Where to Touch a Girl to Turn Her On: The Finger Routine | Girls Chase

Where to Touch a Girl to Turn Her On: The Finger Routine

Chase Amante

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where to touch a girl
Where do you touch a girl to turn her on? Upper arm ➡ shoulders ➡ neck and ears ➡ cleavage. How do you touch her? With the Finger Routine.

Hey, guys. I truly hope you are doing well.

I must first apologize for having been inactive lately with writing articles. But I have not been inactive in the field. In fact, today is the first Saturday night since the summer that I’ve been home writing instead of out picking up girls.

My wingman and fellow Girls Chase writer, Alek Rolstad, has requested that I share a juicy technique on how and where to touch a girl to turn her on. This technique has gotten me a lot of success. So here it is!

One of my areas of expertise in seduction happens to be physical escalation. The “move” covered in this post is extremely powerful, and it will allow you to accomplish so many things. I will of course cover the mechanisms behind it as well as other practical matters related to its use.

The best part of this technique is that, despite its raw power, it is extremely easy to pull off. I believe that beginning, intermediate, and advanced players will benefit from this post (Alek has been using this technique almost every night, too). No matter your level, you can pull this off.

Another thing to note is that this technique can work in all situations where physical escalation is appropriate:

Pablo GarciaAbout the Author: Pablo Garcia

A Spanish native, Pablo was a longtime poster on seduction forums mASF and SedFast (as Pelusita). He's a one-time winner of the Fantasy PUA League... where the seducer with the greatest number of lay reports in a year wins. He specializes in physical game.


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