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Polyamory, Pt.3: How I Met My Poly-Partners

Chase Amante

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meeting poly-partners
Gotta catch ‘em all! But seriously, it does help to have the skills of a Pokémon master to nab girls into your poly-ball. Here’s how I added 4 to my collection.

In my last article, I talked about how you can identify women with a higher proclivity toward polyamory, so you can go out and start building that polyamorous lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

I should also add the disclaimer that you’ll want to get good at “game” before attempting this. It’s a common stereotype that polyamorous couples consist of a girl who sleeps around a lot and a guy who’s clocked up three thousand hours on Dark Souls.

If you’re a guy who has trouble meeting women while your partner has new dates lined up every weekend and you turn to any polyamorous community for advice, they’re probably going to tell you to focus on developing yourself and finding other hobbies.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you should focus on developing yourself and getting good at pickup. If you’re a seduction newbie, practice approaches. Put in the work. Get consistent results. If you’re a straight man, think of polyamory as the next level.

Michael ChiefAbout the Author: Michael Chief

Michael Chief is a veteran of the seduction community. He trains men (especially introverted men) to play to their own strengths with women. His book Attraction Arsenal teaches the seven (7) methods every "master pick up artist" uses to attract women. If you're at all confused about attraction (or could just use an attractiveness boost), pick up a copy of the book right here:



Rick's picture

I'm going to be pretty blunt. Have you read Chase's "21 Signs She's a Psycho" article? Because it sounds like these poké chicks would check all the boxes out. Also, in my own and most other's experiences the girls that have the traits you've listed are not the most conventionallly attractive in the world.

I think the other issue with these open relationships is the lover/provider dichotomy. Almost by default the man in the relationship is the provider, and the woman's casual partners are the lovers. Are you serious enough about the relationships to raise their lovers' children? Just sounds a lot less appealing than "vanilla" monogamy or casual sex.

Michael Chief's picture

In Chase's "21 Signs" article, he presents a certain way to see the world of women that is miles away from the purist kind of polyamory I advocate, and we certainly have more than a few fundamental differences in our experiences and how we've interpreted them. For the sake of accuracy, I'll also correct you to say that these poké chicks check at most half of the boxes of the qualities he talks about in his article, but that's also a moot point. Rest assured that these women are far from "psycho" lol

I've replied to a similar comment to yours in my previous article, pointing out that limiting beliefs such as "women with these qualities are ugly" are just that...limiting beliefs. There are beautiful women out there who embody the qualities I speak of, and they're easier to find than you may think, especially in this day and age! In a later article on behavioral shaping I will also delve into in more detail on going the other way - to first find beautiful women and essentially shape their behavior to fit within the polyamorous paradigm, though that article will be more generalized and not officially part of my polyamory series.

I definitely acknowledge that there are tons of women out there with these traits who aren't conventionally attractive. Whenever I attend poly meetups with my partners, my partners are always the hottest ones there. But such a generalization doesn't have to limit you, and it doesn't have to take away from any sort of abundance. As long as you know what you're doing, that is.

In regards to the lover/provider dichotomy, that's also another mono-normative attempt at explaining away infidelity while polyamory functions from an entirely different set of rules where such dichotomies stop making as much sense. If you're serious about trying out this polyamory stuff, it'll serve you well to empty your cup first.

If you want to try out a new lifestyle, it's a worthwhile to try thinking in a different way. Polyamory is far from convention and requires rather unconventional mindsets for it to work, so you'll also need to meet unconventional women (that you're still attracted to, of course!).

This lifestyle is by no means for everyone because not everyone would be prepared to flip their entire worldview based on monogamy upside down at the drop of a hat.

Rick's picture

Everything you want me to empty my cup of I learned on this site. I guess we should all just stop going here because it's full of mono-normative patriarchal bigotry. That's what the polyamorists on Reddit think anyway. 

Also, Charmander sounds like a public figure, so I don't see anything wrong with linking to her Youtube channel. I'd be more receptive if I didn't have to believe that the poké harem is totally hot purely on faith. I think if you're going to contradict much of the material on this website and a lot of the readers' personal experiences some kind of proof would help.




Michael Chief's picture

You've got a healthy dose of skepticism, Rick, and that can be a very useful thing. In fact, it's better not to trust anything you read from this community until you try it out for yourself to see the results.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the history of our Seduction Community, but back in the day when pickup forums were in their heyday, people we called "Keyboard Jockeys" or "KJs" ran rampant making ludicrous claims sheerly to boost their egos. They didn't have the real in-field experience to back what they were saying and would pretty much never post field reports. The fight against KJs and mental masturbation continues to this day, and it seems like you're well-equipped to do so!

Though the authors on this site have all been vetted and carefully selected for their various talents and real experiences, it's still worth taking everything with a grain of salt, especially if that makes you test things out for yourself.

So don't take my word for it. Field test everything, including inner game shifts you find questionable. Find out what works best for you. But, at the same time, leave room to let yourself be surprised. Since I first started reading and applying pickup material back in 2003 all the way to today, I've constantly been surprised by how trying new material and adopting different mindsets can lead to different results.

Pickup, seduction, romance, dating... to me, these all fall under the category of art. Different artists will sometimes have drastically different or even opposing styles that still attract an audience base, just as it is in painting, music, etc.

If you've learned and practiced something you've read from this site, you'll always have that in your arsenal of skills. No one can take that away from you; you lose nothing from trying out a different approach. And once you've expanded your skillset, you'll be that much closer to finding your own unique style, your own unique voice.

...And in the process you may realize that so much of this different material isn't all that contradictory after all.

P.S. I'm sure that you can recognize how ridiculous of a proposition it is to ask a pickup artist to expose the identities of his lovers on the internet if you thought about it for more than a few seconds. ;)

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