Wealthy Lifestyle Game: How to Get Laid when You Have Money, Pt. 1 | Girls Chase

Wealthy Lifestyle Game: How to Get Laid when You Have Money, Pt. 1

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how to get laid when you have money
My previous article was about getting laid while broke. Now let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum – wealthy lifestyle game – and how to make the best of it.

In my last article, we covered a popular topic on the Girls Chase boards about the art of poor and broke man game.

This popular style of game is immensely successful and powerful. It involves influencing a girl with your vibe and attractive behavior, regardless of how successful you are in life. A major benefit is that you start directly at the lover category in the girl’s eyes as you move forward by providing good emotions and elicit sexual feelings to progress sexually.

Most "ladies men" tend to fall into the poor/broke category. Others include bartenders, artists, musicians, adventurers, tour guides, and frat boys. And as I mentioned, poor/broke game is not to be confused with deadbeats, who instead repel women no matter how hard they try.

Now let’s talk about the counterpart to poor/broke game: the wealthy lifestyle game. Some guys dream about this category. At the end of the wealthy spectrum, we have the Dan Bilzerians, Elon Musks, NBA basketball players, and sports legends, plus many seducers and coaches in the commercial dating arena who are wealthy and successful business owners.

You don’t need to be famous and super-wealthy to benefit from this kind of game style. Guys should be more concerned with the pitfalls of dating outside the poor/broke game. Wealthy guys who don’t quickly establish themselves firmly as a lover, and are remotely attractive and cool, start to become potential providers to women, which will potentially slow down or stall courtship.

It can get tough when you’re a decently successful and good-looking guy with a stable income, nice belongings, a good job, a great place, cool friends, a car — you get the point. This type of guy is distinctly average and nothing special. Even though he’s financially better off than the poor/broke guy, he may lack the sex appeal of the average Joe.

Wealthy lifestyle game is a nuanced way of structuring your “average” middle-class life to net the most returns with women, by elevating yourself in wealth and value. I believe that this style of game and the steps below become more potent when you combine them with actual financial success. The following tips can explode in effectiveness with more money in the mix.

This doesn’t mean that with money, you can forget about attractive behavior!

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.



Grand Poonjabber's picture

Just wanted to comment and say not to be out of touch with the generation either. To old generations, wealth was a fancy car and fancy house, material things. To new generations, wealth is more image based on social media. Wealthy young people travel more, have pics of them doing more cool stuff, can even hire top notch photographers for said pics, and just are in the know-how of all the places in the city.

Too many wealthy guys are out of touch and think their sports car or material stuff can get them laid. I'd leverage the cool social circle and make her EARN having to be a part of your life. Once you do that, she will respect you more and play less games. Leverage the fuck out of social media if you are rich but do it the RIGHT way.

Don't do it the try-hard new money way flaunting material shit. Do it the cool way like one of those Instagram couples or world travelers.

You can also hide your wealth initially when meeting women and downplay it, dress the vibe of the place.

Varoon Rajah's picture

I think you bring up an excellent point! For the youngest generation, it's really IMAGE that's what's valuable, rather than real, dollar wealth!

So it's really the leverage of your social circle and your lifestyle that sells, than just your material belongings.

For this reason I think wealthy lifestyle game is the harder of the two - you literally have to have it all for it to work the best - fundamentals and attractive behavior, real wealth, and a fantastic image based on social media and your social circle - even though flaunting wealth is looked down on, you'll still need wealth to create that image.

These guys are usually not needy either, playing into her earning a spot in his life.

For the same reason, plenty of guys in the US make good money but cannot get women even if their life depended on it, because they're missing one of the key elements. And they're too needy.


YS.'s picture

This was a blast to read. Looking forward to the next article.

Varoon Rajah's picture



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