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Why You Can Get Hotter Women with Same-Day Lays

same-day lays
Your best chance to have sex with a girl is on the day you first meet. Going for same-day lays will net you a better meet-to-lay ratio and even get you hotter girls.

Hey, guys. Today I have a follow-up to my post about the typical ways most guys meet girls (online and social circle). My conclusion was that men are usually shooting themselves in the foot by picking such strategies.

I will share an opinion that is likely not discussed much on the web and list several reasons why same-day lays can (1) get you laid more consistently, and (2) score you hotter chicks.

The reason we don’t see this discussed much could be that same-day lays may be looked down on by moralist forces. Women do not want to talk positively about it, as they take pride in “never having slept with a guy on a first date” (which is usually bull crap). Men, in the last ten years, have become more moralist than ever.

From my time on pickup forums, I have seen a decline in not only same-day lay reports, but also noticed that discussions seem to focus more on dates and second meetups. Why has the interest in pulling the girl right away declined? It is an interesting sociological question worth investigating.

But examining that trend is not my task for today. My task is to give you reasons why I believe same-day lays to be superior (in my opinion) than dates, or second and third meetups. By second meetups, I am referring to having sex with a girl the second time you see her, just to make it clear.

When I look at my own lay statistics, I've had much more success going for same-day lays than grabbing numbers and meeting girls later. I have had success with both, but my results with same-day lays have always been significantly better, even as a beginner and an intermediate. I started young, and banging girls at parties was my only option. So I had to focus on same-day lays because going on dates was not possible because I had nowhere to bring the girl (except when my parents were away).

But even later, when I got my own logistics, or at least the girls I met had their own place, I still had more success going for the pull the same day or night of meeting them. Here are my (rough) stats:

  • I lost my virginity with a same-day lay

  • In my first four years of sexual activity, approximately 75% of my lays were same-day lays

  • In my last three years, I only had sex with four girls for the first time on a second date. Yes, I have only been on four dates the previous three years. Think about that for a bit!

  • The hottest girls I have been with have been same-day lays

I will list why I believe same-day lays are superior; however, note that there is a certain bias about my results. I intentionally opt for same-day lays because I love them. I will also share the reasons why same-day lays are awesome. Hopefully, I will clear up some misconceptions. But first, let's get practical.


Why Same-Day Lays Work

First, we will discuss the practical benefits of same-day lays – why they increase your odds of laying beautiful girls. I believe that same-day lays are a smarter way of pulling girls now than ten years ago because of technological changes. Before I get to that, let's look at the most obvious benefit of same-day lays.

Control over the interaction.

When you meet a girl and are with her, you have the most control over the interaction. Your voice affects her, the content of your words plays a role, and your physical presence makes everything real. You can touch her and look into her eyes while you get closer to her. You feel more real to her, and hopefully, if you do things right, she will be caught up in the moment.

No matter what strategy you opt for, two things always happen with a successful pickup:

She is feeling the night; maybe she is feeling happy. Perhaps you managed to trigger good emotions in her – maybe you made her horny.

As a result, her compliance is up.

Now, say you take her number at this point and opt to meet up again before having sex.

The next day she will be in a different mood and a different environment, and you will NOT be there to affect her mood (sexual state). Her compliance will be lower, sometimes to the point of not giving a damn about you. For women, hooking up with a guy is a mood thing, and when you leave her, you will no longer be in control over the outcome. You may also lose the great vibe caused by the environment of meeting her in a club or at a cool event.

She is on her own, and her mood can go full ping-pong. And your only tool to bring her mood up is – TEXTING.

I have had arguments about this – guys claiming it is all about good texting skills.

Sure, texting is a major part of the game and can be useful. But texts cannot under any circumstances match the effect of you being present next to her.

same-day laysTexts only have superficial content, but face-to-face you can:

And so on.

If you grab her number and leave her, you will lose access to these tools – and all you will be stuck with is her having a clumsy memory of you and your witty texts.

Her mood may change, but it's much less likely because you're missing all those tools.

More likely, you'll end up back here looking for reasons why “she's not answering” or “she flaked!”

The truth is, even great seducers run into these issues, because we cannot increase her compliance without having a chance to use our best tools. It is like giving a martial artist only his little finger to defend himself.

But when you go for the same-day pull, you have all the tools at your disposal! Also, you can surf on the good, positive momentum you have created. When she is in the mood, it's best to capitalize on it then and there.

And this, gentlemen, is a big reason why skilled seducers go mostly for same-day lays and are more consistent.

Is it always possible to go for a same-day pull? No, but in that case, you just take her number – as a last resort.

Can you do same-day pulls during the day time? Absolutely. It is a bit harder, but statistically speaking, your odds at getting girls will always be lower if you go the phone number route.

Learn how to get same-day lays, and you will see that it is easier to pull off and is more consistent than going for the numbers.


