alek can teach you his BEST techniques that liberate women sexually, and release their inner beasts.

  And the fourth step: sealing the deal.

  This is where Alek gives you his most prized approaches to close the deal and get to sex with girls... And do it all in a way that’s smooth and genuine.


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  Coaching is the SINGLE greatest way to leapfrog ahead of the competition…

  To be able to go out there and get the results with girls that all your buddies stand around and cannot believe.

  Just imagine what that’d be like.

  You’ve gone out to your favorite bar, club, or party and then you spot two cute girls at a table by themselves.

  You know you want both girls. You’re not sure if you can GET both girls, because, well… You’ve never done it before.

  Or maybe you just want to have one of them… And to enjoy her THE WAY she truly wants to be enjoyed by a man… And have the wildest sex of your life.

  Once you’ve talked to Alek, you know all the steps intellectually.

  Now it’s just down to whether you can make it happen or not.

  So, you walk up to them, say hello, and within a minute you’ve launched into Alek’s famous sex talk.

  The girls eat it up. They take the bait. Right away, they’re talking to you with excitement.

  You keep that balance going, to make sure you give each girl the attention she needs, so both girls stay focused on you.

  And you can see them get more and more turned on as you talk to them. It’s really working.

  After about 20 minutes, or even less, you see loads of signs that they are super comfortable with you... And super horny.

  If you turn them on anymore here, they might EXPLODE.

  (This is what Alek refers to as “The Point of No Return”)

  So, you tell them let’s get out of here. You’ve got a bottle of wine back at your apartment and the three of you can all share it there.

  And you hear the girl(s) say “yes”.

  It’s completely within your reach.

  You just have to grasp it.

  Sign up to for your first hour with Alek today, and let’s bring this into your reality:


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