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Using Day Game to Get Girls: 14 Myths Debunked

day gameLet me tell you something that might shock you…

Going to bars and clubs can actually PREVENT you from getting the girls you want!

When I first started approaching women almost a decade ago now, I always went straight to the bars and clubs... and I always went with one or more friends.

It seems to make sense, right?

Lots of single women make themselves look pretty and go there to flirt... people have free time, alcohol serves as a social lubricant and everybody is having fun, listening to music and being social.

Well... all that is true, and so for most men who want to meet a girl, bars and clubs are the INTUITIVE choice. But, as we know, most things in dating science are COUNTERINTUITIVE.

And while I do still go to clubs and bars with friends sometimes to have a good time and maybe a flirt, I prefer to meet women during the day now, and when I'm alone.

This article is about day game - about approaching women during the day - and the advantages that has over "night game". That doesn't mean that any of what you are about to read in this article is the gospel. The night definitely has its perks as well - but let me play devil's advocate here and lay out a bit of a different perspective for you.

I deliberately wrote this in a controversial way to think outside the box a bit, and while some of the following "myths" are actually valid some of the time, one thing is always true:

The more we question things we've believed for a long time... the more we realize that the opposite of a profound truth is often also a profound truth.

Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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Benjamin's picture

Good article, Chase.

I've personally never understood the allure of clubs/bars. I've
always thought it was easier to approach during the day and
women, as you said, are open at least 3x as much during the

In clubs and bars it takes more *work*. I have to talk louder
expending more energy, I have deal with her friends or family
to win them on my side (it's easier to win friends over when I
do day night game it's tougher).

You also forgot to mention one other obstacle...

tipsy/drunk men who get upset you're talking to *their girl*
they've been working on all night with fail.

I also don't see any purpose in paying $5 or $10 cover charge,
spending gas and putting miles on my car to meet women who
are going to try to make me work harder because they *can*
with an abundance of horny men surrounding her.

I could never have put into words what you said in this article
for you have far more experience than I...but I've always sus-
pected the reasons you gave here is exactly the reasons why
I've never understood the *hype* behind night game.

Clubs and bars have their place. It's fun. It's stimulating. And
it's an *illusion*. It's a safety net for guys without the courage
to approach women in broad daylight, often with other people
within earshot, to make a move.

I know you recommend doing *both*, and I may consider it be
-cause I trust you and your advice, but day game is so much
more fun with much less resistence it's like choosing a 9 to 5
job over a lucrative business opportunity gauranteed to make
me millions if I work at it...where's if i work hard on the 9 to 5
job I'll get better at the job but make the same amount of money.

...I'm curious, will you be doing a similar article talking about
night game and it's advantages over day game?

V-Rey's picture

Hey Chase I love you blog! I have a question, or a request really. I am in college and I was wondering if you could possibly modify this for college campus day game. Or if you could point us (your students) to any excellent resources already out there. It's a little bit different for the College Campus I have been noticing. There are some unique situations, opprotunities and the social structure seems very unique. Thanks man, your work is very good and you go into great depth. It is pretty uncommon in this day and age. Precciate ya!

Harrisnator's picture

Nice article, It was quite intuitive but I would like to beg to differ. I have tried the day game most of my life and am currently in university. I havent gotten laid. Now you might be thinking that I am some awkward nerd, when in fact, I am more overt than most guys in my university. One thing I've noticed that most girls who I chat up are way too cautious about my origins (Pakistani and Southern USSR decent) when in fact they shouldn't be, while all my white or black friends can skip that stage altogether!!! Once they find out that Im a Green and Red, they just close me off, btw I live in Canada if it helps. Also I ain't a new Immigrant here, I have been living here since I was 5 and even a former Royal Military College conscript, so I was about to serve for this country. but the mere fact that this bias is deep routed in htis society really screws my game over with the smart women, whom I have no problem approaching. Please provide some input as it is hard for guys like me to have a good time here.

Brainbuster's picture

The previous comment by Harrisgator is obviously irrelevant for 99.9% of guys.
I don't even see how it has anything to do with this article. Is Harrisnator getting laid consistently at night? Doesn't sound like it.

Most guys have a negative view of daygame simply because they suck in real life.
They suck at daygame.

The only cons I can think of is that there is no alcohol (though I consider that a pro), and it is more difficult to use social proof.
I'd be extremely interested in any clever tactics to use preselection during the day. I think that's the most powerful DHV in general, but it hasn't really been fleshed out for daygame. I can see it working in a classroom environment, or possibly another venue like that, but my imagination and genius doesn't approach Mystery's Method during the night for displaying preselection.

Another "con" is that you can't do kino during the day without it seeming forced. During the night, in a club, everyone is touching all over everyone. Girls are numb to touching. In fact, this may make daygame even better, because every touch is that much more ELECTRIC.

During the day, her senses are sober, acute, and sensitive. She is not numb to physical touch.
During the night, in a club, alcohol has dulled her senses, so you are permitted to touch her much more, but it thrills her much less.

There may be a way to use your phone as preselection. Having the alarm go off and sound like it's ringing. Do that a couple times before turning it off. Get a text, and ask her how to spell ____. Then hand her your phone, then a text comes in with a DHV about yourself.
If you have 2 phones, 1 in your back pocket, you could push "Send" on the phone in your back pocket as she is looking at your primary phone.

I seriously doubt that Mystery could "pull" during the day, in a real environment. Take him out of the artificial club environment and see how it goes. Maybe we'll see Mystery's next book on daygame, since he's getting older.

BasedGAWD's picture

I felt the same way, and i'm black. Those are girls you wouldn't want anyways. But just because they reject you for stupid reasons like that it shouldn't deter you from continuing day game or night game. I learned that I have to continue trying, because the best things in life don't come to people that accept failure or repetitive failures. It's good because topics like this relate to everything in life. It's like if I failed a course 4 times I have to stop trying because let's say I've ended up with teachers that can't teach the subject well, which correlates with my poor scores. If it's what I want I'd never give up man. The only opinion that matters of how you evaluate your life and yourself IS YOURSELF! Don't let any other person be the reason you can't achieve what you want to achieve, so like i'm saying just keep it rolling man!

Anonymous's picture

Great blog!
I have read many articles from you.
I just want to mention that
Myth #10
Really made me crack, since i genuinely hates club for the reasons you posted, but I have to resort to them because I do not have the balls (yet) to approach girls during days.

MonsterzRock's picture

Great article by Ricardus! Hey, Chase can you provide any more links to other "day game" articles? I see you mention it a lot in other articles you've written. And I've read the sections in your book that mention the day game places. But I would love to see a more expanded breakdown of these venues and a bigger focus on how to fully play the "day game." Thanks....

Karl's picture

I have never dated and would love some tips on playing the day game. I am a guy who work hard and I would love ask out a women but as a person who is a non smoker and don't' drink alcohol due to my Hindu religious beliefs, find it hard to approach a women.


Anonymous's picture

I gather if falling in love is so great ... then you are no longer playing the game but are settled in a loving relationship?? or are all the relationships more or less temporary? :)

Max's picture

I really like this premise. It's interesting, and I haven't read anything like this before. It also helps that it's all so true.

There is only huge logistical barrier here: I work during the day. And since I don't want to go broke funding someone else's lifestyle, my ideal woman also has fulltime, daytime employment.

I suspect that one of the biggest reasons people exclusively go out at night is because they do not work at night.

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