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3 Legendary Movie Manhandle Kisses to Model Your Kisses After

Chase Amante

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manhandle kiss
3 classic manhandle movie kisses that made women melt on-screen and in the audience. Plus, the breakdowns for how to kiss women the way these men did.

Eight years ago we introduced manhandle kisses, those magical, manly kisses that turn a resistant or hesitant woman to one who melts into you.

Watching/seeing is often better than merely reading, though, so today we’re going to look at a few examples from cinema history.

First, a caveat on manhandle kisses: if you can’t read women well, don’t use manhandle kisses. Save them for when your experience levels are up and your instincts honed. If you’re in the West, be somewhat careful with manhandle kisses regardless your skill, instinct, and experience levels. Most Western women fortunately aren’t false rape accusing nutbags, but there is a moral panic in swing in the late 2010s English-speaking world, and it’s gotten trickier than when we ran the first manhandle kisses article way back when.

If you can avoid being a complete doofus about these kisses, though, a manhandle kiss is an awesome, mighty way to make a splash with a girl who was on the fence about kissing you... or who’d grown gun-shy after all the buildup to the kiss.

Below you’ll find three (3) legendary manhandle kisses taken from movie history – plus, the analysis to go with them.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Mike's picture

Great article,
There’s another example I really like that appears on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy manhandle kisses one of the main antagonists.


I think this clip is in keeping with the other examples. Definitely check it out!

Chase Amante's picture

Great share, Mike!

Here that clip is embedded:


reader's picture

Hay Chase, this is off-topic but can you tell me - why a girl in a seducing game, when she talked about her past LTR mentions or tells in details how she cheated to 3 of her last 4 boyfriends (of the last with me). Yes Of courses she tells, that her boyfriends were gulity for the problems in the relationships - one of them were very-jealous-possessive-cheating type, the another one good guy but very jealousy type also.... Yes as we know "We the mens - we are aways guilty"
Why she tells me that she is cheating to almost every one of her past LTR?
Is this because she want me only as a fuck boy? I think this is the answer - I've never has a girl to tell me that she is a cheater specialist. Or she warns me - if you do not behave well, you are waiting for the same.
Аnother thing in her nature is that she likes to evoke jealousy from time to time, I even think she is so happy when she provokes jealousy to the guy she is whit. How can I handle this type of behaviour?

samnews's picture

She is one of those dismissive-avoidant or fearful-avoidant types (refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attachment_in_adults) . Hope Chase would refer to attachment styles in his posts at some point.

Basically, she doesnt really form deep intimate relationships either as she gets uncomfortable being too close to a guy or doesnt feel enough emotions when he isnt around but is able to form new connections easily.

In this case, I was in a LTR with a similar woman as you mention, she didnt know how to stay mongamous and only wants a FB but in her kind she has this slut defence so she finds new BFs every now and then and then realises she has lost interest soon enough.Simply put, she wants your attention and control but wont give away any by cheating on you. A bit of a narcissist, if I may. Hope this gives a different perspective...

Chase Amante's picture


I don't know enough about the relationship to know what her designs are on you. She may want something casual so feel more comfortable being open about having cheated. Or she may be one of these people who feel they can tell you all sorts of negative things about themselves, blame it on someone else, then still have you not judge them because after all, it's not their fault.

In my experience, when someone legitimately believes things are not their fault, they can tell you all kinds of bad behavior they've engaged in while honestly expecting you not to judge them one lick. After all, it isn't their fault - so why would you hold it against them? You'd have to be cruel, insane, or unreasonable to do that (they think)!

Agree with Sam's read that the girl is narcissistic or borderline. Sounds like she makes her boyfriends jealous, blames her boyfriends for becoming jealous, then uses the jealousy as an excuse for infidelity ("It's his fault - he got jealous. He drove me to this").

My advice for these sorts of women is to stay far, far away. Don't even sleep with them if you know about the behavior in advance. They have 'destructive' type personalities and tend to like causing injury and harm to people around them. If they can't do it one way, they will look for another.


Anonymous 's picture

So I've been all over the site looking for ways to avoid stds.

1. I read you said you ran whoring friends got herp. Do they tell their partners this? Or do they just keep sleeping around ? I'd be surprised if they told anyone and still slept with them.

So my main concern is to avoid all stds, I'm at the point now where I don't even want to kiss women because of this. I want to be clean and worry free.

I wanted to know should I rub diving no. 9 on my genitals before I go out to get girls? Just in case I Don't have it on me or if I'm fuckin the girl straight from the club in a car or something ?

