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Approach One Thousand Women and Believe

Chase Amante

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pickup seduction snake oil
Is pickup just a bunch of snake oil? No, and you should take my word for it. After you’ve approached enough girls, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted.

A reader from my newsletter messaged me: “This pickup artist stuff is a scam. All women care about is looks. Pickup guys market to the insecure, selling snake oil.”

“So, how long have you been reading my blog?” I replied.

“About two years now.”


“For the lols.”

For the lols. Right.

It’s the old, eternal debate. Is all this pickup stuff for real, or just a huge set of lies created to sell BS e-courses to hapless, neckbeard virgins? And unless you’re 6’5” with six-pack abs, a full head of luscious hair, and are wealthy, you’ll never get anywhere.

Sorry, you short, bald, broke, fat old bastards. No love for you (unless you buy my book, link at the bottom of this post).

Usually, you should be skeptical. Skepticism is healthy and good.

Somebody is trying to sell you on a pyramid scheme with zero chance of failure? The Earth is actually flat, says your favorite YouTuber? Meth isn’t really that bad, and if you just try it once you’ll be fine?

Skepticism keeps you from wasting your time, health, and money on things that are potentially terrible for you. However, when it comes to self-improvement, skepticism won’t help you; it will hinder your progress.

That’s why so many religions and cults thrive. They depend on the true believers. But the believers also get something from the deal. They receive a community, or message, that helps them transcend or something.

You probably just want to get laid.

When I discovered the Mystery Method, I wasn’t skeptical; not at all. Why would I be? A magician in a top hat is telling me to use negs and magic tricks to sleep with Vegas supermodels. There’s absolutely nothing there to trigger skepticism.

Here’s the thing. All this information is free. Sure, Girls Chase has a subscription and paywall, and we sell an amazing course called One Date (among others), but that’s because we employ a dozen gurus, editors, programmers, video editors, and so on. These people have to eat. But if you Google “How to pick up girls,” between blogs, forums, and YouTube videos, you’ll find decades of material you can binge on for free.

The only benefit to paying for it is to support your favorite author, pinpoint specific niche material or masterful consolidations of the essentials in one beautiful package to speed up your learning process. But you don’t need to pay for it if you don’t need to save time.

Skepticism won’t help you.

You have to ask yourself, "Do I really want to learn?" Then you have to believe in the process, fully. You must let go of all doubt and embrace the path of learning game.

Tony DeppAbout the Author: Tony Depp

Tony is one of the most veteran day game experts around. He began to pick up women in the mid-2000s, when he posted on the famed seduction forum mASF... alongside other old hands like Chase Amante and Alek Rolstad. Over the last 10 years Tony has coached hundreds of students to meet women during the day. He has two published books out on seduction: one on his journey, and one on doing awesome at day game.



Neal's picture

Tony Depp well this comment is actually for Chase.

I'm against this article but I wanna say something that supports it.

If you read the Wikipedia article on Tinder, Tinder has stated the 10% rule. That about 10% of the people you select as attractive, about 10% of them find you attractive. They say this is the "average."

So statistically, 10% of the women men find hot, find you hot as well.

What Tinder does not say - is what are some of the highs. That'd be some real datamine, what are some women where the % of men she finds hot returns the same?

1984's picture

Hey Tony, thanks for your article! It is inspirational as I myself is in the process of challenging myself to approach a lot more for daygame. I used to do 1 approach/week (yes, I know its terribly small amount) but its getting better now.


1. Just like to ask, how many women have you approached in your lifetime so far for daygame? Its ok to give an estimate, don't think most people would note it down in excel LOL.

2. Do you still do 100 approaches in a week, and

3. How many approaches did you do until you got to the level where you can hook up with an attractive girl within 48 hours in any G8 city in the world, for direct daygame?


Tony Depp's picture

I couldn't tell you. I've been daygaming since about 2009. But I've never tracked my stats in Excel. No. I'm an old man I only approach like that when I'm teaching. Last week I approached about ten girls, and got two dates out of it. It was a lucky week I figure. Howmany approaches? No idea. After about two years I noticed I was good enough to get hot girls if I worked very hard. 

BMontana's picture

I guess if you need to approach 1000 women, then why would you need pick up at all? Approaching so many women just to get laid with evne 5 women basically means that women care for the hottest guys with the best genetics they can get in the first place, otherwise every man would be able to get almost any woman. I don't think game is something a man should have to learn, game should be part of our DNA if it's that important. If 90% of all men are bad at gaming women, then the reason for it is probably because game was never a natural part of courting women, Most of our dads and their dads, definitely know even less about gaming women than us do, because they never had to approach women 30, 40, 50 years ago.

