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Hey George Hustle,
I'm not JJ or Chase, but I believe've I can offer a little advice.
"she responded that she's in class now. So I said ok we can talk tonight."
This is where I believe you may have gone wrong. By saying that you and her could just talk later tonight, while appearing nice and considerate, only implies that you have nothing to do later that night besides wait around for her to get back to you. It is also inconsiderate because it doesn't factor that she could be busy later. You are implicitly forcing her into a corner to talk to you. This makes it look like you have zero options and are desperate.
I believe the only way you could turn things around is to make her not think that. Give her radio silence until she contacts you again (and she will if you give her the time she needs) In the meantime, as is one of the mottos of this site, go meet new girls!
Good luck!