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It's safe to assume if that's the case you either focused on upgrades in ways that don't impact your attractiveness (like having extremely muscular calves, or becoming really good at backgammon) or you're settling for women who are less than you can get.

The solution to problem #1 is to focus on more productive areas for personal development. The solution to #2 is to screen better.

The ROI question is subjective. If, for instance, right now you can only get chubby plain girls, who are reasonably devoted to you and whom you are pretty happy with, and you're considering whether to completely overhaul yourself to get thin beautiful girls, who are incredibly devoted to you and whom you are really happy with, you might decide the difference between being "pretty happy" and "really happy" is not worth the work necessary to get there to you. In that case, chubby plain girls are fine for you and you don't need to improve. If on the other hand you're unsatisfied with chubby plain girls who are reasonably devoted to you and you're crazy about thin beautiful girls who'd be incredibly devoted to you, it's probably worth the work to improve yourself. Also keep in mind the ROI is improved by the fact that the same things that make you more attractive to women also enable you to attract higher caliber friends and achieve better professional success.

However, it's subjective. For some guys, the prospect of improving themselves for better romantic, social, and career prospects isn't worth it; they're happy with what they got, and don't care much about getting something better. The subjective ROI for them of making a ton of improvements might actually be marginal. For other guys, they really want big improvements, and the subjective ROI of upgrading themselves is massive.

Different strokes for different folks.