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How to Get Laid Every Time, Part I

how to get laidThere aren’t many things more frustrating than picking up a beautiful girl, getting her phone number, going out on a date with her, bouncing home together, making out on the bed and getting each other all aroused…

…only to be stopped at the last second!

Maybe she won’t let you take off her panties, or maybe she’ll stop you at her bra… maybe she’ll block you every time you move towards the erogenous zones, or maybe she’ll simply tell you that she won’t sleep with you.

It’s like playing a video game for hours and hours and then losing your last life to the final boss fight… and there is no "save" feature!

This inability to consistently get a girl in bed is an upper-intermediate sticking point… it’s not something you’ll run into a lot when you’re still struggling to summon up your guts to approach girls in the first place.

But it’s also something that is going to happen less and less once you figure out how to get laid with girls consistently.

Personally, I went nuts when I was working on this sticking point… it really IS the most frustrating stage of your learning curve as a seducer, because you end up with blue balls every time!

Let’s see if we can save you from some of that swelling to the point of agony….

For the good of all mankind.


A Sexual vs. a Romantic Relationship

Prevention is better than cure… a lot of times, a girl will simply resist your advances because she’s not sure whether you’re looking for a romantic or a purely sexual relationship.

So why is this a problem?

Well, a lot of men have a tendency to want to be with a dirty "slut" sexually, but they eventually want to get into a serious relationship with a lily white "good girl".

These guys seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee…

EVERY girl has BOTH those sides to her personality – at least to a certain extent. And even 99% of otherwise “good girls” still have sexual fantasies about all kinds of crazy things they’d never admit to their future husband....

…things like gang bangs and rape and lesbian sex.

Read Nancy Friday if you doubt me…

… but they all have a wild side SOMEWHERE.

Now, on a scale from one to 10, how helpful would it be in your efforts to learn how to get laid predictably if we could get a girl to just SHOW us that wild side of hers in the decisive moment?


Well, fortunately there are two ways to do this… and ideally, you want to do them both.

  1. The first way is to communicate to her that you don’t suffer from this polarity in how you view women… that you’re aware of women’s high sex drive, and that you don’t judge them for it.
  1. The second way is to frame your relationship with her as sexual as opposed to romantic… if she knows that you like being single and have no intentions of getting into a serious relationship, then she won’t have to worry about presenting herself as good girlfriend material.

Read my article about being a sexual man for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do frame yourself sexually.

Keep in mind that you can still take a sexual relationship and turn it into a romantic one later…

…going the other way, however, is extremely difficult – which is why you always want to start out with a sexual frame and then move to a romantic frame later, if you think she’s the right girl for that.


“But I Don’t Even Know You”

This might well be THE most common thing you get to hear when a girl gives you resistance at the last minute… especially when you’re trying to sleep with her on the first date, or the first night you’ve met.

And probably the most famous technique to get a girl to stop freezing you out sexually is to freeze her out emotionally.

If she won’t play ball, you disengage and stop caressing her… you don’t pout, you don’t argue… you simply say that it’s okay, and then you stop all intimacy and talk to her as if there was no male female dyanmic going on  AT ALL.

In most situations, she will soon crave your touch and reinitiate… and then you can take it a bit further than when she stopped you.

In most situations… except for this one.

how to get laid

If a girl objects to having sex with you because “she doesn’t even know you”, it’s really not a good idea to freeze her out. It’s a legitimate concern on her part… you screwed up on the date.

This objection translates to: you didn’t get to know her well enough, and you didn’t present yourself as a three dimensional human being with any depth whatsoever.

Of course filling in the canvas of your life for her can be unnecessary if you set a strong sexual frame and have enough of a sexual vibe with her… but in general, it’s a good idea to make a girl feel like she knows you a little bit and can trust you.


Weed Out the “Good Girls”

Earlier, I said that every girl has a wild side, and that even good girls enjoy it rough in bed sometimes… with the right guy.

That is true… however, some girls are definitely more liberal than others… and the more conservative ones are going to make you do more of a song and dance to get into their pants.

If you want to shortcut that, you can simply screen for the most sexually open girls before you even get into much of a conversation with them.

And this is something I’ve discussed in previous articles… but go a bit sexual right after you approach a girl… either via nonverbal communication or by saying something a bit raunchy.

This really helps to screen out time wasters… because here’s the thing:

Girls have different phases in their lives. There is a time when they like to party and hook up with lots of different guys, and there is a time when they wish they had a serious relationship.

The girls in the party phase are easy to find at bars… if you do day game and approach women by day, however, it’s going to be a mixed bag and you will get both types of girls.

And the girl in search of a serious relationship might give you some grief if you try to get her to put out on the first date… so a simple way to deal with last minute resistance is to simply screen those kinds of girls out early.

They won't respond well to sexual comments right after the opener… which is what you WANT.


Boyfriend Material!

Another way to trigger resistance to sex in a girl quite consistently is being too high value.


Counter intuitive, I know… but it happens.

In fact, I had a friend who was amazing at picking up girls… and also at sexualizing the interactions. He had girls ALL OVER him at the bar, and good and ready to go.

