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"I'm Doing Everything to Succeed with Women but It's Still Not Working!"

Chase Amante

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doing everything pickup seduction
If it feels like you're doing everything they told you you needed to do and it's still not working... you're probably not doing everything they told you you needed to do.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Neal's picture

Hey Chase, is it good to be blocked by women on social media such as Facebook?

-The more and more a girl into a guy, the more and more she wanna shit test, and that includes blocking.
-Some girls posts images of I wanna be with a man that msgs me after I block him (from a different account).

Probably the vast majority of relationships the girl has blocked the guy before.

SZ's picture

I will admit that a do not approach that many women consistently. I took the more laid back approach, but it still baffles me that I still didn't get more lucky at all.

One thing I wanted to comment on the article, don't you think it's a little harsh to say "burn victim ugly"? I mean that's a terrible thing to happen to someone compared to being just born ugly. Just wanted to point it out because some readers might take it the wrong way and it is kind of a harsh way to label someone after having that happen to them. Just a thought.

I never knew that 40-50 approaches a week was required for nightclub game, wow!!

Idk if I even seen 20 women I wanted to talk to in a club compared to 40-50. Guess I'll lower my standards.

But yeah, I gotta do a lot more approaches and take it more seriously like this is a job, it's just hard to do when I have so many other things to worry about, it makes it hard to not think of getting girls as a hobby.

I wonder do most guys with high notch counts who dont read material have to go though all of this? Do they really talk to all these women a week consistently?

I'm making focus on talking to more girls though.


Bizzy's picture

I am sure most men fail at No.1 already, which is no surprize to me at all. I don't know many men who even approache more than say 5 women a week, if at all. I guess there are different reasons for it. Some have to deal with anxiety, lack of drive or just not feel good about it at all. What many men and expecially women don't realize is that men have fear of rejection too. Older men from the past have never been taught game or pick up because they never had to use it. So why does society expect men to do the approaching when they never have in the frst place? Your dad and your grandfather and his dad and his grandfather, they never had to approach women, they just got introduced to women and got married. Men fear rejection the same way women do, there is no difference to how women feel about rejection but women don't accept this simple truth. A male lion doesn't approach any of his lionesses, yet he still gets some action because they want to mate with him.

But I have a question: have you ever done an article about how to get sex the fastest way, without doing dates, online dating, chatting and all that stuff? I mean like, only cold approach a woman and then having sex immediately?! I used to do this in my early 20s and was actually successful a few times, but now I am older and don't feel like approaching 100 women to get a few lays. I want to approach just a few women that I think I have a shot with and then close the deal. I am just lazy now, I am sick of dating, talking, pretending and all that. Women notice me, they smile and look at me but I really don't like to take them out on dates, I just would like to take them home and have fun, like when I see a hot girl in a store.

Jamar Murray's picture

I agree. Dating is a fucking grind!

Lossanzo's picture

Hey Chase

I finally started approaching girls this month of August, so far only street stops during the day and there's something that's been puzzling me.

When I stop and open girls I like on the street with a direct compliment, a lot of them smile and seem flattered after I deliver it, but then they just say "thank you" smiling and begin moving again. This has happened a lot, in fact, it is the most common response to me. A few just say "Ok" or "Ok, thanks", don't smile and resume walking. Some of them actually stay put and give me the time to introduce myself and ask a question and after that it has been very consistent that I get their phone number after a bit of small talk.

One of them, which was very beautiful, after I gave the compliment started playing with her hair, smiling and asked me "is that all?", I introduced myself and she said "it's a pleasure" then started moving again. All the others didn't ask anything. If I ask them anything or introduce myself after they resumed walking they just say "thank you" again.

Should I do something differently or is this simply that they are not interested?

Also, so far I've only had conversations (by that I mean have at least a bit of small talk) with 5 women out of the 18 I've approached during the month of August, 4 of them gave me their phone number and the one that didn't was probably because I didn't ask, looking back at it. When you say 20 approaches per week you mean with conversations? 20 approaches per week like the ones I'm doing(no conversations on most of them) seems kind of doable but would you see that as enough for me to be improving at an ok speed?


JP's picture

I loved reading this one! This article literally sums up all the best advice I have received since I came across this site in 2010!

#1 is so true as it's all about the numbers game. I like to treat dating and meeting women like a marketing funnel. Your initial job is to get as many girls in this funnel via phone numbers and dates as you possibly can, and unless you have absolutely no game you are undoubtedly going to get some girls in bed at the bottom of the funnel. Your conversion rate might not be the best to start with, but the more your improve yourself, your game, and your physique (this was the number one game changer for me) the more likely you are to improve your conversion! However, the initial process of filling up your funnel doesn’t change!

#2 Is great advice, and when I finally understood this it saved me so much stress and headache! I am admittedly not great at day game, and although it is something I never committed to improving at, I always had the comfort of knowing that I could rely on my bar/club & online game to get me more than enough women on a regular basis. As a guy in shape I found these realms were easy for me. You can post a hot pic online or wear sexy clothing on a night out and it's easy. Alternatively you might use your intelligence and conversational skills to get girls in the day or at a networking event but this was not my forte, and I’m happy I understood and accepted this fairly quickly! 

#3 is gold and the key mindset which changed everything for me was "one girl, one vote". It saved me so much stress and made me handle any rejection like water off a duck's back. If any girl was acting flaky, or playing games I would drop them straight away as I knew the next girl would likely be a more suitable match for what I was looking for. This approach also allowed me to move faster and capitalise on more opportunities as once I had this attitude I really realised the abundant amount of new beautiful women I could meet every day.

Thanks for the great article, lots of key lessons here!!


Joshua Palmer - Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor & Online Coach!

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