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Why Having a Girlfriend Makes You Better with Women

Chase Amante

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girlfriend confidence
Few things can boost a man’s game like having a girlfriend. Women show more interest, and talking to them becomes easier. Ever wonder why this is?

During my previous monogamous relationships, I noticed that my ability to talk to women dramatically increased, as did their attraction. I would also get a lot more approach invitations and even get approached on occasion, mostly because of social circle game – we’ll talk about that later.

I had to ask myself, “Why am I suddenly better with women while I have a girlfriend?”

The answer: “You just are.”

But like you, I wanted more details. What specifically is it about being in a relationship that made me magnetic? Obviously, I was harder to get, and this unattainability stirs female lust. But after looking deeper, I've discovered some more key factors of having a girlfriend that can affect your game for the better.

Here they are.

Hector CastilloAbout the Author: Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo is the web’s top expert on getting laid in college. In his small town university, he went from World of Warcraft nerd to president of his fraternity in 4 years... And on the way, he bedded close to 50 women. To follow his life up close, follow his Instagram here. His book King of College is due out soon. Listen to the 40-minute interview with Hector on his story and some of his prized tech... and sign up for a 12-week coaching course with him, here:



Bob's picture

Your article got me wondering...how do Absolute Abundance and Abundance compare with girlfriend confidence?

Sam2-'s picture

Hector, I am an avid reader of yours as well as Chase’s. Thank you for this article.

I don’t know why but whenever I have a “girlfriend” I become more complacent and at the same time I don’t see a noticeable increase in my attractiveness or an increase of “green lights” thrown by other women. Even when I am out for a random date with a beautiful girl I don’t notice this fabled passive attractiveness of preselection. Everyone minds his own business actually most of the times.

Is it possible that this has to do with me not being really satisfied with said “girlfriends”, that they are not really satisfying my standards, which actually makes me come out like a single guy who is still pimping?

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