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Tony, a few days back one of the commentors put a spotlight on you over your Illuminati and Shiva obsessions. And now complaints are pouring in over the quality of your posts. Beware my friend coz Chase has consistently sided with the readership anytime they expressed their disapproval. Etemesi, Halvor Janinke, Joseph W South and a few other authors can attest to this. So, better level up my friend. I would hate to see another GC writer fade into the shadows of oblivion. Btw I really liked Halvor's posts. They were insightful e.g that post on STEM courses was spot. Dude basically had potential but he still faced the full brunt of the readership's axe. Even Alek couldn't save him in spite of his interventions. Hope you end up becoming one of the most revered GC authors. Ciao.