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What Makes Winter a Tougher Time to Meet Girls

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Alek Rolstad's picture

Hi there everyone. I hope you are all doing great. This post is about seasonal differences in pick up. I have mentioned in earlier posts (especially in the one about the 5 factors of successful pick up) that things such as HER mood and YOUR mood play a drastic role in seduction.

meet girls winter

If her mood is right, and she is feeling all happy and horny, getting laid will be way easier than if she isn’t really feeling it that day. Here are some examples of mental states she can be in where she will feel more open to having sex with you:

  • Horny (duh)

  • Open to meeting new people

  • Adventurous

Now, on the other hand, consider those more negative states – you will see that pulling off a lay will become much harder in these circumstances.

  • She’s on her period

  • She feels tired

  • She is pissed off

Similarly, your chances of getting laid will increase if you are feeling great – and there are many reasons for that:

  • You will have a stronger presence: i.e., everything you do will come across as more powerful, and you will get away with more (even when you are less calibrated)

  • You can become more ballsy: which helps, because many times we men sometimes lack the balls to do what has to be done

  • You will have more momentum and more drive: which will help you create more opportunities (by for example approaching more women)

Where I am currently living right now, in Scandinavia, winter has taken over. You might be from a different part of the world, where you never see any snow, never experience the eternal darkness and cold – if you live in such place, this post might not be for you, and honestly, I envy you for that.


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