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Hey George!

I always hate when I have to tell guys things like this, but I think your goose is cooked here, bud.

That's three times you've initiated text conversations with this girl, and from what I gather you haven't asked her out on a date yet. You need to be doing that in the first or (at the very least!) second text conversation.

There's really no magic pill to get a girl to text you who basically isn't interested in it, which is why you need to be generating attraction in person by doing things like getting compliance and investment, setting strong chase frames / sexual frames and basically leading and taking control of the interaction. That's how you get her to text you.

So I'd worry less about turning things around with this particular girl, because she's likely in an auto-rejection state at this point where there's not a whole you're going to be able to do to reverse that.

You're much better off reading up on some of the articles on fundamentals, generating attraction, getting compliance and setting frames, as well as the many articles on how to text girls and how to ask them out on dates.

You learn by failing, so chalk this one up as a reference point and go and hone your skills, and meet more women. You'll be killin' it in no time... ;)