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Hone Your Meet-to-Lay Ratio | Coach w/ Alek Rolstad

What would you give for a sky-high meet-to-lay ratio?

That is, if for every 5-10 women you approached with intent to seduce, at least one of them ended up in your bed?

meet-to-lay ratioRaise your ratio and raise your number of bedmates.

In this podcast interview, I speak with master seducer Alek Rolstad about how to bring your meet-to-lay ratio down and take more girls to bed.

We also discuss Alek's own story, the art of sexual prizing (and many wrinkles thereof), and the three (3) spots Alek's opened up for coaching students and what coaching with him entails.

Here's the interview:

Covered in this interview:

  • How lockdowns in Europe have affected Alek’s game (01:19)
  • How Alek’s bounced back quickly from lockdowns and laid new girls right away each time lockdowns are lifted (02:33)
  • Why do most guys who cold approach women have to deal with so much rejection? (04:53)
  • When girls reject guys they actually like (07:26)
  • On guys being either TOO sexual with women… or not nearly sexual ENOUGH (08:57)
  • The need for efficiency AND consistency in your sexual approach toward women (12:45)
  • Doing sex talk PROPERLY and avoiding the “sex talk didn’t turn her on” problem (14:04)
  • How long does it take Alek’s students to get SMOOTH using sex talk? (15:56)
  • Alek’s story: how he became one of the most prominent & skilled seducers in the world (19:07)
  • Alek’s one regret after 16 years in the game (22:20)
  • What stays fresh and exciting in a pickup even after many years picking up new girls (24:13)
  • Most guys stop picking up after a while to have girlfriends, start families, and so on. What’s kept Alek at seduction for so long? (25:01)
  • What is meet-to-lay ratio? How has Alek’s changed over the years? What does he see happen with his students’ meet-to-lay ratios over time? (26:29)
  • Sex Talk Rule #2: Be dirty, but not too much. How can beginners gauge how much is too little or too much? (29:37)
  • Sex Talk Rule #7: Leave a girl wanting more (more sex talk, that is). How do you do this? (32:30)
  • What a Seduction Gambit is, and exactly why it’s so important students get used to using them (35:53)
  • The “secret sauce” behind Alek’s ability to weave new, powerful sex talk gambits that ENAMOR women (39:16)
  • Sexual Prizing: what it is and just HOW it works to get women CHASING you for sex (42:33)
  • What women DO once you’re sexually prized; how to recognize a girl is now chasing you to hook up (45:39)
  • Alek discusses some of the RESULTS students of his have achieved in the past (49:38)
  • “Perverted Purity” Gambit: a brand new fused sex talk gambit (55:17)
  • What Alek has students focus on (beyond just the words) when teaching them sex talk gambits (59:45)
  • Alek’s “BSL” method for getting girls HOOKED into conversation with you (62:23)
  • Why students so often NEGLECT the very crucial pickup step of Locking In (66:29)
  • Alek lays out what types of students would NOT be qualified for coaching with him (67:32)
  • Alek’s ideal student: the kind of student who will get the most out of training with Alek (70:02)
  • A summary of everything students get when coaching with Alek (73:34)

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