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The “Sigma Male”: An Alternative to Being the “Alpha Male”

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sigma maleFew concepts are more viral in contemporary culture than the notion of the “alpha male”.

Many men want to become “alpha males”, but there is surprisingly little agreement on what characterizes this social role.

Even more, it can actually be argued that many guys should NOT try to be alpha males in the biological sense if their goal is to be a man who attracts women.

Does that mean that you should be a weak, submissive man?

Not at all.

There is a kind of strong man who is not the alpha male in its original sense but who may actually be a better archetype for many students of seduction.

Halvor JannikeAbout the Author: Halvor Jannike

Halvor Jannike is a student of behavioral psychology and cognitive reconditioning. He has a penchant for cougars, and is a frequent wingman and travel companion of Girls Chase’s Alek Rolstad. Halvor works as an engineer, and like Alek, hails from Scandinavia.


Troy's picture


Hey I like the article. One thing I would like to point out is that since most guys come here to brush up on their social skills, then it would be wise to REALLY do both social circle and cold approach.

It helps me keep balanced. I feel more comfortable cold approaching girls when I also talk to girls, and people as a whole in my social circle and vice versa.

Cold approach gets easier when I can recall girls in my social circle who I saw as "Out of My League" actually end up being very nice to meet. Before that when I relied on cold approach only, I would see those same girls and avoid them. And that little success, no matter how small helps reinforce my belief that girls will be nice to meet no matter what.
Good stuff here, and as you say, it's all down to the man to choose his path.
As for me, my path for the rest of the year is just getting more social experience.

Take Care,


J.B's picture

Im a sigma male. Prefer being out alone, don't need a group but can bring out the charm when I need to. Alphas feel challenged by sigmas, they can't control them but know they are not stupid and can actually go toe to toe with an Alpha if they want to. I think sigma's are more dangerous in seduction as they fly under the radar and can actually steal an Alpha's girl. I've seen it and done it before...

Anonymous's picture

I fit sigma role almost to the T. I have noticed that men seem to hate me in general. I am overly nice to people with the biggest heart you will ever see on a man. I work out and women stare at me and eye me up and down. I also dress very well on a daily basis and really stand out from everyone else in this aspect. You notice me when I am around. I do this for "pea cocking reasons" Not in the traditional way. But in the I have social status way. Anyways so when I started working at this factory all the girls gave me attention but I would not bang any of them because they are not up to par with what I can get. I don't sleep around because I seem to get 95% of the women I want. Anyways I reject these average girls and all the guys get jealous of me. They pick on me and all of that. Because I won't address their social hierarchy or care at all about it. To me its just a bunch of idiots in a factory. Anyways the one guy who worked on morning shift is what I would call a alpha male. He has to be friends with everyone and must get everyone to like him. Well I stole his wife on 2nd shift. They are getting a divorce. Over the course of 6 months she feel in complete love with me without ever sleeping with me. We did not have sex or discuss our feelings for each other until around 6 months in. It started when I said "I would date you if you were single" The next day she told her husband she wanted a divorce and came over my house. Anyways I had to quit that job LOL. I should also mention that 90% of the males wanted this women at the job. She was obviously the top rated female there. They got so pissed when they would see us smiling and talking. I do not even want to go into the level of harassment I received lol. Such beta and alpha faggots. The only one who did not care was a gamma. Ironic.

Oh and here is another example of how the sigma male is.

2 rams are bucking heads for mating rights with the female. She is watching. The sigma comes in and humps her brains out while those 2 idiots fight.

Jimbo's picture

Cool story, bro. Had me chuckle.

Jimbo's picture

2 rams are bucking heads for mating rights with the female. She is watching. The sigma comes in and humps her brains out while those 2 idiots fight.

There's an Arab saying that goes: "When two lions fight over a gazelle, only jackals eat well."

Anonymous's picture

"I don't sleep around because I seem to get 95% of the women I want."

"It started when I said "I would date you if you were single" The next day she told her husband she wanted a divorce and came over my house."

What he said.... cool story bro. Are you sure this whole thing actually happened it was it just make believe in your mind?

Latch's picture

It's the Rick Grimes/Darryl Dixon dynamic. Everybody knows that Rick is the leader on the show The Walking Dead, but all the ladies love Daryl.

