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Why Am I Not Good Enough for Her?

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Hector Castillo's picture

not good enough for her
You want her, but you don’t think you’re good enough. Well, you’re probably right. But there is a solution! It’s not quick. But it’s doable, and it will work.

“Why am I not good enough?” you ask?

You aren’t good enough, that’s for sure. And the “why” part is easy. Not sure if you expected that answer. Welcome to Girls Chase.

I’m not here to tell you that you’re good enough. That you’re fine the way you are. That would be a lie. It might make you feel good for a few seconds, even a few minutes. Tomorrow, you might remember it. By the end of the week, you’ll have forgotten it. You’ll scroll through Instagram and see some gorgeous girl pop up on your feed. Maybe you know her. Maybe you don’t.

What is true is that she’s not your girl. You’ve never kissed her. You’ve never made her wet. You’ve never been inside her. Hell, you’ve probably never even been on her mind for longer than the brief moment your image passed through her focus.

Then, like a bubble, you disappeared. Have you been with a girl of her caliber? Have you been with any girl? Depending on your answer, the thought of “I’m not good enough” and the question of “Why am I not good enough?” will receive this response from the universe:

“No, you’re not. Because you suck.”

If reading that pisses you off, stop reading now.


Zanardi's picture

... to the last issue of thinking I'm not good enough when I actually am.


I have a girl (who claims to put me in the friend-zone) come to cook for me and sleep over night (claiming the couch, of course), I am seeing a girl I met through daygame and a third girl wants to drive about 350 kms (220 miles) just to see me and to let me know her inside and outside.

My first and second thoughts?

  1. I'm not satisfied;
  2. This is too good to be true.
JJ's picture

Hey Hector,

Loved the article, I’ve been following you for a while and your material seems to be getting a lot better recently, keep up the great work! I’m in a relationship with my gf of 3 months who told me she loved me yesterday. I followed the advice on GC and kissed her and gave her passionate sex right after. The question I have is when I should say I love her back (which I couldn’t find any GC article on) and how to know if it’s true love or just lust. Since you did a few relationship pieces I thought you could shed some light on this, thanks for your time!

Sam2-'s picture

Hector, thank you for just another right-to-the point article.

What is the process I should follow in order to get women of my absolute taste to my bed and life more often and more systematically?

I have zero problems attracting and keeping (if I want) my personal 7s or 8s, but not my personal 9s and 10s. I feel being in a long-lasting upper intermediate plateau which I really need to overcome.

Bobshow's picture

I have learned so much from this website, but I think this is the most valuable article I have read. As somewhere between intermediate and advanced, thanks to the site, I had this recently happen with a woman of the absolute highest caliber I can imagine, on every level. It’s sure reassuring to hear that these thoughts are human, even for the best of seducers. Thank you 

blogster's picture

I get your point.  But at the end of it is this - I work on myself for years to get a girl who while attractive, offers less value to my life.  My question, whats the return on investment?

Chase Amante's picture


It's safe to assume if that's the case you either focused on upgrades in ways that don't impact your attractiveness (like having extremely muscular calves, or becoming really good at backgammon) or you're settling for women who are less than you can get.

The solution to problem #1 is to focus on more productive areas for personal development. The solution to #2 is to screen better.

The ROI question is subjective. If, for instance, right now you can only get chubby plain girls, who are reasonably devoted to you and whom you are pretty happy with, and you're considering whether to completely overhaul yourself to get thin beautiful girls, who are incredibly devoted to you and whom you are really happy with, you might decide the difference between being "pretty happy" and "really happy" is not worth the work necessary to get there to you. In that case, chubby plain girls are fine for you and you don't need to improve. If on the other hand you're unsatisfied with chubby plain girls who are reasonably devoted to you and you're crazy about thin beautiful girls who'd be incredibly devoted to you, it's probably worth the work to improve yourself. Also keep in mind the ROI is improved by the fact that the same things that make you more attractive to women also enable you to attract higher caliber friends and achieve better professional success.

However, it's subjective. For some guys, the prospect of improving themselves for better romantic, social, and career prospects isn't worth it; they're happy with what they got, and don't care much about getting something better. The subjective ROI for them of making a ton of improvements might actually be marginal. For other guys, they really want big improvements, and the subjective ROI of upgrading themselves is massive.

Different strokes for different folks.


Virtuoze's picture

I definitely feel in the last category, in fact often almost the same question comes to my mind: I feel like I've worked on myself in many ways yet I still don't feel I deserve someone I am truly attracted to.

I've been going to the gym for more than a year, and people frequently comment on the changes I made to my body - yet I always feel I should have already gotten more muscular and stronger.

I'm making multiple times my country's national median income as a freelancer who can work anytime, anywhere, yet I always feel that it will not be enough for beautiful girls unless I can provide a lavish and luxurious life.

I am being told that I come across as confident, manly and competent, yet I always feel people look at me weirdly or think I'm meek or weak.

Simply put, even though I doing my best, I feel like it will never be enough, that I absolutely have to be in the top 0.01% in everything else because I'm not 6 ft tall and don't have a chiseled masculine face.

Sometimes I resolve to take action, but after I get a few rejections from daygame, I fall into self-hate and despair. It's really an on-going battle for me, and time's f**n passing by.

So what do you do when you have this very deep sense of not being good enough no matter what you do? How do you build the internal resolve to push through the number of rejections necessary to achieve a success? Because this is what I lack.

Kingcuck's picture

This article fails to understand that each women has a type and likes different things, plus it was written from a insecure standpoint. 

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