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Gunwitch | Basics of Seduction MMA (Podcast)

Chase Amante

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics!

Today I speak with someone who has been highly recommended to me by several author-seducers I know (including Alek Rolstad here on Girls Chase), as he was one of the pioneers of the entire pickup artist universe two decades ago.

Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and Neil Strauss. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use of body-states to attract and arouse women. Perhaps you know how powerful a certain vibe can be, but by and large, Gunwitch teaches ways for guys to become exactly what they seek, embodying an emotion within themselves that can be so powerful, women feel it and absorb it.

In this episode, we’re going to cover the basics of Gunwitch’s Seduction MMA – how to use sub-communication with sexual arousal, emotional stimulation, and social frames to make girls work for you and chase after you. This podcast is all about using effective mixed systems efficiently, and using mental toughness and frame dominance to influence a girl’s state of mind.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s actually very powerful stuff. It can give you the ability to make girls chase after you simply because they’re infatuated with and enamored by you. I’d say that’s a pretty cool skill for a man to have!


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