Tony Depp's picture

You missed the point of the article? I'm not saying you need to approach one thousand women just to get laid. I'm saying that's about what most guys do to transform their lives, from struggling with approaching to be excellent at it. 

Your Grandparents were probably introduced through school friends, or through work, like everyone else. Your Dad probably didn't bang 200 women from cold approach pickup. Not unless he was a player. 

Game is part of our DNA. So is fear. Most men are afraid to approach women at the level and quanitity needed to become very good at it. 

Even at my stage, I'm excellent at cold approach. I don't have approach anxiety at all. But I still need to approach a shit load of women to get laid with the sort of women I like. Why? Because it's their market. There is no pua guy I know who isn't a sort of spam approacher. You have to, if you want those hotter women. But that's not why you approach a thousand women. You do it to develop your game, your character and personality. And any guy who disagrees, has not done it. And guy who has and disagrees, hasn't really considered the price they paid to learn. 

BMontana's picture

Game is part of our DNA. So is fear. Most men are afraid to approach women at the level and quanitity needed to become very good at it. 

If game is part of our DNA, then fear shouldn't prevent us from approaching all. It should be natural. You still haven't explained why most men suck at gaming and approaching women, when it's supposed to be a natural thing to do. There is a reason why men fear approaching women and I think the reason is because it's not part of their nature. 

Here is my history: when I was younger I used to approach women and be into PUA. I have never feared approaching women at all, I have natural game. I can make women laugh and I can flirt. However all of this changed when I hit my 30s and worked on my looks mostly. I stopped approaching women, instead I realized it's the WOMEN who approach and show interest in me and I have become more calm, cool and successfull this way. They are the choosers. It feels more natural and masculin if the women choose you, despite what it is said about men being hunters etc. The male lion doesn't do anything right? The female lions do all the hunting and they are the ones fight ing for his attention. 

But I still need to approach a shit load of women to get laid with the sort of women I like. Why? Because it's their market. 

See, that's what I am saying. No matter what you do and how good you get with women, they decide in the end anyway. They decide the moment they see you, whether they want to give you choosing signals or even approach you. You might get better when you approach a lot of women, but the result is not depending on your game, it just a number's game. The woman knows whether she wants to be approached or not already at her first sight.

Tony Depp's picture

I think we can just agree to disagree. You completely disregard pre-selection and social proof. It doesn't matter if a woman "wants" to be approached, or not. You're going to approach her anyway, and most likely, she won't see you coming until you're already talking to her. Sure you might have ripped abs and great hair, but if you can't talk, if you're a nervous wreck, if you're boring at conversation... then you won't seduce her. 

Personally I've seen many men improve their sex lives with the help of study, and practice. What you are telling me is called "Game Denialism." I'm sorry, but you're wrong. 

BMontana's picture

Sure you might have ripped abs and great hair, but if you can't talk, if you're a nervous wreck, if you're boring at conversation... then you won't seduce her. 

Sure. But the point is, she was still looking at me, she was still giving me choosing signals, not the guy who can talk. I mean if you are in a loud bar with a big crowd, then gaming is way more difficult. I don't talk to women at bars anymore because they don't want to. I dance with them and make out at times, because that's what they want. I have tried to talk to women but they didn't want to talk at all, they just wanted to have fun.

 You know what? Most good looking guys, I don't mean myself, I mean really hot guys, have no game at all. They are boring and simple. yet women still flock around them and most of them have always girl friends.

SeAcabou's picture

Men are finally waking up. Looks, height, and race are the most important thing when it comes to picking up women. If a woman doesnt like your appearance its game over, no amount of game is going to convince her to sleep with you. Most of the men struggling with women in the world are men living in western countries who are either ugly, minorities, short, or a combination of these. Life is not so complicated that you need to approach so many women or read a bunch of articles. Women either like you or they dont.

Chase Amante's picture

Shooting Shadow's picture

The game is brutal. It is not for the timid. The game forces you to suppress your ego as you will face many rejections. After I my own clumsy journey into the game, I read a lot of stuff about dealing with rejection. I thought, 'no problem. I can handle rejection just fine.' Reality is totally different. You have to learn pick up the pieces, glue them back together and go forward knowing full well you'll be shattered again. But this is our fate as hunters. I accept it the pain and move forward.

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