Technology and Social Media

But it doesn’t stop there. Most young girls these days are obsessed with social media. They have Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Their phone is buzzing all the time. Guys validate them left and right through social media.

Hot girls these days are overstimulated with attention.

same-day lays
Them hotties got their asses buzzin’ with validation all day.

And here you are, trying to outcompete her 1,200 Instagram followers (and some girls have much more than that), her busy Snapchat, and her best friends texting her... then here's this guy (you) she barely remembers with a “Hey Katie, nice to meet you last night” text.

Well, dude, it ain’t happening unless she is horny or really into you (maybe you made a REALLY great impression, but even then, you will fight an uphill battle).

Some of you may say, “Okay, maybe I should call her then.” Good call, but sadly, calling is somewhat out of fashion. Things have become so dehumanized that even a phone call is too much for young girls. Calling? That’s what Mom or Granny does.

I do recommend calling her, however; and if that does not pan out, text her.

But even better, just dodge the whole problem: same-day lays. Then it does not matter much how many followers she has on Instagram or how overstimulated she is when she is alone on her phone. Because now you are with her, and hopefully you make her forget about her phone.


7 Cool Facts About Same-Day Lays

Here are seven reasons why I love same-day lays.

  • The ability to switch girls – things go south? No problem; you can always go up to the next girl in a club or party. Even during the daytime, you can leave her, approach somebody else, and do your best – although it is not as convenient as nighttime.

  • It is super exciting – you get to be spontaneous and adventurous with the girl. She is a stranger, and you are a stranger to her. You just met, and here you are screwing. It truly never ceases to amaze me how fun that is.

  • You get to experience a full pickup in one go from opening to banging. I enjoy seeing the continuity of it.

  • You get to bang hotter girls – again, the hotter she is and the more followers she has, and the harder it is to get her attention. That is, unless you meet her in person through a cold approach, then her normal “mode” does not apply.

  • Better meet-to-lay ratios – because you are in control. If you are good with women, you want to be in situations where results depend on you and not on luck or external factors.

  • Better sex – I kid you not. Good sex comes from either wild spontaneous acts or longer-term relationships. The day two thing is at the bottom of the list. Not saying all same-day lays will be good, but when they are, they blow your mind and hers.

  • Wilder stories – Oh yes! 90% of this community’s crazy escapades usually took the form of a same-day lay.

same-day lays
With passion so hot that it got two strangers here the same day they met... that’s a recipe for some mind-blowing sex.

Now let’s go through a list of false beliefs regarding same-day lays.


5 Myths About Same-Day Lays

Many guys stay away from same-day lays because they either believe they are hard or harder to get than other forms of pulls or because they have some “moral” motivation to not go for it. Let’s break down some of the common misconceptions.

  • Getting a same-day lay is hard. Sometimes it is. Girls who have crappy logistics or put up a lot of resistance will be harder to pull; I will not deny that. Sometimes it is better to grab a number if the pull is not possible. But other times, same-day lays are the easiest thing to get – they can happen in 10 minutes to two hours with little or no work (it is called “getting lucky”). Sometimes they are somewhere in-between. Are they hard to get? Yes and no. What I know for sure is that getting a girl on a day two is harder, and your chances are likely worse than your meet-to-same-day-lay ratio. That’s a fact.

  • Same-day lays require me to be up late. Yes, true. But you are having a good time. You probably stay up late for much less fun things.

  • Only sluts have same-day lays. That's actually not accurate. “Horny women” have sex on the first night. It is your job to get her there. If you think a girl on Instagram showing her tits and ass is purer because she did not screw you on the first night, then think again. Also, I have had same-day lays with all types of women. There are those who come off as particularly slutty (who usually turn out to be the least sexual), then there's the opposite: the nerdy cock-loving girls.

  • Can I get a same-day lay from day game? Yes, but you should take her on an instant date first.

  • The big one: I like to connect with the women I screw. Okay, I get it, because so do I. It is not about how much time you spend with the girl that defines how well you connect, but the quality of the time and the shared experience. The latter plays a key role. During a night out, you will share more experiences than most people do on dates – you are on an “adventure,” remember?

So that’s it. Let’s recap this article.



In this post, we discussed why same-day lays are awesome.

But more importantly, it is the easier way to get laid consistently with hot women, as you are more in control over the outcome than if you go on dates. The main takeaway is that, with same-day lays, you can kiss all the problems with girls not responding to your texts or with flaking goodbye.

At the same time, you will have more fun and enjoy the benefits in a shorter amount of time.

To me, that is a win-win.

And it is not that much harder to pull off if you know some key secrets.

How do I get same-day lays? Here's a start!

In addition, I’ve dedicated 80% of my technical posts to this, and you can read some of my lay reports (here and here) posted on this blog.

Questions and comments are welcome.

Until next,


Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



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