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Hi guys. 

I hear you. You've read it all, heard it all. Me too, actually. 

I'm writing 15,000 words a month on pickup, creating content for this blog, and 16 videos a month for the Youtube Channel. That as well as running my own blog, Youtube and infield coaching business.

90% (a guess) of the readers here are new, and have never read a pickup blog, as Chase advised me. I'm still figuring out who the readers here are. Some are vets, most aren't. 

As for the Illuminatti stuff, I don't control what pictures the editor chooses. I'm not a stonemason, I'm just a writer with a certain style and humor. I can't please everyone. For one guy that complains there are hundreds who aren't. If I get many complaints cause I made a joke about Crom, or Shiva, or Ganesh, then so be it I'll change my style. 

On that note I hope you enjoy future articles and continue to comment. I'm listening. I just can't please everyone. 

But I'm open to suggestion. I'll try to write more advanced stuff for you.