I think being the sigma male in a group can actually be beneficial over being the alpha, because sometimes girls don't want to screw around with dudes in their circle so they don't make drama. I went to a party one time with a group of tight knit individuals, and had almost every girl competing for my attention just for being an outsider. There were other single guys but because I was outside the circle that inherently made me more attractive.

mikeh71's picture

This is a common tactic used by Lone Male Wolves outside of the pack Hierarchy.
Sneaking in a mating with the packs females, I seen a natural documentary where one Sigma Wolf would run to the road when chased and stay there as most wolves fear roads. Sigma defines me to a tee, despite being a talkative person that can feel comfortable in most groups because I am almost always alone when I approach women.

Rob CJ's picture


I didn't read this article. I skimmed it a bit, and I understand the concept you're presenting but I can't execute it. I'm new to the seduction community and while I find all of these articles helpful when situations present themselves to me, I don't have the confidence (or more accurately the experience) to feel comfortable approaching women in a public setting. In a few articles on this site I've read that the best place for me to go without having to worry quite so much would be a club or a bar, problem is I'm 18, fresh out of high school, and living in the United States. So is there anywhere else a young guy like me with zero experience with the cold approach can go to meet women and not have to worry so much about creeping them out? Thank you for your time.

Halvor Jannike's picture

Hi Rob CJ,

the most obvious solution would be to gain social experience in "warmer" settings like social circle or women at parties. Or experience in non-pickup settings.

Student pubs tend to be more inclusive than night clubs in my experience, as there is some expected commonality if you are there.

You can also spend some time talking to women who are paid to be nice to you, like waitresses or women who work in shops.

Nobody expects you to be an expert at cold approaching at once.

You could also try to exchange a few sentences of smalltalk with everybody you meet during the entire day in order to be get better at talking about nothing.

Good luck!

Kaizer's picture

Great article, Halvor!

I consider myself a sigma male since I'm a bit introverted and I don't feel the need to socially dominate groups.

Previously I've experienced that being an alpha male has certain disadvantages, especially in social circles. Sometimes I've been talking to a group of people, usually a few girls and at least one socially dominant guy, where he's been charming and kept their attention.

And here comes the trick: When he's not talking and/or doing something else, you can "grab" one girl and bring her somewhere else to talk. This usually works because the alpha male often will be more interested in talking to the rest of the girls, while you can escalate with her somewhere else. I've "stolen" girls several times from alphas using this "trick".

Bobby's picture

I loved the post.Me too,I am a sigma and prefer to be alone.From my experience,women especially the younger ones prefer meeting a sexy stranger not only for cold approaches but in the night time as well.But for the latter,it's awesome because it's so easy to meet women but the not cool part is dealing with those "so-called" Alphas who suddenly become obsessed trying to include me in their circle,knowing well that they'll screw me at any chance that they get.Creeping on the down low can open interesting scenarios...haha

Anonymous's picture

Whats described here definitely matches my social style more, but I feel like alphas have the advantage because they have more social proof and preselection right (being that they are leading the group) ?

Halvor Jannike's picture


I know both alphas and sigmas who achieve very high levels of success with the strategy they have chosen, so I think it is a bit hard to answer in general whether one strategy is superior to the other.

I guess you can say that the alphas usually have the advantage in their own social group due to the reasons you list.

The sigmas have an advantage in that they dont need to care about what anybody thinks of them. They may also just show up at 2 AM in a club and hit at 10-20 women they dont know before one says yes, thus investing way less time per attempt. Sigmas are also much more location independent.

So there are advantages with both strategies.


Black_Angel's picture

After reading this I discover that Iam becoming this Sigma type person. I am reading a lot of seduction article this year because I do not take attention to [non verbal / game rules]  and sometime some question about myself and girls  I meet who not fit with my believe I have.


I think what is great difference with Alpha and Sigma. Is they Are  more natural Leader. At my side I value greatly Independance. So I do thing in my own (self repair), (Self learning).


Also I am a introverb loner wolf or the outsider because I am pretty much alone when I go out. But I guess Sigma are great to take in charge some task who do not have to lead too much persons in leading group. 


Look like my familly in mother side are Great Sigma tribe. Many Independant Sigma persons. Uncles, and even my mother is a sigma too. She is highly independant. So I was raised to be greatly independant and autonomous.

Look like this year Iam draw women interest. Iam look like now as sexy man of 40 year who act like an heroe. Yeah many heroes are sigma like Indiana Jones too. Sigma rely on himself in life.

Thanks for this article this a revelation.

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