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Hey George, just about your texting dilemma: I'm a woman and I can say that the advice given to you here is accurate. I find it really irritating when I meet a guy, give him my number, and all he does is text me "to say hi" or "to make sure I'm ok". I mean the reason why I gave him my number in the first place was because I was somewhat interested in pursuing a romantic/sexual relationship. When a guy does that we start thinking he's scared of women/inexperienced, and each time he texts "just to say hi" we start putting him more into the nice-guy category or creep zone. So yeah always remember to escalate, make sure that you have already set the date by the 2nd/3rd text, make your intentions known, be a man and lead with no shame or fear. In terms of what to do to save the situation? Ignore her for a bit and see if she makes contact, if she does, make sure that conversation doesn't end without setting a date.