Would it be wise to put some all over you before you had out ? Maybe before you head out and put some more on before sex if you can?

I read this stuff protects against herp too so that's good.

2. How do other high partner count friends you have avoid herp unlike your man whoring friends ? Unless all of your friends are man whores.

How do you guys avoid herp and other stds?

I'm so paranoid I don't even want to kiss anymore, no oral, nothing.

How can I stay safe at all times from herp?

I have women come up and kiss me randomly at the club, how the hell am I supposed to protect myself from that ?

I want to protect myself as much as possible. Thanks

Anonymous 's picture

What should you do if you contract genital warts ? Should you still try to improve with women or just give up?

Anonymous 's picture

Getting these warts has made me very depressed about life so much. I feel so bad about myself because I trusted her to be clean and this news is shocking. I don't want to give up on dating or getting better with women at all, even for months or a year, I already took years off because of a relationship I can't take anymore time off.

Idk what to do with myself because I'm scared of giving it to a chick or getting this again, I'm so paranoid and scared. I want to be normal, I have 2 years of college left and I don't want to have to skip out sex.

I literally got out of a relationship and it showed up, I got it taken care of immediately and plan to be healthy. I only plan on having sex when nothing is present at all and will use divine 9 lube.

I also feel paranoid about myself and don't know if I should just wait a while until I try pick up again, should I still forge on with pick up and self improvement ? Should I just be a monk for a while?

I want to be normal and hook up with a lot of women and become excellent with them. That's what I want.

I wanna give up everything so bad, I feel hopeless, hope you could help me out because I would appreciate it in this difficult time I'm going through.

Thank you so much

A-jay's picture

Herpes are only transmitted if one has wounds caused by a herpes outbreak. If you really want to be safe from herpes from kisses or sex, this is your clue.

If girls randomly kiss you, and you can't stop them in time, you better pray for her not being a scumbag deliberately infecting you. But most girls are not like that. Like 99% of people are aware of a STD if they have one.

Other than that, you just accept that you have no other way of avoiding herpes. There is no cure as far as I am aware, but it's not like you will die because of it. You just get outbreaks once in a while and treat the symptoms with antiviral pills if they are bad.

HIV is also incurable. But the treatment of HIV today is so awesome that infected people can live as any other human being without HIV. This means no symptoms from HIV alone, no developing of AIDS AND no transmission to new partners. All they have to do, is to take their pills every day for the rest of their lives. Did you know this?

Oral transmission of other STD's is very rare. Kiss as much as you like - unless you want to live your life bound by the fear of STD's.

As for sexual transmission of other STD's: practice safe sex with condoms or femidoms (female condoms). Use dental dams for cunnilingus if you want to be extra safe.

The STD's of today don't kill you, and even when infected, you can get cured by pills - except herpes and HIV like I mentioned above.

Go get STD tests at your doctor's 3-4 times a year ONLY if you have an active sex life.

And don't be silly. I have been having an active sex life for 11 years (I'm 25) and never caught a single STD. Only had a UTI 2 years ago because I had too much sex and didn't empty my bladder enough :p

SZ's picture

Hey Chase,

1. Just curious were you serious about reading millionaire fastlane? Just wanted to make sure it wasn't a joke because I want to make money fast lol.

Speaking of money, I really see myself being an entrepreneur.

I wanted to ask about picking up girls while working on becoming an entrepreneur. Since I don't know how long it'll take for me to make good money, how could I still have the confidence to date all kinds of women while not being there yet?

Like am I ok to think highly of myself ? Because I'm in college to become a technical writer, I'm learning code and copywrite (freelance), trying to find a decent job, working on tech certifications, as well as trying to build another business.

So I'm working pretty hard and wish I could have known building skills was so important, so I wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to do this all now.

Thing is I feel good working on this, but I haven't really achieved anything. I'm still working on it, so idk if I should accept having confidence in myself for working hard with self improvement, or should I slow my roll and not get too happy thinking I can get with all kinds of women.

Because doing all of this is giving me confidence, but I don't know if I'm giving myself too much props.

I felt like that was all over the place, but basically would me feeling confident in the stuff im working on help me with getting women, or does it not matter because I don't have it yet?

2. Do you happen to know any jobs or fields that are respectable enough that don't require degrees?

While working on all of this I need to make money, but I also want a job that a girl or anyone wouldn't look to down on, and they can respect it.

I'm not saying it's gotta be the best job or anything, just something that isn't considered too bad or low status that I can use with the side things I'm doing, so people could see that I'm working on my shit and use the jobs as a real temporary situation until better my plans come into fruition.

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