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3 Ways to Use Sexual Misinterpretation with Girls

Chase Amante

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sexual misinterpretation
Sexual misinterpretation lets you turn your conversations fun and sexual in a snap. There are 3 ways to use misinterpretation: softball, standard, and tease.

Ever notice how some men are able to seamlessly sexualize their conversations with women?

How even as a guy when you talk to these guys things unfailingly turn sexual? Sex jokes; sexual topics; everything is sex, sex, sex. How do they do it... and further, how can you do it, with girls?

Sexual misinterpretation and sexual reinterpretation are how you steer your conversation down sexual alleys even when there was little or nothing openly sexual about the conversation before you took the wheel.

These are unique strategies that require certain mental focuses to make work, a certain degree of on-your-feet thinking, and a dash of humor. If you can pull them off though, you gain a new superpower: the ability to make any conversation you have with a woman a sexual one.

This is crucial for tactics like chase framing and sex talk. And it's just lots of fun in general.

Before we get to the outward mechanicals of reinterpretation, we're going to start with the inner foci you need to make the magic happen.

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