But as soon as he brought them back to his penthouse apartment, the girls immediately thought:

“Wow… boyfriend material!”

So much for the hook up… His girls always started playing hard to get as soon as they found out how wealthy he was, simply because they wanted to make sure they’d be able to keep him around.

This kind of last minute resistance had me totally stumped for the longest time… how the hell are you supposed to get your value just right?

If it’s too low, she won’t be interested in you… and if it’s too high, you won’t be gettin’ any cause she wants to keep you around for the long haul!

Very frustrating… it poses the question of how to get laid when she thinks you're too good for that?

But there is a pretty simple answer. Framing helps, as I discussed above…

But if despite your best efforts you still run into this kind of problem, here’s a tactical nuke to crack open even fallout shelter resistance…

Tell her that you guys should be just friends!

That’s right… cause here’s the thing. She REALLY likes you. She thinks you’re a KEEPER. So if you let her know that not putting out will ruin her chances of keeping you, there’s only one thing left for her to do…



Case Study: How to Get Laid

Here’s a transcript of a conversation I had with a girl when she told me that she didn’t want to sleep with me the first night because she liked me too much.

Talk about female logic… sigh.

"But every time I hook up with a guy the first night, things go wrong. You really have to understand my side..."

"No, I understand, and that's cool, and I think it will be great if we're just friends. We have awesome conversations, and you're great… you're really pretty and smart and cool to talk to, so I'll introduce you to some cool guys. I already know who I'm gonna hook you up with :)"

"It's not that I don't like you... I really do like you... I've just made bad experiences before."

"I understand, sweetie… and I really like you too… but you know, maybe if we don’t have the kind of chemistry with each other where we can’t keep our hands off of each other, then maybe we really should be just friends… and that’s okay."

"Hmm..." (she touches my belly) "... do you shave your belly?"


"Hmmm... and do you shave down there too?"

"I do."


"Why do you ask?"

"I love that..."

"Because then it slides aaaaaalll the way in?"


"Do you want to feel it? Just feel it..." (I take her hand and lead it down there)


"See, it's not even hard anymore from all this talk about friendship."

"So it gets even bigger when it's really hard?"

"Yeah... touch it…"


At this point, I take a drop of pre cum, put it on my finger and put my finger in her mouth… and escalate to the Full Monty.

And this is the final secret weapon… the final ace up your sleeve for overcoming resistance to intimacy: Take a girl’s hand and put it on your cock!

I know it sounds crazy… but it REALLY works.

Chicks go nuts when they have a cock in their hands… it just makes them incredibly horny.

Here’s another important point. Usually if a girl who really likes you resists your sexual advances - and you then tell her to just be friends - she will often back paddle instantly.

HOWEVER, if she does not – don’t YOU backpedal then!

This is crucial… instead, just relax, and try again a couple of minutes later.

Just because you don’t see an immediate effect doesn’t mean there isn’t one.


The Bloody River

Another reason why a girl might not want to have sex with you is simply because she’s on her period and embarrassed about it.

But the interesting thing is that girls don’t really mind having sex on their period… they’re just worried that YOU might be grossed out.

So get over it big boy, it’s really not a big deal… and if you let her know that it isn’t, she’ll be fine with it too.

So if none of the above techniques work, ask her if she’s on her period…

And if she is, simply reframe it as a TURN-ON.

For me, my first girlfriend always got extremely horny during that time of the month… which is why I somehow have it associated to some of the wildest nights of my life… and why I think it’s a massive turn-on.

Try telling a girl something like that if she brings up the gore objection… you’ll be surprised to find that 95% of girls really don’t mind at all having sex on ther periods.

But do put a towel on the bed… you don’t want to get the sheets TOO messy. :)


She’s Got A Secret…

how to get laidAnother big reason why a girl might not want to sleep with you is that she’s actually got a boyfriend that she hasn’t told you about.

This is most likely the case if she can’t articulate the reason why she doesn’t want to sleep with you…

…and if none of the above works at all.

Honestly, there isn’t a consistent way to deal with this – if she’s got some principles that she wants to stick by, then she might just do that.

What you CAN do, however, is communicate that it’s cool and that you’re not trying to be her boyfriend… as long as she knows that there won’t be a conflict later when you’re trying to take his place, she might just go for it.

Especially if she’s had a fight with him and/or had something to drink…

(Remember that and be careful with those two things if YOU’RE ever in a relationship and have a fight with your girl!)

You can try to get her so aroused that she loses control… but really, that will just give her a way to rationalize doing something she wants to do anyway. And that’s one of the biggest secrets about how to get laid: if she wants it, she’s really just waiting for you to make her feel the emotions she needs to allow it to happen.

At the end of the day it’s all up to her in this situation.

She either wants to cheat on her boyfriend, or she doesn’t.

Make sure you check out the second part of this series, "How to Get Laid Every Time, Part II," where we’ll talk about taking her game away, plausible deniability, blaming HER for your attraction and desire... and more.

Onward and upward,


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