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How to Please a Woman Again and Again and Again

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Every man on this site – readers, writers, designers, dabblers, and characters of all kind – endeavors to bring at least one woman into his life. That is the whole point of improving your skills with women.

And as you keep improving yourself, every once in a while, believe it or not, you will actually succeed in getting a woman. Not only will you succeed in asking her out on a date and in bringing her back to your place just to run off at the last second, you will actually be in the position to have penetrative sex with her.

Please a Woman

And sometimes, when you are in such a position, you start getting into your own head about whether or not you will be able to please her. You start thinking about the positions you know, your penis size, how horny you are in that particular moment, how attractive she is, and how long you generally last during a session of sex.

And, in some cases, you will have some great sex, she will be really satisfied, and you will both move on with your lives. But what about the other cases? One of two scenarios happen:

  1. You let your worries and concerns infiltrate your mind and affect your performance. And as these thoughts continue to insidiously seep in to your performance, you prematurely ejaculate


  2. You go all in. You give her a sexual experience that she is not likely to forget anytime soon. You expend all of your energy and pull everything out of your bag of tricks. And, after plopping down on the bed/couch/floor after all is said and done, she says: “That was amazing! Let’s do it again!” and the prospect of even having to get hard again daunts and exhausts you.

In either scenario, you are in a position where you still need to please her. So the question is: how do you please a woman in the first place? And if you succeed at that, how do you do it again?

That is what this post is dedicated to today. I can only hope that by the end of it you will find its contents to be... pleasing.


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