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Mistakes that Make Women Screen Men Out as Sex Partners

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screened out as sex partner
A woman’s decision to sleep with you is largely based on whether you give her a reason to screen you out. The solution? Stop making mistakes that get you screened out.

Men and women differ significantly in their mating strategies with how each screens the opposite sex. Men are direction oriented and look for women with the sexual qualities that they want in a woman. They have a knack for going after certain looks, features, or personality traits in a woman. Men screen for women who fit the bill.

A woman, on the other hand, operates quite differently and from the opposite angle. She looks for attractive men and evaluates if she should keep moving forward with a guy based on his behavior and presentation. Then she evaluates whether or not she wants that. So she’ll give him a chance until she is forced to screen him out. It’s usually a result of a mistake a guy makes that conflicts with her social frame, sexual desires, failure to interest her, or her biology.

The reason for this is because men primarily seek sex and women primarily seek relationships. Yet women live in a land of sexual abundance where they’ll always have men looking to have sex with them if they’re remotely attractive, but women find it tough to lock men into relationships because they can’t find one who is good enough and down for a relationship! This difference in nature is perplexing to a lot of men. I see this happen all the time. A guy sees progress with a woman and gets super excited about her and how far they’ve come along until she suddenly disappears, and the guy is left clueless wondering what happened.

Because of radically different mating agendas, men screen for women to add to their lives, but an attractive woman lives in sexual abundance and has many different men chasing after her, so she is forced to screen men out. Men’s sexual agenda is to mate with as many of the best girls as possible, whereas a woman’s goal is to find the best one and win him over for herself.

In the mating game, men screen women in, and women screen men out. And when guys make mistakes in the seduction, or they miss good opportunities, she no longer sees him as a contender for the best man, and he loses his shot.

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.



Bizzy's picture

I agree with many things written in this article but I think the PU community puts too much emphasis on avoiding making mistakes. I think the more a girl is initially attracted to you, the more mistakes you can make. I have stopped caring about being perfect a long time ago because the harder I try, I harder I fail. We should stop blaming men for not doing everything right because in the end of the day most women will reject, ghost or flake on you anyway, even when you have good game. What works for me is this: If I want sex, then I immediately go for the kill, I make myself clear that I want her the same day, so I try to get her to my or her place. I don't go on dates anymore, I don't text much anymore either because it's very tiring and time consuming and the risk of getting nowhere is too high. If you want a relationship, well that's another story but I think having a girlfriend is more about her than you.

Guys I have another question, maybe you or someome else could answer this here on in a topic. I have known many men saying they have been called handsome by women, either friends or strangers. But many of these men complain about not getting hot women at all. Is it just me or is being called handsome by a woman (women you haven't slept with) another way of her saying "you are just a nice guy"? Do these men overrate their own looks level? It would be different if women called them sexy or hot, but I feel like many men who get called handsome by women rarely get with women because these women aren't attracted to these men at all, they are just trying to be polite.

Joseph P.'s picture

Handsome guys are more likely to hear "I have a boyfriend". I'd rather be hot and sexy than cute and handsome.

The thing is, if you're attractive, just about anything you do is labeled as such. If you're ugly, your voice, your swag, your vibe is ugly too. The better you look, the more mistakes you can make. Sure you can move on and delete her, but what have you learned? You dropped yet another attention whore or beta seeker, but what kind of women are you actually getting?

I can get a first date, but most times it doesn't go past that. Even online, when I go for a number, they stop responding. Even women past 50 act this way! BTW there's nothing sexy about a immature woman past 50 (Oxymoron I know, with emphasis on moron.) Sure I delete and block, but in most cases as described, that's just going from being a beta male to a useless male. Deleting a woman because she doesn't comply doesn't make you an alpha, it prevents you from being a beta cuck or simp. Unless she saw you as alpha in the beginning.

Nobody here is some rich celebrity. You're always in competition for a girl. And it only takes one mistake to lose. Hell, something like wearing a color she don't like or cheering for a certain team can cost you a girl. Losing to someone else hurts like hell, just like not getting a job and losing to someone else and not even knowing where you went wrong. And when you lose a girl there's no telling if you fucked up or someone better came along and beat you. Then you wonder why she acts like she wants you only as a beta orbiter.

You must know where things are going wrong in order to fix them.


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