How to Manage Your Friends as You Learn Seduction, Pt. 1: Clueless Men | Girls Chase

How to Manage Your Friends as You Learn Seduction, Pt. 1: Clueless Men

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manage friends while learning seduction
Your buddies have your best interests at heart, but they can inadvertently sabotage your efforts with women if they’re clueless about pickup and seduction.

Your male friends can have an impact on your encounters with women and how they transpire. As you get more experienced with women, a skill you need to learn is how to manage male friends. Unfortunately, sometimes your male friends can be the biggest impediment to your seductions. As you see your results increase, you have to be selective about the guys you hang out with, go out with, pick up women with, and share information with.

As you learn how pickup and seduction work, you’ll start to get with more women, but not all your male friends will have YOUR interests with women at heart. Perhaps they view you as a man without these traits, or they just haven't seen that side of you. Maybe they DO view you as such a man and just want a piece of it for themselves. You’ll start to see that other men will make mistakes around you that affect your frame with women. They might try to use your skills and leads for their own benefit, or they could judge your actions as amoral and shame you.

All these situations with your male friends can destroy the hard work you’ve put into with one woman, a series of women, or girls you’re dating with some stability.

There are four different types of guys we’ll talk about in this 4-part series:

  1. Clueless Men
  2. Shady Men
  3. Judgmental Men
  4. Dead Weight Men

In each article, I’ll share how best to deal with each type and what you can do as you become better with women.

Let’s start today with dumb and clueless men.

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.



1984's picture

So I have this situation where I approached these 2 girls myself, and I brought my male friend into the set. We started talking and then another guy (a good friend of my male friend, but whom I'm just a hi-bye friend with) joined us.

One of the girl is more into me, as the interaction went on. The friend of my male friend didn't get any girls attracted to him. So that's how the situation goes. We all exchanged contacts.

The next evening, I met my friend and he told me he chatted with one girl the previous night all night, and met up with her in the afternoon. The thing is, he brought his other friend to meet with the other girl whom I like more (whom I think likes me more as well). He didn't invite me to go, and didn't even let me know they are meeting till the date is finished.

The thing is those girls are tourists and they were leaving at the end of the day when they met.

My friend didn't seem that bothered about not telling me, and insist that we should hang out again soon at some nightspots (he don't actually go nightspots often before this) so that "I can work my magic" again.

Would you classify this friend as a clueless friend or a shady friend?

Varoon Rajah's picture

This is definitely "shady" and not clueless; but I can't tell if it's your friend who is shady, or his friend. Either way, even just a guy saying "work your magic" and then steals your girls - that's 100% shady.

A lot of guys cannot approach women, so they use the skills of guys who can as a crutch to get girls. This is what I will talk about in my article.

I don't know anything about your friend, but he sounds like an asshole if he's expecting you to approach for him and then steals your sets. In this case, you even said the other girl liked you - and then your friend didn't invite you to meet them. If it was me, I would think that's really fucked up.


1984's picture

I was thinking along the same line as you; but because he's a good friend at that point of time, I thought he couldn't possibly be so shady... I mean, he looks out for me, we hang out and have good times so perhaps I just couldn't accept it in my heart that he's shady.

But thanks for your frank answer. Guess I gotta avoid him from now on, at least in the area for girls.

Varoon Rajah's picture

It’s hard for me to say, seeing that I don’t know your friend as well as you do. However, it sounds like your gut is telling you the answer, and your gut is usually right.

Unfortunately women can make even the best of friends into total sleazebags sometimes - in my next article you’ll see a great example. I’m sure your friend is cool and you have good times, but around women I think he has different priorities.

Some questions for you:
- does your friend get girls without your help?
- where does he get those girls?
- is he already good with women?
- has he ever helped you get a girl, actively?
- has he done something similar before?

If he’s not coming from a place of sexual abundance, it’s far more likely for him to be shady.


1984's picture

I ran through the list; and i agree with your assessment. Given that he's a shady friend around women, but overall a good friend, should I still trust him for business/career/money matters or just keep him at arms length for all areas? What's your experience like, or did you hear of any similar experiences? thanks!

Varoon Rajah's picture

1984 - not sure over here; business/money and women are a little different, but they're also similar in a lot of ways. Probably the best way would be to set up a test with him (do a small venture together) and see how he handles it.

In my view, shady and immoral behavior crosses lines - if he's doing it in one domain, there's a good chance he'd do it in another, since these ultimately boil down to a person's values.


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