How to Manage Your Friends as You Learn Seduction, Pt. 2: Shady Men | Girls Chase

How to Manage Your Friends as You Learn Seduction, Pt. 2: Shady Men

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Varoon Rajah's picture

manage friends while learning seduction
You’ve approached a hot girl and the seduction is going well, then some “friend” of yours swoops in and steals her. Here’s what to watch out for to avoid babe theft.

Welcome back to my series about how to manage your circle of friends as you get better with women! It’s one of the most aggravating problems men face as they increase their skillset and get with more higher-quality women. They eventually realize they’ll need to upgrade their group of male friends to follow their progress.

In Part 1, we talked about how many men are unfortunately clueless or dumb when it comes to women. Their lack of knowledge can make things awkward if you’re trying to do something with your girl, like maintaining a solid frame. With clueless and dumb friends, one split second mistake can affect you and your woman for months. The clueless friend will either downplay their actions or can’t fathom why their actions could have a serious impact. After all, they are typically hanging out with friends for the good times and will do nothing to impact their stake in the game.

Today we cover a more serious type of male friend: the conniving and shady friend, who uses you as a crutch to get the woman you are gaming. Shady friends often use the powerful tool of state transference to take a girl you approached, gamed, or even slept with and dated to twist the situation and get her for himself. As you can imagine, things can get ugly.


Risenin2019's picture

Swear, this has been my experience 10/10 times when befriending Italians, all of them are like this.

Varoon Rajah's picture

I generally think traditional "machismo" societies and men (such as Italians, and Latinos) have a great chance of being shady. At the same time, these guys also learn how to fend off aggressive guys in the process, which makes them better overall at it.

1984's picture

Man, that was fucked up what your cousin did... and I would have done the same thing as you did and cut him off from my life.

and amrit's friend is extremely fucked up. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

anyway thanks once again for your series of articles on managing your friends. It has been eye-opening and sobering as well.

Varoon Rajah's picture

Definitely is sobering when you realize you have a useful skill that other men want to take advantage of ;)

Jerry's picture

Hey Varoon, a bit off topic here, but do you mind doing an article on how to steer an interaction into a cuckold. Some girls are just really cute but tend to be out with their boyfriend. Any tips for how to engage the couple such that the guy is cool with you cucking his gal? Bizarre request, I know, but just something I would like to do as challenge one of these days.

Also the "Learn how to spot girls who want you to say hi" pop up is reducing my Android browser window a great deal hence it's not possible to read articles full screen. The main problem is the new pop up beneath it that does not allow the opportunity to hit the "no" button so as to enable full screen. Hope you can do something about this.

Otherwise, cheers mate!

Hasta luego!

OhDatAtownlol's picture

Dude is from Atlanta, shady behavior is the DNA of that city, be weary of this when dealing with white and black guys from there too. The culture is quite repressed with the fake Christianity act people pull, most locals are passive-aggressive, women quite stuck up, and the dating culture is a fucking mess that resembles more Middle East than the US.

Somehow the locals are left sex hungry and wanting it more due to how big image is in that city but at the same time, that whole thing conflicts with the religious self-righteous attitudes. You'd have faced the same shit if he was white.

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