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How to Do a 10-Minute Meditation that Eliminates Bad Emotions

Chase Amante

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how to meditateI've been meditating since I was 18 years old.

That's half a lifetime ago for me now.

I didn't get into meditation as part of any kind of spiritual belief system.

I prayed as a child when I was a Christian. But by the time I started meditating, I was an atheist.

I'm more spiritual again now, happily (atheism was always an angry, dissonant, lonely belief system for me; I've never liked nihilism, but it's difficult to resist it when your foundation is rejection of the immaterial). That's led my meditation practice to become much deeper, and both more rewarding and also more useful.

However, the kind of meditation I'll talk about with you today is the kind I was doing when I believed in nothing other than the material. It was useful to me then, and I still use it today.

This may not be anything too new if you're a long-time meditator yourself.

But I know many folks aren't.

So today I'd like to introduce you to how to do a 10-minute meditation that clears away toxic thoughts, large pressures, and unhappy feelings.


Anonymous 's picture

Two questions Chase,

1. Do we meditate both morning and night or just once a day?

2. Does this help with extremely bad thoughts that I have almost every moment? I have terrible thoughts almost every second and have to do some kind of ritual to combat it, but it never stops.

The rituals control me and I feel that if I don't do then the terrible thoughts might happen.

I want to be free and stop these terrible thoughts.

They pop up every moment, and they are really bad thoughts.

I've tried meditation before but the thoughts get so bad I have to stop.

I have these thoughts doing everything during my day.

I want freedom and I want these terrible thoughts to go away and not happen.

I want to be normal.


SamK's picture

I've found that meditating after a cold water bath is also good, since you feel calm and alert.

King Nick's picture

Chase, thank you for this, but all your posts.

I found your site back when around 15 years or so. And being from a small town with little options, I turned to the internet. After discovering your site, I really internalized the basics some of the articles.

I got distracted and forgot about the guides and posts here for a few years. But when I came back, I realized it was here that I had picked up so many of the habits I have today.

In a way, your site, and all your writers, had put me on a path to success in so many more areas than just women and game. And for that, I just wanted to say thanks!

- Nick

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