How to Sext & Get Racy Photos from Her (in Only 3 Texts) | Girls Chase

How to Sext & Get Racy Photos from Her (in Only 3 Texts)

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J.J. Jones's picture

By: J.J. Jones


Note from Chase: this article from J.J. is focused on a direct “how to sext” method that is different from and complementary to the more playful method Colt talked about in “Sext Like a Pro: Is Sexting Girls Worth Your Time?

how to sext

Before we get started I’d like to just point out that this article is geared primarily toward teaching how to sext your way to racy, naughty photos from girls for intermediate to advanced guys. It’s not so much that I think someone who isn’t on that level yet with women cannot pull this off, but rather that it’s easy to blow girls out if you don’t do it correctly.

If you’re at the beginner stage, or even just a hair past it, I’d caution against using this for the mere fact that you need to be making it as far as you can in each interaction so that you are able to rack up reference points and experience so you can improve with women faster.

Additionally (if you mess up while doing this), creeping girls out isn’t ever a good thing, and, if you’re trying to pull this off with women who live near you, there’s a good chance she probably knows some of your friends or colleagues. Don’t let what happened to Brett Favre be your fate.

Those caveats out of the way, let’s get right to this, shall we?

If you’ve overheard women talk about men who ask them for sexy pictures of themselves, I’ll bet the reactions they claim to have had weren’t very positive, were they? However, don’t be fooled by this chicanery; if I had to wager on it, I’d guess that about eighty percent of women (and a greater percentage than that the more attractive and mature she is!) possess at least a small-to-medium sized smut gallery stored away on their cell phones for this very purpose.

And, some would surprise you, as I’ve dated quite a few women who would send me nude photos all of the time.

If there’s a whole lot going on in your head right now about this... good. I’m going to answer all those swirling questions you have along with many more that you haven’t even conjured up yet.


George Hustle's picture

Hey J.J. :)
I could use your help a little bit here. So I am really into this girl. I texted her like 5-6 days ago. The next day again. Then I made a pause of 4 days (till today). As expected she didn't text in those days. So today I texted her again about a thing we discussed the second time I texted her. But she responded that she's in class now. So I said ok we can talk tonight. But I'm absolutely sure she won't text me first. And if I do I will just chase her (and I already am). How can I turn things around in my favor? Please help me man I am desperate.

Pedro's picture

Have you met her? If not, why not?

Try sending very few additional texts, but focus on just one thing: the date!

That's it. Good luck!

David Riley's picture

Hey George,

I'm with the other user on this have you tried meeting up with her in person? If you meet up with her in person, you will be able to gauge her interest. It's possible she's not texting because she likes the attention you're giving her. To meet if her in person, suggest a meet up. If she agrees pursue her, if she declines you have to move on.

Take care,

Just Dave

Munchkins 's picture

Hey George, just about your texting dilemma: I'm a woman and I can say that the advice given to you here is accurate. I find it really irritating when I meet a guy, give him my number, and all he does is text me "to say hi" or "to make sure I'm ok". I mean the reason why I gave him my number in the first place was because I was somewhat interested in pursuing a romantic/sexual relationship. When a guy does that we start thinking he's scared of women/inexperienced, and each time he texts "just to say hi" we start putting him more into the nice-guy category or creep zone. So yeah always remember to escalate, make sure that you have already set the date by the 2nd/3rd text, make your intentions known, be a man and lead with no shame or fear. In terms of what to do to save the situation? Ignore her for a bit and see if she makes contact, if she does, make sure that conversation doesn't end without setting a date.

Michelangelo B.'s picture

Hey George Hustle,
I'm not JJ or Chase, but I believe've I can offer a little advice.
"she responded that she's in class now. So I said ok we can talk tonight."
This is where I believe you may have gone wrong. By saying that you and her could just talk later tonight, while appearing nice and considerate, only implies that you have nothing to do later that night besides wait around for her to get back to you. It is also inconsiderate because it doesn't factor that she could be busy later. You are implicitly forcing her into a corner to talk to you. This makes it look like you have zero options and are desperate.
I believe the only way you could turn things around is to make her not think that. Give her radio silence until she contacts you again (and she will if you give her the time she needs) In the meantime, as is one of the mottos of this site, go meet new girls!
Good luck!

J.J. Jones's picture

Hey George!

I always hate when I have to tell guys things like this, but I think your goose is cooked here, bud.

That's three times you've initiated text conversations with this girl, and from what I gather you haven't asked her out on a date yet. You need to be doing that in the first or (at the very least!) second text conversation.

There's really no magic pill to get a girl to text you who basically isn't interested in it, which is why you need to be generating attraction in person by doing things like getting compliance and investment, setting strong chase frames / sexual frames and basically leading and taking control of the interaction. That's how you get her to text you.

So I'd worry less about turning things around with this particular girl, because she's likely in an auto-rejection state at this point where there's not a whole you're going to be able to do to reverse that.

You're much better off reading up on some of the articles on fundamentals, generating attraction, getting compliance and setting frames, as well as the many articles on how to text girls and how to ask them out on dates.

You learn by failing, so chalk this one up as a reference point and go and hone your skills, and meet more women. You'll be killin' it in no time... ;)


Anonymous's picture

Hey JJ, good stuff. Was wondering what to reply if she asks "why?" after the initial text. I feel like that would be the most common response without previously using some context in the convo (e.g., originally talking about photos). Thanks man.

J.J. Jones's picture

Hey Anon,

Yeah, if she asks you "why?" or deflects it at all, then you're getting into what I talked about regarding resistance to compliance. You're just asking her for a pic, which is pretty common I find when I'm texting a new girl. She'll ask me for pics usually too.

It's a pretty simple request and you're not asking for a ton of compliance there, so if there's any questioning or resistance to that, then she's probably not very interested or else she's just testing you.

But yeah, it also could be just that she is oblivious to the context, so you could just give her a non-answer like "just cuz" or if you feel like investing a bit more to get her to bite, then you could send a slightly longer message (and to add context if you really think she just didn't get what you were asking for), like "Because I just thought it'd be nice to have a pic(s) of ya :)" or something along those lines.


J's picture

Im probably really late but what if she mentions she has them on her computer i said i know girls have pictures on their phones she says no she has them on her pc is she implying she'll send them to me? Also after that conversation i can see her look at and look down??

Anonymous's picture

So i asked my friend for one and she said give me one good reason why i should and this baffled me, any tips on how to answer this so she can send me some?

No one's picture

Here's the problem with the girl i want a pic of, she would probably smart ass her way off of the topic because she tries to avoid any and all pictures no matter what. Any way around this? Yes, this is a unique trait, but i relate to the smart ass shit because we do the same thing.

Roosh tommassi 's picture

Sounds like you know a bit of Pua and a little bit more RP but it’s definitely not enough to be teaching people bro. I think you should be working on yourself a bit more. From what I see is that you’ve skimmed across a bit of it and you’re using it as a way to make money. 

Chase Amante's picture


The author has somewhere around 40 lay reports (reports of various women he's shagged) posted across 4 years on our forum under his forum handle 'NarrowJ'.

Here are a few:

And many more. His 2013-2015 LRs are listed here.


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