Neediness Repulses Women, Abundance Mentality Makes Them Chase | Girls Chase

Neediness Repulses Women, Abundance Mentality Makes Them Chase

Chase Amante

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Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp


neediness repulses women - abundance makes them chase
Gorgeous women are harangued by clueless, needy guys since the day they blossom. That’s why they bolt at the first sign of neediness… and chase the men who “get it.”

Every woman has an ex-boyfriend who lost his mind.

The media is ripe with crimes of passion, where men transform from lovers to stalkers, or from loyal boyfriends to controlling, jealous, domineering abusers.

They ruin it for all of us.

I used to be a very needy, weak man. Wet toast. Not the alpha-god of charisma that I am today. Even though I was incredibly insecure in grade 7, I still managed to score my first “girlfriend.” It lasted a whole week!

Her name was Despi. A beautiful, rich, Greek girl from another school. Being an introverted kid, I was shocked that she wanted me to call her. A girl likes… me?

“Despi likes Tony!?” they cried. It was my induction into the upper echelons of popularity, social proofed by a girl I didn’t even know yet. Suddenly, kids invited me to parties, sports games, and sleepovers. I was part of a different game now. An adult game without a rule book.

The first night of our short affair, I sat by the telephone, petrified, but I mustered the courage to call her. It went fine, and we agreed to go to a movie. Some nineties romantic comedy.

At the film, I sat there in a state of confusion, pumped with dopamine and adrenaline, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do. I wanted to hold her hand. Can you do that? Just pick it up? Squeeze it and play with its softness? Does she like Metallica? Nintendo? Should I ask?

We didn’t meet again after that.

Fast-forward to grade 8.


Someguy's picture

I couldn't bother to continue reading after "alpha god of charisma". Zero to hero personal stories are cool and emotional exaggeration is ok too, but this crosses the line Chase never does. Bad calibration. 

Nate's picture

Been following this website for a while and have always been a fan. But I gotta say that a lot of the articles coming out now are seeming seeking to just be rehashed old content. Now not all the new articles are like that of course but if we take this one for example it really feels like this did not merit a new article. 

Now I'm not sure how to get around this and I'm certainly no blog expert so I'm afraid I can only identify a problem for now. Perhaps it would be good to test different things out. Food for thought.



BMontana's picture

Something is missing in your article. Maybe the transission, maybe something deeper. Idk where you were trying to go with this. Most of us have had a ONS here and there but that has nothing to do with having an abundance mindset or understanding women imo. I feel like red pill-Pick Up is getting  more and more repressed by the blackpill, lookism movement and even by MGTOW. The fact of the matter is women will always chose genetics and looks over game or alpha behaviour, as long as you don't come off as a creep. Money and status can open doors but they won't help much either. I am being honest, I would rather attract women through looks and personality than through alpha attitude, status and money. The first one feels more real and natural, the latter like a business deal.

000anon's picture

These type of articles make it sound as if women will randomly fall out of the sky and come into a guy's life which I have never seen happen in actual reality. Also, this article left out very important details the biggest 1 being: where the fuck is this chasing of the women supposed to be happening? How does a complete stranger just start chasing another random stranger?... Like, is a guy just walking down the sidewalk going to automatically have random women chasing him because" he has an abundant mindset"?  Do you see what I'm saying ?

Ben's picture

Obviously woman won't generally randomly start chasing you with no context. Abundance can affect how girls act towards you at any point after meeting you. So yes, you need to actually meet the girls regardless of mentalities, it's what comes (during and) after that that your behaviour makes a difference.

Same as humor, being a really nast person, or any other positive or negative character trait.


End Of Days 's picture

Tony, a few days back one of the commentors put a spotlight on you over your Illuminati and Shiva obsessions. And now complaints are pouring in over the quality of your posts. Beware my friend coz Chase has consistently sided with the readership anytime they expressed their disapproval. Etemesi, Halvor Janinke, Joseph W South and a few other authors can attest to this. So, better level up my friend. I would hate to see another GC writer fade into the shadows of oblivion. Btw I really liked Halvor's posts. They were insightful e.g that post on STEM courses was spot. Dude basically had potential but he still faced the full brunt of the readership's axe. Even Alek couldn't save him in spite of his interventions. Hope you end up becoming one of the most revered GC authors. Ciao.

Tony Depp's picture

Hi guys. 

I hear you. You've read it all, heard it all. Me too, actually. 

I'm writing 15,000 words a month on pickup, creating content for this blog, and 16 videos a month for the Youtube Channel. That as well as running my own blog, Youtube and infield coaching business.

90% (a guess) of the readers here are new, and have never read a pickup blog, as Chase advised me. I'm still figuring out who the readers here are. Some are vets, most aren't. 

As for the Illuminatti stuff, I don't control what pictures the editor chooses. I'm not a stonemason, I'm just a writer with a certain style and humor. I can't please everyone. For one guy that complains there are hundreds who aren't. If I get many complaints cause I made a joke about Crom, or Shiva, or Ganesh, then so be it I'll change my style. 

On that note I hope you enjoy future articles and continue to comment. I'm listening. I just can't please everyone. 

But I'm open to suggestion. I'll try to write more advanced stuff for you.

Sam-G's picture


I am reading GC since 2011 and I have practically read ALL articles, many of which more than once.
I am telling you that your content is great for its clarity and inspirational effect. You combine theory and practice. Additionally, you include biographical elements which have resonated with me many many times. The comments above are incoherent and incomprehensible to me. 

Keep up the great work, man.

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